Hear Ye Hear : A Foodies Party [General]

2009 Jun 29
We always talk about 'doing something' together, and other than the wine tasters most of us never do...

We need to have a foodies potluck/BBQ/Cook-off, and if we plan it far enough ahead together maybe everyone can come (maybe even on a nondescript weekend into September if we have to?).

Since I can't offer my own tiny kitchen (and awkward washroom)I was thinking a picnic in the park, I think we can get BBQs at Britania?

Since we are foodies it just has to be a potluck, I think, so that we may show off to each other. And perhaps a cooking challenge/contest/ with prizes? Or should we make a communal attempt to create the best salad bar or dessert table we have ever seen!

Could/should we invite vendors? They might like to meet us! and they will probably feed us well!

So, honestly please, would you come?
Yea or Nea?

Do you have ideas on how/when/where it should be?

2010 Apr 1
LOL Fresh Foodie, that made me chuckle. I've never thought of that before, of course it has the word 'luck' for a reason ;)
I was also going to ask if there was some organized list of who brings what, good to hear we can wing it and bring what we'd like to show off.

I'm kinda new here and looking forward to meeting everyone if I can make it!