Horse Meat at Dutch Groceries and Giftware
Horse Meat at Dutch Groceries and Giftware
Horse Meat at Dutch Groceries and Giftware
Where to get Horse Meat

2006 Nov 17
They say horse meat can be used in place of beef or pretty much any other meat. It's a little stronger tasting than beef -- kind of a cross between beef and venison.

That said, I've only ever had it smoked and thinly sliced (what they sell at the Dutch store). I don't know where you'd buy raw horse meat though.

Here's a webpage for you!

2006 Nov 17
Fresh Foodie;

I've never even considered eating horse meat. How is it best prepared?

2006 Nov 16
From the wikipedia page: "Horse meat has about 40% fewer calories than even the leanest beef, while supplying 50% more protein and up to 30% more iron.

On September 8th, 2006, the House of Representatives passed a bill which made killing horses for meat an illegal practice in
the United States."

It's fairly popular in Quebec. If the idea of eating horse makes you squeamish then tell me why it's all right to eat fluffy bunnies and cute lambies! :O



2011 May 27
for what it's worth i was told by staff a few months back that they actually don't sell the rookvlees paard anymore...

2011 May 27
I was already to shop here until I saw you sold horse meat....a companion animal....a kids pony! Watch a video on what these beautiful creatures go threw when sold to a meat buyer....pure hell! Sorry but you've lost me and others because you sell horse meat! Shame!

2008 Jun 27
Pickup up some rookvlees for a pot-luck lunch at the office. The whole plate was gobbled up as many of my colleagues were eager to sample horse meat.

I'd compare it to a proscuitto, but much saltier and a slightly drier texture.

2007 Nov 23
Just tried the smoked horse at the Dutch Grocery today. Excellent. Quite salty however, so don't layer this thick on your bread.

I found the horse flavour no stronger than beef, just subtly different.

The clerk said it will last quite a while in the fridge (high in salt to preserve)

2006 Nov 16
Smoked horse meat, or rookvlees paard, is sometimes eaten for breakfast in the Netherlands. They sell a deliciously smokey version here, shaved paper thin and quite salty. Great for lunch with crusty rolls!

It's actually quite similar to Bündnerfleisch (Bindenfleisch), only more smokey.