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2019 Jul 18
My usual go to at lunchtime at Bread & Sons is two slices of whatever pizza they just put on the trays, but the 'gouda' sandwich caught my eye yesterday, so i ate that.

It was awesome. Tasty cheese with sprouts, cucumber, pesto and some form of tomato something, on a fresh seed bun. HUGE. Apparently this is a thing because i took one just as a few were put down and the rest were gone in the time it takes a school of piranha to devour a small wildebeest.

Total win, will eat again.

...the sandwich, not the wildebeest.

2017 Feb 18
Bread & Sons has always been my go-to place for Fair Trade coffee on my way to work since it's so conveniently located along my walk on Bank Street.

Super socially-conscious spot - besides the FT coffee, they have a map that shows what farms all of their food comes from and they have tons of awesome vegetarian and vegan options

2016 Jan 21
It's been over a year and I have eaten numerous sandwiches, pizza & bowls of soup. I've seen a big decline since early fall.

- pizza - hasn't changed. I don't find it that interesting and the fact it is cold is a downfall. You can ask for it heated up, but at lunch rush, it's cramped and busy

- sandwiches - these have gone up to $7.45. Instead of bread, it is dry/stale focaccia. Every sandwich I've had has the black olive tapenade. It is slightly spicy and very salty. I don't want to only taste olives but it is overpowering. Today I tried Gouda for first time and it was two slices of Gouda, ground salt, olive tapenade, capers, sliced cook potato and arugula on focaccia(also salted) bread. I couldn't eat it as it, so took it apart, scraped off all salted parts and then ate it.

They don't list the ingredients on pizza or in sandwiches, so you have no clue what will be inside. They just list the cheese name (or tempeh or avocado)

- soup - this used to be my favourite. $5 bowl, including two slices of home made bread (generally the ends). The soup used to change, now it is one of three - sweet potato apple, golden lentil or cream of celery. Do not every get the cream of celery. It was a pile of stringy bits that could not be chewed. Awful. They have also recently (this week?) replaced the sliced bread with 'croutons'. The croutons are the bread crust, fried in oil and garlic. They are really greasy. I'm not keen on filling my soup with fried bread crusts.

The prices have increased, but that is the case everywhere.

I'm not sure if the head chef has changed, or what has happened, but it is no longer my go-to spot.

2014 Nov 14
I've been eating here a lot since started working nearby. My fave is the breakfast sandwich. $5 for fresh croissant, poached egg, havarti & sea salt. So delicious and usually still warm.

Sandwiches are good, though I'll try tempeh option next.

Pumpkin vegan muffin is delicious. Lots of spices and moist.

I haven't had a bad thing here and plan to try lots more options.

2014 May 2
Enjoyed a delicious lunch from Bread and Sons today consisting of the "Havarti Sandwich" and a brownie.

The sandwich was on thick, crusty, deliciously fresh sliced bread and was packed with several slices of havarti, kalamata olive tapenade, cucumber, bright red tomatoes, red onion, endive... and I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple of things but it was piled high. The sandwich fixins went very well together and the tapenade made it not a dry sandwich. A solid 10/10. Will be going back for this one for sure.

Will also be returning for the giant, soft, fresh brownie. Couldn't help but wolf down the whole thing in one sitting... Perfectly moist and chocolatey.

The sandwich was $6.19+taxes and together with the brownie, my lunch cost just over $10, which I find was well worth it for the quality of ingredients and delicious lunch.

Can't wait to try the pizza and other sandwiches!

2013 Nov 28
The tempeh sandwich at B&S is so scrumptious! Itís a decent sized sandwich (although not big enough for a piggy like me) but packs an amazing flavour punch. $7 price tag is money well spent! My taste buds are always satisfied.

The tempeh itself is flavourful and well marinated. But itís the combination of each component that makes the sandwich oh-so-delicious: bread, sauce, lettuce, tomato and marinated grilled onions. There may be other items but I havenít actually dissected it as I gobble it up fairly quickly.

Once you figure out how to navigate the tough crust of the bread (fair warning), it is so worth it! The bread is delicious but I struggle with the crust each time and nearly unlocked my jaw yesterday. Itís not the easiest sandwich to eat as I find the components sliding around a lot but it certainly doesnít stop me!

To me, this sandwich is worthy of having its praises shouted through a megaphone on the streets of Ottawa -- not a sentiment I share widely with the majority of offerings around town.

2013 Aug 26
Just finished savoring the Havarti Sandwich. Possibly the best sandwich I have ever had. Unpretentious, generous amount of super fresh veggies (tomatoes, arugula, endives, radishes,red onions...), cheese and thick sliced bread.

2013 Jun 11
Just a little heads up, they're going to be raising the price of the pizza starting on June 17th. One slice is going to be 4 dollars plus tax.

2012 Apr 13
Am becoming a regular there! So far, have tried the sandwiches, riccota/jalapeno pizza, olive/mushroom/tomato pizza, mini quiche and cherry turnover. All I can say is, the food is full of flavour, simple, wholesome and deeply satisfying. *sigh*

2011 Oct 6
The croissants here are really good - buttery and rich. I'm not such a huge fan of the pizza though. I have given it two tries, maybe the third time will be the charm.



2009 Jun 24
I'm a huge fan of Bread and Sons, and often buy their bread when I don't get around to making my own. Their sourdough is scrumptious, as is their Multigrain. Well worth the price since I can't buy a better loaf in Centretown.

2012 May 2
On my way to work this morning, I stopped at Bread & Sons for one of their pumpkin muffins. I noticed a sign that said "The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie, $1.67" with stacks of large, fresh cookies above it.

I couldn't say no. I didn't want to say no. Frankly, I'm glad I didn't resist.

If there was one recipe that I could take with me to Toronto from an Ottawa bakery, it would be this one. (Or maybe the one for Art-is-in's dynamite loaf, because I suspect that's pretty valuable.)

This cookie is chewy on the inside, but not soft or mushy on the outside, but it doesn't have that crunch that you get from the edge of a cookie. It's softer than that.

The chocolate chips are jumbo chip sized. There's the perfect salty balance in the dough. Also, a hint of candied orange? Maybe, I still haven't figured it out yet, but it tastes like that.

Regardless, this really is the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Finally, some truth in advertising.

2010 Jun 9
I went here for lunch yesterday to try their soup because I'd heard good things about it and I'm a sucker for a goop soup. I was not disappointed.

They were offering a creamy broccoli-dill soup that day, and although it was vegan and organic, it tasted rich and awesome (you could really taste the fresh dill).

Not too salty, and it came with their superb bread.

I will definitely be back!


2011 Sep 13
A month ago, I would have given the croissant crown to Art-is-in. Now, I'm not so sure. It's chewier and doesn't melt in the mouth as fast as a croissant from Art-is-in. However, that is not a bad thing at all because it has a different taste and texture when it's in your mouth.

Ah well. Just means I have to eat more of their croissants to decide.

2011 Mar 9
Wow!! Crisp, flaky, chewy, appropriately buttery, not sweet -- everything a great croissant should be!

I'm calling a tie between Bread & Sons Bakery and Art Is In Bakery. The French Baker is great too, but they are a different kind of food.

The almond croissant was pretty good, although we weren't crazy about the artificial almond flavouring (think amaretto). YMMV.

Didn't try the chocolatines yet (got them for the kids) but they look great!

2010 Sep 2
they certainly know how to make a croissant done right here. they're very flaky and buttery, like a croissant should be. reminds me of great croissants in Montreal at Duc De Lorraine and Au Pain Dore.

these should really be rated much higher on OF. go out and try one and give a thumbs up!

2009 Aug 29
My favourite croissants I've yet had in Ottawa (including those from the French Baker!). Made with 100% butter, they are also available with bars of dark chocolate or crushed almonds.
Just flat out delicious.


2012 Apr 4
I ate the gouda, roasted potato, arugula and olive tapenade sandwich for lunch today and it's pretty much the most delicious sandwich I've ever eaten. Highly recommended.

2009 Jun 24
Their sandwiches are also amazing. I am hopelessly devoted to their brie and tomato on sourdough, only to occasionally cheat with the avocado-sprout . . .


2009 May 25
Just had a cupcake today at Bread & Sons bakery on Bank St. (Bank at Gloucester). I went in for their feta cheese borekas (very salty and tasty - so hard to get savoury baked snacks in Ottawa!) I noticed they had some "vegan cupcakes" in the cooler. It was chocolate and had a pretty pink rosebud on it, so I thought I'd try it for, y'know, research.

Alas, it was dry and dense. It did have a nice chocolatey flavour, though. So a disappointment, taste-wise. However there was one big plus to visiting this bakery: sitting in a comfy chair on their door step, eating my vegan cupcake in the May sunshine. Aaahhh!

And the boreka was great, as usual.

2008 Jun 1
I just visited their stall at the Lansdowne market. They had a small but nice variety of baked goods. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had feta bourekkas! They were soo delicious on their own but I would have loved it even more if spinach were inside it. 5 stars for having bourrekkas and making them the right way. 4 stars for the croissant, while made with butter it was a little bready on the inside, maybe just due to the warm weather.

2007 Feb 17
Bread and Sons' broccoli-green-onion quiche. On the thin side. Nice crust.

2007 Feb 6
Do yourselves a favour. If you, like me, scorn all of the shwarma places for offering what they like to call "falafel" which is in fact some kind of fried &%(# made at 9am, with congeraled garlic $*%& on it and so on....

Go to Bread & Sons. They are doing real falafel sandwiches every Tuesday. They make the pita bread. They make the falafel mix from scratch. They fry them to order. And the sandwich comes with lots of little nugget sized balls instead of two dry and mealy footballs.

It was such a good falafel I'm now floating on a cloud of happiness.





2008 Jan 14
This is very good pizza. The crust is whole wheat with a cornmeal spread on the bottom. It's crunchy without being like a cracker and not overly doughy. The cheese tastes like good cheese rather than the tasteless glop you get at fast food places. The toppings are all fresh and flavourful.

The best pizzas I've ever have was in Italy and the Cote d'Azure, but since I can't go there everyday this is the next best thing.

2006 Oct 24
Excellent pizza here -- seems more like home-made than most. Tasty sauce and toppings, with the right amount of both, on top of a moist crust. Vegetarian only: last time I was there, the choices were among olive, mushroom, and vegan pizzas, $2.75 a slice.