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2011 Oct 6
The croissants here are really good - buttery and rich. I'm not such a huge fan of the pizza though. I have given it two tries, maybe the third time will be the charm.

2011 Sep 13
Bought a croissant and a roasted cherry turnover today. The croissant review can be found in the croissant section below.

The turnover was pretty good. There was a generous sprinkle of icing sugar on the turnover. The pastry portion of the turnover was tasty. However, the star was definitely the filling even if it was a bit sparse. There were approximately 4-6 cherries with a thin cherry spread in the turnover and when you bit into them, the cherries burst and the juices mixed with the pastry for a wonderful taste. Overall, really good but I wanted more of the cherries in the turnover.

2011 May 9
Great sanwhich there at lunch today...but MESSY. It would be helpful if they could cut the sanwhiches in half. My desk is now looking like a salad bar!

2011 May 5
I second that! The pizza is DELICIOUS, and they have a nice selection of vegan pizza as well. As a fan of thin crust pizza, it's awesome to have a tasty crust that highlights the ingredients.

Their gluten-free treats (especially the raspberry cookies and banana bread) are incredible as well.

I've never been disappointed with anything purchased here.

2011 May 5
Just returned from a glorious lunch at Bread and Sons. Today the line was out the door as usual. I will reiterate, Bread and Sons has the best pizza in the city (imo).

Itís very thin, not covered with pounds of cheese, and made with quality organic ingredients. Today I had an arugula, potato, cherry tomato, mozzarella, and large garlic gloves pizza. The crust is so hearty, yet so thin. The pizza has a hard time keeping integrity, but it doesnít matter, itís amazing. They had about 10 varieties today.

2011 May 5
I supplemented that with a smoked tempeh sandwich, which had lettuce, tomato, chipotle on beautiful bread and sonís bread. Delicious!!!

Both these items came to $10 and change. Amazing, worth every penny and completely satisfying. Do yourself a favour and try Bread and Sons!

PS. Best Croissants in Ottawa

2010 Aug 18
I had a lunch date with my mom at B&S for the second time on Monday. (It's a few blocks away from where we work so it's at least a little bit of sunlight and walking to get there and back.)

The last time we got lunch there we both got the soup and thought it was pretty good; flavourful enough without being salty, and we were told it was vegan and all-natural to boot. That wins me over any day. The accompanying bread was also good, chewy and just had that "all-around-good-bread" kinda quality.

I had heard people rave about the pizza here, so I encouraged my mom, still undecided, to try a slice (I was still craving good soup and so went down that route again). This time it was roasted cauliflower, and was touted as all-vegan again and with "yummy spices".

I should mention here that one point of contentation I have with B&S is that they charge you extra for a pat of butter for the bread that comes with the soup. I don't even take butter on my bread (especially not with that great bread), but really? I mean, I can see charging for each pat after the first one, but nope. To me that's just petty and insulting (yes, small things like this annoy me). Another gripe is with the size of the place. It's tiny and sweltering in the summer and I'm always nervous I'm going to bump into someone and their hot food or vice versa. This isn't their fault though, more of a descriptive point.

But on to the food this time around... I was underwhelmed by the roasted cauliflower soup. It was bland, bland bland... I didn't pick up on any of these "yummy spices". The bread was still great though.

I did try some of my mom's pizza, and it was phenominal. She got the vegan variety and it was so full of flavour, I didn't even miss the cheese.

I will be back for lunch, but will definitely go for the pizza next time. I'm not ruined for the soup either; they probably have other kinds that are as healthy and a bit more exciting. I wish I could remember which soup it was I tried the first time.

But yeah. I'm craving some well-crafted vegan pizza now...

2010 Aug 17
Last weekend I popped in to pick up something sweet for dessert that evening. I decided to settle on a molasses ginger cookie. It was very good however there was very little ginger flavour to it so I was somewhat disappointed. I also picked up a chocolatine to have for breakfast the next morning. What a nice way to start the day with some buttery chocolatey goodness. I still like the rich, flakey croissants at the French Baker the best but the B&S croissants come a pretty close second.

I have also had their pizza slices on previous visits and they are truly awesome.

Bread and Sons is now in fact open on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

2010 Aug 13
There is nothing questionable about "New User 2964's" post.

Bread and Sons has the best Pizza and Croissants in Ottawa. If it is questionable because of the French Baker comment, so be it. Bread and Sons makes better croissants in my opinion. This is not to say the french baker isn't good.

Ps. I think they are open on saturdays now!!!


2010 Aug 12
There is only one pizza in town worth the detour and that is B&S`. thin crust, fresh ingredients, well-roasted crust, quality cheeze..

Sourdough bread is great.

their croissants and chocolatines are probably the best in town, way better than French baker`s. they are moist and buttery, full of taste.

great place. they should bake bread on weekends, though. downtown folks have a hard time finding good bread.

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2009 Jun 24
I'm a huge fan of Bread and Sons, and often buy their bread when I don't get around to making my own. Their sourdough is scrumptious, as is their Multigrain. Well worth the price since I can't buy a better loaf in Centretown.


2011 Sep 13
A month ago, I would have given the croissant crown to Art-is-in. Now, I'm not so sure. It's chewier and doesn't melt in the mouth as fast as a croissant from Art-is-in. However, that is not a bad thing at all because it has a different taste and texture when it's in your mouth.

Ah well. Just means I have to eat more of their croissants to decide.

2011 Mar 9
Wow!! Crisp, flaky, chewy, appropriately buttery, not sweet -- everything a great croissant should be!

I'm calling a tie between Bread & Sons Bakery and Art Is In Bakery. The French Baker is great too, but they are a different kind of food.

The almond croissant was pretty good, although we weren't crazy about the artificial almond flavouring (think amaretto). YMMV.

Didn't try the chocolatines yet (got them for the kids) but they look great!

2010 Sep 2
they certainly know how to make a croissant done right here. they're very flaky and buttery, like a croissant should be. reminds me of great croissants in Montreal at Duc De Lorraine and Au Pain Dore.

these should really be rated much higher on OF. go out and try one and give a thumbs up!

2009 Aug 29
My favourite croissants I've yet had in Ottawa (including those from the French Baker!). Made with 100% butter, they are also available with bars of dark chocolate or crushed almonds.
Just flat out delicious.


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2008 Jan 14
This is very good pizza. The crust is whole wheat with a cornmeal spread on the bottom. It's crunchy without being like a cracker and not overly doughy. The cheese tastes like good cheese rather than the tasteless glop you get at fast food places. The toppings are all fresh and flavourful.

The best pizzas I've ever have was in Italy and the Cote d'Azure, but since I can't go there everyday this is the next best thing.

2006 Oct 24
Excellent pizza here -- seems more like home-made than most. Tasty sauce and toppings, with the right amount of both, on top of a moist crust. Vegetarian only: last time I was there, the choices were among olive, mushroom, and vegan pizzas, $2.75 a slice.


2007 Feb 6
Do yourselves a favour. If you, like me, scorn all of the shwarma places for offering what they like to call "falafel" which is in fact some kind of fried &%(# made at 9am, with congeraled garlic $*%& on it and so on....

Go to Bread & Sons. They are doing real falafel sandwiches every Tuesday. They make the pita bread. They make the falafel mix from scratch. They fry them to order. And the sandwich comes with lots of little nugget sized balls instead of two dry and mealy footballs.

It was such a good falafel I'm now floating on a cloud of happiness.

2007 Feb 17
Bread and Sons' broccoli-green-onion quiche. On the thin side. Nice crust.




2012 Apr 4
I ate the gouda, roasted potato, arugula and olive tapenade sandwich for lunch today and it's pretty much the most delicious sandwich I've ever eaten. Highly recommended.

2009 Jun 24
Their sandwiches are also amazing. I am hopelessly devoted to their brie and tomato on sourdough, only to occasionally cheat with the avocado-sprout . . .

2010 Jun 9
I went here for lunch yesterday to try their soup because I'd heard good things about it and I'm a sucker for a goop soup. I was not disappointed.

They were offering a creamy broccoli-dill soup that day, and although it was vegan and organic, it tasted rich and awesome (you could really taste the fresh dill).

Not too salty, and it came with their superb bread.

I will definitely be back!

2012 May 2
On my way to work this morning, I stopped at Bread & Sons for one of their pumpkin muffins. I noticed a sign that said "The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie, $1.67" with stacks of large, fresh cookies above it.

I couldn't say no. I didn't want to say no. Frankly, I'm glad I didn't resist.

If there was one recipe that I could take with me to Toronto from an Ottawa bakery, it would be this one. (Or maybe the one for Art-is-in's dynamite loaf, because I suspect that's pretty valuable.)

This cookie is chewy on the inside, but not soft or mushy on the outside, but it doesn't have that crunch that you get from the edge of a cookie. It's softer than that.

The chocolate chips are jumbo chip sized. There's the perfect salty balance in the dough. Also, a hint of candied orange? Maybe, I still haven't figured it out yet, but it tastes like that.

Regardless, this really is the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Finally, some truth in advertising.


2009 May 25
Just had a cupcake today at Bread & Sons bakery on Bank St. (Bank at Gloucester). I went in for their feta cheese borekas (very salty and tasty - so hard to get savoury baked snacks in Ottawa!) I noticed they had some "vegan cupcakes" in the cooler. It was chocolate and had a pretty pink rosebud on it, so I thought I'd try it for, y'know, research.

Alas, it was dry and dense. It did have a nice chocolatey flavour, though. So a disappointment, taste-wise. However there was one big plus to visiting this bakery: sitting in a comfy chair on their door step, eating my vegan cupcake in the May sunshine. Aaahhh!

And the boreka was great, as usual.

2008 Jun 1
I just visited their stall at the Lansdowne market. They had a small but nice variety of baked goods. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had feta bourekkas! They were soo delicious on their own but I would have loved it even more if spinach were inside it. 5 stars for having bourrekkas and making them the right way. 4 stars for the croissant, while made with butter it was a little bready on the inside, maybe just due to the warm weather.