Sticky Buns at Three Tarts
Foods from Three Tarts

2012 Jan 27
The white chocolate tart with pistachios and fresh cranberries is amazing!! Not too sweet, well balanced. They've tried duplicating it at Thyme & Again but it falls flat. It has been my secret weapon when trying to impress people, and has worked everytime!

2011 Jul 11
Their sticky buns are very very good, so is their rhubarb + fruit pie. I went there last Saturday trying to pick up some, but they are closed July 1-15 for summer holidays - well deserved!

2011 Jun 28
We have ordered French chococate mousse cake for all family b-days for over 10 years now. It is simply the best.
Also love the lemon pound cake with buttercream icing and the white chocolate cranberry tart.

2011 May 9
Picked up a chocolate mousse cake at 3 Tarts--$24, served 8 nicely. Lovely presentation (gold leaf!), moist, rich, not too heavy--perfect!

2011 Apr 1
stopped in on a friday after work. i picked up a vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing, a piece of gingerbread and 4 butter tarts. the cupcake was terrible :(

i really wanted to love it, but the blah vanilla cake and the definitely not buttercream icing were all wrong. the icing tasted like unsweetened whipped cream and the cake was strangely dry, with large air pockets.

the gingerbread was ok, lots of ginger flavour and nicely moist. haven't tried the butter tarts, they are for tonight.

2010 Jan 17
i went back a week later to pick up something for a dinner party. tried the 'aiden' cake. it's a classic chocolate cake with a rich chocolate glaze, and modern minimal decorations on top. simply fabulous. and the ladies who work there are sooo friendly!

2010 Jan 10
tried both their chocolate cupcake and lemon meringue pie. All i can say is YUM! :) so fresh. the lemon meringue pie had no after taste like most storebought ones do. oh my goodness, everytime i'm in the wellington area it will be hard not to stop in at this place.

2010 Jan 2
The hosts at a recent New Year's Eve party had bought three of their tarts to serve for dessert.

We had pear-almond (my favourite I think), blueberry-raspberry, and one that seemed to contain plums.

They were all quite yummy, but since I didn't buy them, I have no idea how to calculate their actual cost to deliciousness ratio.

However, if I'm in the area, I think I'll drop by and see what else they have for sale...

2009 Mar 8
I loved them when they were in the Glebe
now, they're a bit out of the way for me

my fave has always been the white chocolate, cranberry and pistachio tart

2007 Aug 11
These guys (or gals) know what they are doing! Just had one of their fruit pastry tarts and they really know how to make pastry. It truly does taste at least as good as it looks! Bravo!



2009 Jan 15
Chocolate fudge cake! It's moist and dark and dense and chocolatey. Not too dense though - still cakey.

2007 Aug 29
The best thing at 3 Tarts are their pecan tarts. Similar to a butter tart, but with a much fluffier and creamy center and whole pecans on top, these are an absolute favourite and are often sold out. When that happens, I pick up one of their half cheesecake half brownie bars which are also wickedly delicious.


2007 Nov 19
Scones are wonderful - rich and crumbly, with raspberry, blueberry, strawberry or cranberry added. They usually don't make it home from the store.


2010 Jun 5
Had butter tarts from 3 Tarts on Wellington today for the first time: Excellent version: Light, flaky, almost sandy butter crust, with perfectly gooey maple-y filling with just the right number of raisins. My only criticism would be that I like the crust to be saltier to cut some of the sweetness of the filling--I recognize this may be an unusual preference, so I can't fault the vendor.


2006 Sep 10
The French Chocolate Mousse cake is simply the best out there. Rich, but not too sickly rich. Very chocolatey.


2011 Mar 15
I managed to snap a photo of my last Sticky Bun prior to inhaling it. You can't see my drool on the iPhone's lens but I'm pretty sure its there!

Also available with pecans.

2009 Nov 7
The Sticky Buns from 3 Tarts are perfection itself. Wifey picked some up this morning and the first bite actually brought a tear to my eye.

Unusual characteristics compared to conventional cinnamon rolls:
* Chewy but tender, yeasty, tasty dough!
* Scant amount of cinnamon so as not to hide the awesome bread taste.
* Heavy syrup on the top and bottom of each roll, while the inside is relatively dry to provide balance.
* A succulent moistness and buttery flavour throughout, with a very light crust on top.

If apple fritters are your favourite doughnut then you will love these. They are the "French Baker Croissant" of cinnamon buns.

I should have taken a picture.