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Poutine at Crispy Chips
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Poutine at Crispy Chips
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Poutine at Crispy Chips
Poutine at Crispy Chips
Poutine at Crispy Chips
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2018 Jul 16
Went on one of the first recommendations from the forum thread about poutine, was not disappointed. Fries were good and crispy, true to the truck's name, gravy was standard, and this may have been the first poutine about which I've ever wondered, "is there such a thing as too many cheese curds?"

After getting a taste, no mystery why the lineup was consistently 10 deep throughout lunchtime on a Friday. Wait time on a medium poutine, from lineup to first bite, was probably 20 minutes.. not sure if this is standard for any lunch rush there, but was worth the wait

2013 Nov 24
Thank you all for the great comments and me reading the not great comments with all your help it makes us fix the things that you all think are wrong.

1. Fries- Our fries are not frozen what so ever they are delivered fresh cut to us every morning. Yes sometimes the sizes are off but unfortunatly we have no control over that. I do let our supplier know about it asap to fix the prob. I myself hate the small McD's size fries no flavor and taste like sticks lol.

2. JP crispy chips is NO longer owned by our family. My father had sold that location at the beginning of the season so please do not associate our wagons as the same company. We know and have heard all the things that have bein going wrong ever since my dad sold it but being that it is no longer ours we have no say in what goes on up there.

3. Hours- we are always open up by March 1 (we will open up in Feb just for the lunches if the weather is nice) and we shut down around the end of Dec (used to be Nov). During Dec we usually are open up till around 3pm and are closed on sundays

4. This coming year 2014 i am revamping the menu a little bit more and adding some new things that we think you all will enjoy. During the winter i will be making up a facebook page for all our loyal customers and new customers to join up and be apart of everything that will be going on :)

Again thank all of you for the great reviews we truly are blessed to have met so many great people in this community that come and visit us

Eric Monmart & Julie Monmart

2012 Jul 13
The one next door that rdmsgirl is talking about it TV's Fries - the people are really nice and the fries are AWESOME.

2012 Jul 13
I'm changing my vote for this chip wagon. I was a thumbs up, but while I wont go as far to give it a thumbs down, they lost my recommendation when I went on a quiet Saturday and ordered a medium fry with malt vinegar and salt half way through - the answer was a point and "The toppings are to your left". The chip wagon immediately next door will gladly do toppings half way through, even on a busy weekday lunch. It will get my patronage instead.

2012 Apr 26
Seems they have changed their cut to a much thinner cut very dissapointing. The fries in my poutine were overcooked on the ends due to the smaller size giving them a crunchy texture. Can't understand why they would mess with a good thing.CRAP!

2011 Mar 26
Something about spring gets me craving poutine. My wife works out in Kanata and takes Hunt Club home so on Wednesday she stopped by Crispy's for take out poutine supper. It was 5:05pm and they still made her a large and a small. They sure don't skimp on the curds!

2010 May 6
Standard chip wagon stuffs... hamburgers, sausages, hotdogs etc.

2010 May 5
I'm close to this..what else do they serve?

2010 Feb 8
Pigurd - If you go to the OF Vendor Page - Crispy Chips - You'll see that Crispy Chips (formerly known as JP's) is a local chip wagon (there are pictures) and as such the "better" chip wagons in the region are only open Spring thru Fall.

Eric, JP's son is an OF Member, and his chip wagon an Ottawa institution... he has quite the following (thru his various incarnations of his Chip Biz). And as many of us can tell you March 1st and his annual reopening is a sure sign of Spring (and much anticipated).

Get your poutine fix while you can, because usually by sometime in November... it'll be over for 2010.

2009 Jul 6
Hi guys,

Many thanks for pointing this vendor out, I had given up on finding a proper poutine in Ottawa. I stand corrected.

It was everything it should be, very welcome on a slightly hungover day...



2012 Oct 4
stopped by a couple times this summer and would agree their fries have changed slightly. Ken V mentioned a thinner cut, but when i compare photos the fries look the same size. they are, however, noticeably crispier and not as 'fluffy' as they used to be.

don't get me wrong - this is still a very solid poutine with tasty gravy and a good curd:fries ratio - but i really hope they didn't jump the shark and start cutting corners on fry prep or choice of potato...

2010 Apr 17
My boyfriend is a poutine/french fry connoisseur, and while I tend not to indulge often, having tasted the glory of LaFleur's poutine out of Montreal, I am pretty critical of what Ottawa has to offer.

Crispy Chips good. Really good. "The connoisseur" claims it to be the best he's ever had, and I have to say this one ranks high on my list as well.

I've tasted their poutine from the Hunt Club/Merivale location a couple times this year, and was very impressed; the gravy had a great taste, the fries were (as the name suggests) crispy, but not overly so, and they don't skimp on the cheese curds which is often a problem elsewhere. I've only tried it once from the Value Village spot, but I was equally impressed.

Clog your hearts out friends, this place is worth it.

2010 Feb 8
Pigurd (RFD? lol) - yes, they usually close up shop for the winter.

2010 Feb 8
this is only open beginning of march?

2008 Nov 20
Fresh Foodie took me here on a recent visit to Bytowne and I'm very happy to be able to post a OF comment after two years of abstinence.

Great fries, perfect gravy with enough flavour but not too heavy, and curds, curds, curds. After my dear bro and family, this poutine would be the next best reason to move back to Ottawa.

2008 Jun 7
Had a poutine today at JP's and it was good as usual. There was loads of cheese curds, almost as much cheese as fries in the box! The fries seemed a but on the crispy side compared to normal, but were still quite tasty.

2007 May 29
But sssshhhhhh.... let's stop promoting it. The lunch hour line-ups are getting too long! ;-)

2007 May 28
Like pizza is to the Newport Restaurant, poutine is to JP's! This little clogged artery piece of heaven is poutine fantasia. I LOVE JP's poutine, best anywhere, period.

2007 May 23
My favourite Poutine in town. Lots of cheese curds and a nice light gravy.

2006 Nov 22
Back to the standard Medium Poutine. We just had to go twice in one month, seeing as they close for the winter on Dec 1. I had my real camera with me this time so the picture looks phenomenal at full resolution -- great desktop wallpaper! ;-)

If you love poutine you owe it to yourself to try this place!




2008 Jul 26
WOW.... Had my first box of fries/chips from JP's today (Yes... the Baseline/Clyde location) .... and boy-oh-boy I never had such good fries since my visit to Sheila's Canteen.

She is located at a beach just southwest of Halifax NS. Near Hubbards on St Margaret's Bay. She gave me three pieces of fried haddock when I only ordered two. Sheila said "One of the pieces looked a little small so I gave you three".

Took me two hours of swimming in the Atlantc ocean to burn off the fish and chips.

The fries at both locations are good and crispy AND they taste like potatoes. Go figure ... french fried potatoes tasting like ... potatoes.

PS: The pic was taken by me while on vacation a few years ago.

2008 May 22
OMG addictive!!!! Just watch out for the bomb dropping Seagulls!!!