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2011 Jun 15
I trekked out to the Whalesbone Oyster Supply to pick up a bagged lunch today. I must say, I was blown away by today’s sandwich and salad. I ordered a regular sized smoked tuna sandwich and a ‘potato salad’. The tuna sandwich - which was topped with Whalebone regulars: caramelized onions, lettuce, jalapeño mayo, garlic aioli, and capers - was phenomenal. They were really generous today with the fish. They gave me a huge piece of beautiful smoked tuna – and this was the regular sized sandwich. The fish had a wonderful but mild smoky flavor, which was complimented perfectly by the toppings. My only suggestion would be to add a slice or two of tomato. I also think the bread is fantastic - no augmentation necessary.

I really did not need to buy a salad, but I’m glad I did. The potato salad, really wasn’t ‘potato salad’, I would describe it as a ‘salad with potatoes.’ The salad was not mayonnaise based, nor did it have egg in it. It had chunks of carrot, corn kernels, red onion, potatoes, cilantro and it had a slightly sweet taste. Yum!

Just a note, if you are ordering the tuna sandwich, there is really no reason to order a large, the regular size is big enough. Also, be careful when chewing, as there were a few bones left in the fish.

Another delicious experience with the Whalesbone.

2011 May 14
Had Whalesbone's brown bag lunch today. Really really good! They had three choices - a Walleye, Smoked Tuna, and Oyster po'boy. I choose the walleye and don't regret it! the fish was cooked perfectly with a crunchy coating, the chutney added just the right amount of spice - a little heat but not enough to mute any of the other flavours, and the cold caramelized onions added a nice contrast.

2011 Apr 8
To clarify, I have found the True Loaf buns served at Whalesbone to be quite the opposite of dense and chewy. In my experience they have been soft, with lots of texture, and a great compliment to the sandwich. This is why I'm suspecting a consistency issue rather than an issue of sandwich design.

2011 Apr 8
I am with blubarry on this one. I had a sandwich for the first time back in February. The fish was great. The bread was this ciabatta bun and a huge distraction to the eating experience. Just pure hassle.

I will not be getting the sandwich again for that reason. The ciabatta is the wrong match for me. It did not showcase the greatness going on inside.

Thanks for the Art-is-in fish sandwich tip!

2011 Apr 8
It's not that the bread was bad. It was quite good, and might be the true loaf square bun. It just was not a good match with the tender fillings.

2011 Apr 8
Maybe they have changed, but they had used True Loaf "square" buns for the lunch sandwiches. Maybe comments here are from a bad batch or a new baker?

2011 Apr 7
Blubarry - Yeah, the bread can be kinda chewy. A choice between the ciabatta and another, softer sort of bread would be welcome here. I still love 'em, though :)

2011 Apr 6
I wanted to love the brown bag lunch at the whalesbone. Their smoked fish is remarkable, and the service has always been friendly and knowledgeable. Today we shared a large fried halibut sandwich and an oyster PoBoy. The halibut was beautifully prepared and the pineapple relish on the sandwich was a treat. The oysters were also quite tasty. My problem was with the bread on both of the sandwiches. It seems they used a ciabatta type bun, and in both cases the bread was very chewy and hard to bite through. I don't think it was bad ciabatta, just the wrong bread for these sandwiches. The overwhelming taste of the sandwich was bread, particularly in the case of the poboy, which had only two oysters inside. The bread was so hard to chew, that it was impossible to bite through the sandwich without smashing the wonderful seafood inside. The poboy was particularly disappointing becase the ratio of bread to oyster was pretty much opposite what it should have been. In both cases we ended up removing the seafood to eat it with our fingers. It was delicious. I hope Whalesbone chooses a bread that will be a better match for their stellar fillings. Until then when I crave a fish sandwich I will continue to prefer the crispy cod at Art-is-in.

2011 Mar 7
Ilikerealfood: I wonder if they ran out of "big" bread, so they weren't able to cram the third oyster in there? Because it looks like that oyster was supposed to be in the sandwich.

(I realize that I'm probably not telling you anything you didn't already know, but I love those po boys so much. Best frigging sandwich in the city by my reckoning.)

2011 Mar 6
Tried the welleye sandwich for a quick lunch yesterday and it was great! Served on a delicious bun, with a mango chutney, mouthwatering caramelized onions, some cripsy lettuce and caper aioli, it was very well executed. The "regular" size is more than enough and the piece of fish is generous. The fish itself was fried and very tasty. Would recommend for a quick lunch for sure and will definitely be going back. Only $7 for the sandwich.

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2009 Nov 11
I tried this place a few fridays ago and ordered the hogie (spelling???) which was deep fried oysters on a bun, and the fish chowder soup. TO be honest I didn't love either. I guess I am comparing the sandwich to a similar one I had in PEI. In contrast this was quite greasy and probably should not have had a creamy dressing (mayo?). It was really heavy, and I think if they tried a different bread like art-is-in it would definitely lift this to a new dimension. To top it off the chowder was overwhelmingly rich. Though I don't have a lot of experience with chowder I found this one was really creamy with a thin layer of grease on top and the fish didn't stand out very much, as well I tried but couldn't taste any herbs :(
I'm going to try again because I love what they are doing (I.e sustainable farming) and the people behind the counter were above and beyond friendly. great customer service!

2009 Aug 29
I found the halibut cheek to be an incredible value. It had a lobster texture to it. I also had a perch sandwich and loved it. The chowder was delicious, but under-seasoned.

2009 Aug 29
This halibut sandwich was very nice indeed. At a little over $7 it aint cheap compared to somewhere like Dirienzo Foods but it's much better value than Subway or Quiznos. And of course, it's made with sustainable seafood!

My quibbles: they used iceberg lettuce which doesn't add much of anything to the experience, and I found the spicy mayo to be an overpowering choice to accompany a fairly delicate fish. I was glad I didn't pick up a sandwich for my kids because they would have found it too spicy.

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2009 Aug 29
When you walk in to this shop, the first thing you notice is that there is no fish on display! Not even a price list.

To buy fish, you have to enter a walk-in fridge and look at beautiful piles of fishy products. Most have a hand-written paper sign indicating their price. The employees are more than willing to provide excellent advice, including how best to prepare any of the items.

I asked about the Black Cod and was told that they usually sell out by the end of Friday (I was there on Saturday). It arrives at the store on Wednesday, but they aren't open to the public until Friday.

[EDIT: They now seem to be open to the public Tuesday through Saturday.]

2009 Jun 27
They almost always have wild salmon, sablefish (black cod, butterfish), pickerel (walleye), and halibut these days. All of it is amazingly fresh and delicious. Had some of their smoked tuna today - mindblowing. It's so melt in your mouth good, got a good portion of it for under $10. The guys here are very helpful & nice, can't recommend them enough!


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2013 Mar 14
Was more focused on the rest of the birthday dinner (Lobster a l'Americaine, wild mushroom ancient grain risotto) so went simple for the Mesclun Salad with optional sliced smoked Octopus.

My vegetarian sister was unimpressed ;) I loved it and my Mom and brother liked the smoked octopus but the jury is still out with Dad but he is pretty conservative.

2013 Mar 13
From vague memory... each time was some combination of
red onion, green onion, jalapeno, bright colored peppers, grape tomatoes, mango, lime, cilantro.

It was different each time but the octopus gives it terrific smoky taste and really blends well w the rest of the ingredients.

2013 Mar 13

What did you add to the smoked Octopus for the ceviche?

Only had Octopus salad at restaurants and boiled Octopus at tapas bars in Spain where the owner / chef hacked off a tentacles from the Octopus sitting on / behind the counter and boiled it in water before slicing it. The Octopus is then sprinkled with olive oil and paprika and paired with a boiled potatoes.

2013 Mar 13
I've made ceviche with this thrice. It's brilliant.

2013 Mar 13
OMG. The smoked octopus is excellent. The portion in the photo was $10 and it would go over a salad nicely thinly sliced.