Where to get Indonesian Condiments

2007 Jan 17
Indonesian is pretty much the national cuisine of Holland! (I am half Dutch). They carry quite a few ingredients for making rijsttafel (pronounced "rícetaahful"), including spices for nasi goreng and bami goreng, Krupuk, Gado Gado and Satay sauces, etc.

2007 Jan 15

As my genes are half Dutch (Friesian, actually) I have an interest in their history. In the colonial era, the Dutch East India Company brought Indonesian food to Holland (and certain spices to the Western world), and of course colonized it. So I would think that the Dutch Groceries and Imports store is supplying the Dutch community with ingredients for Ritztaffel (spelling probably incorrect) etc.

2007 Jan 10
Cool, but I have questions! What sort of Indonesian Condiments do they sell here? I remember noticing a whole rack of Indonesian shrimp chips in one area of the store. Do the Dutch love Indonesian food or are they serving the Indonesian community with a small portion of their store? Thanks.