Dutch food supplies. The biggest selection of licorice in the city. Also a good selection of Indonesian ingredients.

Horse Meat at Dutch Groceries and Giftware
Cheese at Dutch Groceries and Giftware
Horse Meat at Dutch Groceries and Giftware
Licorice at Dutch Groceries and Giftware
Stroopwafel at Dutch Groceries and Giftware
Horse Meat at Dutch Groceries and Giftware
Cheese at Dutch Groceries and Giftware
Foods from Dutch Groceries and Giftware

2009 Dec 5
I stumbled across this place recently in my wanderings and I keep going back. The cold cuts are all very good and the prices seems good.
I like some of the odd cake mixes although since I don't read Dutch it can be a challenge to prepare them.
Also I enjoy the yogurt drink, fla or vla. Odd but tasty.

2006 Nov 13

2006 Nov 16
Tried a roast beef sandwich here and have to agree with the Ottawa Express reviewer -- it's the best deli roast beef I've had! It's all about the meat though.. no lettuce or other vegetable matter. The bread is a choice of a croissant or pre-sliced whole wheat bread (I chose this). Get it with mayo and Dutch mustard. Delicious!


2006 Nov 16
Finally found it! They have the little cannisters (both regular and "fines herbes") as well as refill pouches. The graphic design of the packaging looks quite different from what I've seen before, but that could be because it's for the Dutch market.



2011 May 27
for what it's worth i was told by staff a few months back that they actually don't sell the rookvlees paard anymore...

2011 May 27
I was already to shop here until I saw you sold horse meat....a companion animal....a kids pony! Watch a video on what these beautiful creatures go threw when sold to a meat buyer....pure hell! Sorry but you've lost me and others because you sell horse meat! Shame!

2008 Jun 27
Pickup up some rookvlees for a pot-luck lunch at the office. The whole plate was gobbled up as many of my colleagues were eager to sample horse meat.

I'd compare it to a proscuitto, but much saltier and a slightly drier texture.

2007 Nov 23
Just tried the smoked horse at the Dutch Grocery today. Excellent. Quite salty however, so don't layer this thick on your bread.

I found the horse flavour no stronger than beef, just subtly different.

The clerk said it will last quite a while in the fridge (high in salt to preserve)

2006 Nov 16
Smoked horse meat, or rookvlees paard, is sometimes eaten for breakfast in the Netherlands. They sell a deliciously smokey version here, shaved paper thin and quite salty. Great for lunch with crusty rolls!

It's actually quite similar to Bündnerfleisch (Bindenfleisch), only more smokey.


2010 Feb 4
I love these things, used to get them while posted in Belgium.. Take them to the office, pour yourself a cup of Senseo coffee and place the Stroopwafel on top of the cup for a minute or so and enjoy the warm treat.

2008 Feb 27
They're really good if you heat them up for a few seconds in the microwave.

2008 Feb 26
Oh they had these in France. They're so addictive and sooo good. Now I need to go to this store!

2008 Feb 25
Man..... are these ever addictive. In a good way.

2007 Jan 17
Almost too sweet to bear, but unlike anything else with a hot cup of tea.


2009 Dec 5
Mona Lisa extra old is my new favorite cheese. It is like a cross between a white cheddar and and aged parmesan. YUM!

2009 Nov 20

i want to apologize for my post of nov.17 2007. you were right food&thinl, to mark it questionable. although there's no question, i was drawing attention to my photo art cards.(starving artist behavior) i didn't think anyone was taking it serious.
you have to admit the line 'edible but not tasty' is pretty good :)

my only affiliation with this vendor is that i sell my greeting cards there.
and look, it's been less than two years and i am back.

anyway i wish everyone happy eating!


2009 Oct 14
RE Questionable Status...

SHILL Alert!

Please note that Wimfoto as per their OF Profile, has been an OF Member since 2007 and has only 2 Reviews... both for Dutch Groceries and Imports also by reading the Vendor Page Dutch Groceries and Giftware one can quickly determine that Wimfoto's Review of November 2007 shows that they are in some way affiliated with the Vendor.

Wimfoto - Wouldn't it be a whole lot easier just to tell us who you are, than drop by once every two years to promote your Photos / Website?

2009 Oct 14
I was raving about the hard goat cheese before, now i have another one; also hard goat cheese, but the well aged kind, that same rich flavor but underlined, amplified and subtle. Ask to try a slice next time your at the dutch grocery store, it'll simply melt on your tongue. If you are a fan of goat cheese your gonna love this one.

happy eating!


2007 Nov 17
The hard dutch goat cheese is fantastic and joyfully tasty in a non-goaty way which some people find so unappealing with soft goat cheeses. If you decide to purchase an entire wheel, which i recommend if you like to impress you guests at your next gourmet parté, the nice folks at the dutch store will give you a discount.

If time permits check out the stand of photo greeting cards made by Wim Kok. Edible but not tasty, the photo greeting cards are of superb quality and craftsmenship and give one a warm feeling when seeing those cozy images of The beautifull Netherlands.
Those with a keen eye will notice the nicely laminated enlargments hanging on the walls of the dutch store are those very same cozy images as in the photo cards.

2007 Jan 9
Try the aged Gouda (black rind). It is completely unlike wimpy supermarket gouda. It is hard, dark golden and nutty. A really superlative cheese.

2007 Jan 17
Indonesian is pretty much the national cuisine of Holland! (I am half Dutch). They carry quite a few ingredients for making rijsttafel (pronounced "rícetaahful"), including spices for nasi goreng and bami goreng, Krupuk, Gado Gado and Satay sauces, etc.

2007 Jan 15

As my genes are half Dutch (Friesian, actually) I have an interest in their history. In the colonial era, the Dutch East India Company brought Indonesian food to Holland (and certain spices to the Western world), and of course colonized it. So I would think that the Dutch Groceries and Imports store is supplying the Dutch community with ingredients for Ritztaffel (spelling probably incorrect) etc.

2007 Jan 10
Cool, but I have questions! What sort of Indonesian Condiments do they sell here? I remember noticing a whole rack of Indonesian shrimp chips in one area of the store. Do the Dutch love Indonesian food or are they serving the Indonesian community with a small portion of their store? Thanks.


2008 Feb 25
This vendor has an awsume variety of licorice. In bulk or packaged.

Almost as many as here at the Hollandsedrop. www.hollandsedrop.com

Infact, I use this list as my shopping guide when I go to the Dutch store.

2013 Mar 16
I found this spread today at The Dutch Store in the Bleeker Mall.