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Feb 18
Wow! We stopped in to prop up the bar and loved the place. Great room with wonderful staff. We snacked on some great oysters, a delicious chowder and an awesome steak tartare served with bread that seemed to have been toasted in a pan with butter on the stove top. Gonna go back ASAP.

2015 Jan 17
I was in the area and remembered about this place, so I popped in for a 'brown bag' lunch and I opted for the 2 piece haddock & chips.
You can get 1 piece for $11, but for an extra $2 it's worth getting the 2 piece option, even if you have to bail on the chips.

If F&C aren't your thing they always have 3 sandwich options, and I noticed they now allow you to upgrade them with Seed to Sausage bacon. Fish & bacon sounds like an odd combo to me, but then again, bacon enhances everything...

Back to my lunch - the fish was very good (as it should be from there) and both pieces were a good size. Even after the drive home the batter was still crispy, and the inside moist & flakey.

The chips were ok, but nothing to get excited about. I was pretty stuffed after having the 2 pieces of fish anyway.

2013 Apr 27
$2.66 for a can of pop? Come on.

2013 Apr 9
I recently went to Whalesbone for the bronw bag lunch and was again, thouroughly satisfied. It's a very unique place and the fact that the menu changes every day keeps people coming back.

2013 Mar 13
Did the brown bag lunch of a large catch of the day Pacific Cod sandwich. Lightly seasoned so the taste of the cod came through and it was tasty and went down fairly quickly.

Other options would have been smoked fish sammie with steelhead trout or fish and chips. The free chowder was very good too.

2013 Jan 4
Picked up 2 dozen oysters on New Years Eve - Good to see how busy they were! (always means a quick turnover of product - especially important with seafood)

I've previously tried Oysters from a box from the groery store, various types from Lapointe's and Pelican.

I knew those from Whalesbone would be good, but was worried that they may not someohow live up to the freshness when purchased at the restaurant. BOY WAS I WRONG!

Fresh, Plump, Juicy - The best in the city, hands down. When purchased, they separated the different types into boxes, which was a nice touch so you could keep track of each region.

$22/dozen was on par with their competitors, but their kind service and knowledge puts them above the rest.

2012 Oct 11
Tried lunch here for the first time today - it was awesome!!

The specials all looked good, but I got the fish and chips (1 piece). One of the best I've had. The chips are fresh-cut potato wedges, fried to a deep golden brown. The fish was fresh, flaky, and not overcooked. The batter was just thick enough, with a crisp but soft bready texture. Flavour was fantastic.

The tartar sauce is so good! Creamy with a nice acidity.

I was unable to finish the fries (much to the delight of colleagues). I definitely could not finish 2 pieces of fish.

The guys are really nice. They happily accommodated a co-worker with gluten sensitivity, and the food comes quickly.

We will return!

2012 Jul 11
In the whalesbone parking lot, a organic CSA (Juniper Farm I think) has a stand Tues 3-6pm for CSA member pick up but sometimes have extras for sale.

Bought some rainbow chards and beets with tops.

2012 Jun 22
I was dropping off my laptop to our service / support company for repairs since it has been overheating. Took a slight detour and stopped by Whalesbone sustainable Oyster and Fish Supply for a brown bag lunch.

I wanted the oyster poboy but they were out of oysters, likely stacking up for the oyster fest this weekend. Other option was fish and chips but a bit hot so went for the fish sandwich with catch of the day - Cod. It has a square bun, caramelized onion, a nice piece of cod covered in island spices. It was a bit overseasoned for my taste since the Cod is a delicate tasting fish and there was too much seasoning so it tasted too salty. There was also a little bit of ailoi and slaw if I remember correctly. Very tasty.

Being chowder Tuesday, I upgraded to the large sandwich and got a cup of chowder. Lots of good sized pieces of Cod and clams with chunky potatoes and a cream chowder base. Went down well despite the hot day. Only wish might be the addition of a little bit of the smoked fish to add an extra depth of flavour.

The sandwich was $10 and it was a nice change for a takeout lunch.

2012 Mar 28
Dropped by for lunch today. They do fish and chips now! I think it's $12.99 for 2 pieces (1 piece option also available). It's really good. The chips are wedges, I guess, but they're really great wedges. If they weren't handcut, then I don't know what they were.

The fish is whatever the catch of the day is (or at least that's how I understood it). Today was cod. Nice thick pieces in a nice batter served with tartar sauce and lemon. Almost perfectly cooked, although on the ends there were a couple pieces of slighlty undercooked batter and I don't care. Fish was fresh and it was nice to get some hearty chunks rather than the skimpy servings you get at some other places in town. Tartar sauce was tasty, but I'm no connoisseur.

Friendly folks working there too. Sandwiches and chowder available still as well. For the quality, I'd say it's well worth the money; I'm not normally this full after fish and chips.




2009 Nov 11
I tried this place a few fridays ago and ordered the hogie (spelling???) which was deep fried oysters on a bun, and the fish chowder soup. TO be honest I didn't love either. I guess I am comparing the sandwich to a similar one I had in PEI. In contrast this was quite greasy and probably should not have had a creamy dressing (mayo?). It was really heavy, and I think if they tried a different bread like art-is-in it would definitely lift this to a new dimension. To top it off the chowder was overwhelmingly rich. Though I don't have a lot of experience with chowder I found this one was really creamy with a thin layer of grease on top and the fish didn't stand out very much, as well I tried but couldn't taste any herbs :(
I'm going to try again because I love what they are doing (I.e sustainable farming) and the people behind the counter were above and beyond friendly. great customer service!

2009 Aug 29
I found the halibut cheek to be an incredible value. It had a lobster texture to it. I also had a perch sandwich and loved it. The chowder was delicious, but under-seasoned.

2009 Aug 29
This halibut sandwich was very nice indeed. At a little over $7 it aint cheap compared to somewhere like Dirienzo Foods but it's much better value than Subway or Quiznos. And of course, it's made with sustainable seafood!

My quibbles: they used iceberg lettuce which doesn't add much of anything to the experience, and I found the spicy mayo to be an overpowering choice to accompany a fairly delicate fish. I was glad I didn't pick up a sandwich for my kids because they would have found it too spicy.

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2009 Aug 29
When you walk in to this shop, the first thing you notice is that there is no fish on display! Not even a price list.

To buy fish, you have to enter a walk-in fridge and look at beautiful piles of fishy products. Most have a hand-written paper sign indicating their price. The employees are more than willing to provide excellent advice, including how best to prepare any of the items.

I asked about the Black Cod and was told that they usually sell out by the end of Friday (I was there on Saturday). It arrives at the store on Wednesday, but they aren't open to the public until Friday.

[EDIT: They now seem to be open to the public Tuesday through Saturday.]

2009 Jun 27
They almost always have wild salmon, sablefish (black cod, butterfish), pickerel (walleye), and halibut these days. All of it is amazingly fresh and delicious. Had some of their smoked tuna today - mindblowing. It's so melt in your mouth good, got a good portion of it for under $10. The guys here are very helpful & nice, can't recommend them enough!


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2013 Mar 14
Was more focused on the rest of the birthday dinner (Lobster a l'Americaine, wild mushroom ancient grain risotto) so went simple for the Mesclun Salad with optional sliced smoked Octopus.

My vegetarian sister was unimpressed ;) I loved it and my Mom and brother liked the smoked octopus but the jury is still out with Dad but he is pretty conservative.

2013 Mar 13
From vague memory... each time was some combination of
red onion, green onion, jalapeno, bright colored peppers, grape tomatoes, mango, lime, cilantro.

It was different each time but the octopus gives it terrific smoky taste and really blends well w the rest of the ingredients.

2013 Mar 13

What did you add to the smoked Octopus for the ceviche?

Only had Octopus salad at restaurants and boiled Octopus at tapas bars in Spain where the owner / chef hacked off a tentacles from the Octopus sitting on / behind the counter and boiled it in water before slicing it. The Octopus is then sprinkled with olive oil and paprika and paired with a boiled potatoes.

2013 Mar 13
I've made ceviche with this thrice. It's brilliant.

2013 Mar 13
OMG. The smoked octopus is excellent. The portion in the photo was $10 and it would go over a salad nicely thinly sliced.