Chocolate Mousse Cake at Art Is In Bakery
Chocolate Mousse Cake at Swiss Pastries
Chocolate Mousse Cake at Elgin Street Freehouse
Where to get Chocolate Mousse Cake

2008 Feb 1
This chocolate mousse cake from the Elgin Street Freehouse was so good. The presentation is especially gorgeous.


2009 Oct 26
I ate two of their chocolate mousse cakes in a month - one for my birthday and one for the Halloween party.

Lots of rich chocolate! Yum Yum!! However, I do find the cake too sweet for my teeth.


2006 Sep 10
The French Chocolate Mousse cake is simply the best out there. Rich, but not too sickly rich. Very chocolatey.



2013 Mar 14
Picked up the ordered double chocolate mousse cake for my Mom's birthday. This is the dessert of the 3 course meal we are having for the birthday dinner.

A flourless chocoate cake with a huge layer of dark? chocolate mousse and a thiner layer of white chocolate mousse and topped with a dark choclate ganache and some nice cholate bits. Writing done on top.

You can definitely get 8 healthy servings or 12 more portion controlled serving out of the mid-sized 8"in cake here. I think 6 servings would be far too much sugar in one sitting.

The chocolate mousse is rich and creamy and I prefer the dark mousse but the white is good for contrast. The thin cake layer on the bottom was moist and tasty.

Overall a good very good chocolate mousse cake but need to hear how my Dad's sugar level is tomorrow to see if we would do this more regularly for special occassions.

2013 Mar 13
I have been looking for a new bakery for the special occassion cakes after the issue with the Cake Shop last year.

Did not see cakes on display on my visit but asked about it and was given a list. My eyes immediately went to the double chocolate mousse cake but they also had cheesecake, carrot cake, black forest cake and a bunch of other types.

Pricing as follows (need to check tomorrow):
6.5 in 3-4 people $20
8 in 6-8 people $32
10? in 10-12 serv $50

The largest sized cake need 7 day advance notice. I asked if it is possible to get the mid-sized double chocolate mousse cake for the next day i.e. 24 hrs notice for my Mom's Bday. The staff checked with Kevin and he said it was possible so thumbs up for that :D

Will post a phote tomorrow and feedback on taste.