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Wings at Brixton's British Pub
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2007 Feb 7
My question for Wings fans is where to get them cheap.. with taste coming in second as the point is to use them as an excuse to be washed down with gratuitous amounts of beer. I remember a place, many moons ago called Alfies (I think) that offered 5 cent wings on one night a week. I now refuse to order them as an appetizer at places that think they can serve you crappy wings for close to $1 each. I'm pretty sure I also remember them being 10 cents, or 15 cents at the James Street Feed Company.. and tasted pretty good as well!

2006 Nov 2
Someone was asking about where to get the best "all you can eat" wings. Does anyone know? :)


2018 Feb 18
They change their menu weekly but I can see the wings staying on. I think they are among the best Iíve had in Ottawa, and Iíve had a lot. Meaty, perfectly cooked, spicy szechuan sauce, finished with scallions and black sesame seeds.


2017 Jul 3
The wings are plump and juicy. A good greasy option!


2010 Jan 26
The Cajun wings...

2010 Jan 26
Last night was my first time at Irene's. Its a narrow little pub that you likely wouldn't notice unless you were looking for it, but the food is decent and the service is friendly. The have a great selection of beer, whiskey and entertainment lined up and I'm betting would be a great place to relax and listen to music on the weekends. I was there for a friend's birthday, and as it was also Robbie Burns day, we decided to give the half priced haggis a try as an was stuffing. Anyway, as a main, I went with the wings. They had several options, all of the heats, sweet and hot, honey garlic and dry Cajun. I'm personally a fan of the dry spiced wings, so I gave them a go. They were good! Wing size were alright. The seasoning had a lot of salt, which is unfortunate, but never unexpected in deep fried. I had expected it to be spicy given that it was Cajun, but it wasn't spicy at all.

Wing size: 6.5
Sauce: 6.5 (in this case a spice..not at all spicy, and a little to salty)
Recommended Beer: Creemore or Mill St. Organic


2009 Oct 27

The wings are served whole, marinated, dusted then hickory smoked, then drizzled with sweet and smokey sauce.

Two whole wings came in the Kitchen Sampler.

The wings are about a medium to large size and is relatively meaty. The skin is not very crispy, but tasty.

You can taste the smoked flavour in the meat. The rub and the smoke in the skin are also really good. You could eat these as is, but BBQ sauce is drizzled on. The sauce is Sweet & Smokey (they also have Spicy Apple and Creole) and is just shy of being to sweet for my tastes.

If you liked smoked wings, you'll like these.


2010 Aug 21
Went here with Dad, my sister and her boyfriend a few weeks ago for the wings special.

And they were delicious! I always get mild, and these were a good size and had a nice flavor, not too crispy either.

Definitely recommend.

Will go back again.

2009 Dec 13
These wings were voted 2nd best in Ottawa by the A-CHANNEL right behind Wild Wing.

Here is the link to the video from A-CHANNEL:

Personally I love these wings.

Even better, Sunday through Thursday starting at 9pm all appetizers (including Wings) are half-price! And, on Wednesday - starting at 4pm wings are half-price!

I get them baked and medium, or honey-hot (what I call "wimpy")

2010 Jan 26
After nearly losing a finger trying to get a wing from JAWSí plate, my bravery was rewarded with gastronomic delight. Being a big Franks fan Iím always delighted to find a wing that respects the classic flavours. Highly recommended.

Photo of potato skins also attached.

2010 Jan 26
I was at Darcy's a couple weeks ago...had to try the wings! I was feeling brave, so I went for the hot. I was not disappointed! While they do use a very buttery Frank's base, they were delicious. For those who like sauce, they were just saucy enough! My friend had the stuffed potato skins, and really enjoyed them as well. All in all, I don't think you can go wrong with the food at Darcy's.

Wing Size: 7
Flavour: 7.75
Recommended Beer: We ended up getting a mini-table keg ( $19.99 for Keith's on Wednesdays)

2010 May 25
The all you can eat wings at BM are mediocre at best, but for some quantity has a quality all it's own.

For those planning on going for the AYCE, they require that you buy a beverage for each pound of wings you order. Pitchers count as two pounds...which seems on the low end of things.

Given that it took 45 minutes for the first pound to come and people in our group had babysitters to return to, it wasn't really AYCE.


2010 Apr 20
On Monday nights, you are most likely to find me at Hooleys, chomping down on some $0.25 huge wings. Hooley's has a vast selection of flavours, many seldom seen anywhere else. These include all of the heats, Suicide, Caribbean Jerk, Cajun, Lemon Pepper, BBQ Mesquite, Salt and Vinegar, Sweet Chilli, Honey Garlic and Halifax Heat with Dill to name a few. I have sampled almost all. Halifax Heat tends to be my favourite, with what they describe as a Gyro sauce mixed with Hot sauce and Dill. Its creamy and delicious...however given the massive size of the (breaded)wings, I can rarely finish them.

My friends and I will typically each order a different flavour then split and share them. Many of the flavours are great, but are just a little too much to have a full 10 wings! The 3 types of hot wings are not unbearable, but do get pretty warm after a couple. The Salt and Vinegar are great...but I would say definitely one you want to share in a group...after 2-3, the salt is burning your lips...they're perhaps worse than the hot wings!

An additional benefit to Monday night Wing Night at Hooley's is that it is also $4.00 domestic draft night. While I would challenge some of what they do and don't consider domestic draft, its a great deal when your total bill after 10 huge wings and a pint is still under $10 before tip! Hooley's domestic draft includes Bud, Bud Light, Blue, Kokanee, Labatt's 50 and Harp.

As the warmer weather sets in, Monday night wing nights seem to be growing in popularity, or maybe we've just been going later in the evening, but if you have a large group, I recommend getting there early in order to sit together. They have also been running out of Kokanee and Blue the last few times I've visited, which may be considered to be a good reason to get there a little earlier as well.

**Note that you may want to confirm prices prior to ordering as they seem to be working out their pricing. Halifax Heat with Dill was $0.25 a wing, however I guess it is considered a premium flavour, so they charged me an extra $1.00 for it for the first time this time. Also, I was given free refills on my pop last night, but last week when I was drinking draft and my friend was drinking pop, there were no free refills.

Wing Size: 9
Wing Sauce/Flavour: 8.5 (based on quantity of flavours, but there are some you expect to be much hotter than they are, such as Hot, Suicide and Caribbean Jerk)
Recommended Beer: $4.00 domestic Kokanee.




2010 Sep 7
I ordered 30 of their wings yesterday, the mild ones.

Delivery time was about 30 minutes.

I really enjoyed these wings. A good size, meaty, sauce was plentiful.

Thing is, they charge by the wing, $0.60 per wing, minimum 10 wings. It's one of the cheapest I've seen for delivery.

I got a small fry as well and they were the typical pizza place thick cut fries. Went perfect with the wings.

I used the new just-eat service and it was seamless, worked well.

Short of actually going out to a "Wing Night" somewhere, these are hard to beat for the price.




2010 Jun 18
The Brix' is Back!
After a couple of poor experiences involving small, not as wonderful wings at Brixtons, I decided to take a bit of a hiatus from my regular Wing Wednesday nights there, in hopes that they were just going through a bad chicken patch. Well, the hiatus paid off! After a couple months, I returned this week to find my lovely, hormone pumped, plump favourite chicken wings! My friend and I decided to both go with the Honey Hot (a flavour they've just started offering this year), and a pint (or few) of Keiths. The wings were delicious; a great amount of sauce (you're not getting out of there clean, but the mess is restricted to your fingers), fantastic flavour, and a respectable size. We were left wanting more as the wings are served by the pound (I had 7 wings this time), and I'm not sure they used to actually measure it. All in all, a great wing experience, with great company, and great beer!
Welcome back to Brixton's British Pub!

2010 Jan 26
Brixton's is my favourite place to get wings in Ottawa. Itís a small place easily missed if you don't notice the "Tube" sign outside. They serve half price ($5) pounds of wings on Wednesdays, and have got to be the best wings I've had. The wings are big, crunchy, and the flavour is exactly what you would expect for a mild, medium or hot (You can also get suicide or honey garlic). If you go any other night, the wings are worth paying full price for - you won't be disappointed. The place does get busy, but Julie has always been the only waitress on when I've been there, and does a great job of keeping on top of your orders.

Size: 10/10 (I don't think I could eat any bigger)
Flavour: 9/10
Beer: I always go for Keith's IPA, but would recommend whatever you want-they have a great selection.

In photo - Medium on left, Hot on right



2011 Oct 24
Proulx I wanted to totally agree with you the wings are amazing!

I even have my own way to order them and I must say, you should try my creation.

I order 20 wings with no sauce on them so when the arrive they are still crispy, now here is the blend ask for there honey garlic sauce, the bar B Q sauce and There suicide sauce not the franks hot but the real hot sauce they have in the back,LOL.

Now when you get them take a bowl and put the wings in it, put a spoon of butter add all three sauces mix well put coated wings back in the box and get ready to eat the tastiest sweeties hot wing......... it is not as much work as it sounds like...

Oh ya and they don't charge for all the sauces!!!!!!!! I love it.

I encourage everyone to try it!!!!!

2009 Mar 6
So yummy! Big wings, but not too big. They must cook the wings with the sauce on - it is actually amazing!



2008 Jan 15
Thanks, fixed it... :)

2008 Jan 15
The website link is wrong, it is:


2010 Aug 24
Ordered the 10 crispy wings + fries special they had for $10.

The wings were not that good, the meat on the drums were too tough but the flats were okay.

My sister ended up eating the drums and she liked it.

The breading was good, but the mild sauce wasn't good. Not sure how to explain it, just wasn't good, not flavorful enough?

The fries were decent. Not as good as the ones you'll get from say Gabriel's.

I may try classic wings next time, maybe the breading had something to do with the wings being too tough.

2008 Jun 11
I love the breaded wings, with honey garlic sauce. But you have to get the sauce on the side and, for best results, pick them up.

2007 Jan 9
That's nasty! Which location did you all order from?

2007 Jan 9
The week before Christmas I ordered wings and a small pizza from PP. Then I got stomach poisoning...mmmm Happy Holidays.

Incidentally my roomate and her b/f ordered separate pizzas and they too came down with stomach problems. :S

2006 Nov 2
I tried these on a whim along with an order of pizza and was impressed. They have some different styles, but I got the "lightly breaded" kind that were coated with something similar to KFC batter. Tossed in the "spicy" sauce (not mild but not suicide) they were quite yummy!


2010 Jan 26
Learning to take your own advice can be challenging...some may say I'm a slow learner, but I like to think I'm an optimist. For example: maybe the bad wings were just the particular flavour I ordered, so why not try the medium? Beacuse they're not medium...or great. They were more of a BBQ mesquite. A friend of mine always gets the hot wings, so I tried one. They were alright. What you would expect for hot wings, still on the small side. I think I'm going to consider this as a "lesson learned" more wings for me.

2009 Dec 23
I enjoy the atmosphere in the Pour House/Aulde Dubliner and love the balconies in the summer. I was intrigued a few weeks ago by the Guinness-BBQ wings. As a lover of Guinness, I was curious to see how the combination would taste...unfortunately, I was disappointed. The wings were quite small, like something you may purchase frozen in a box from the grocery store. They were also incredibly saucy, which I ordinarily wouldn't mind, but there was such a strong smokey flavour to them, I couldn't finish them. The Pour House doesn't currently have a wing night, and I wouldn't want pay full price for wings from there again. I have ordered other food from their menu in the past and have generally been satisfied - don't go for the wings.

Wing Size: 4/10
Flavour: 4/10
Recommended Beer: Keiths IPA - The Sauce is so heavy, you definitely don't want to wash it down with a Guinness




2007 Feb 9
People told me these wings were great. They are all non-drumette pieces, and they're skewered for easy grilling.


2007 Apr 12
We ordered Cajun and Mild. The Mild ended up being spicier than the Cajun...go figure. Overall very saucy wings. They were good with my cider chaser.


2007 May 18
Not sure if anyone remembers Baxter's on Bank St. Lorenzo's are the closest I've found to the same style, flavour, look and best of all smell of the old Baxter's wings. We used to go every Thursday night, like clockwork; so Baxter's wings are the one to be judged against.



2007 Sep 24
The honey garlic wings are the best. They tend to be on the small side sometimes, but they taste a lot better than other restaurants offering 35 cent wings.

2007 Sep 18
$0.35 wings with a drink purchase. Great quality unlike some other vendors in the city who really cheap out on their chicken wings.



2013 May 9
As posted above, the Tuesday wing special is now 6.25 for 10. Very good quality wings.

2010 Jan 27
I paid a visit to The Clocktower Brew Pub (Glebe) last night for their Tuesday night wing night (Reg $9.75, Tuesdays $4.95). The Clocktower has a good range of flavours, all the heats, including Malaysian (suicide), Sweet Chilli, Hot & Honey, Spicy Maple BBQ, Honey Szechuan, Jerk, or Cajun Dusted. I decided to try the Spicy Maple BBQ for something a little different. They're sufficiently saucy and have a hint of sweet maple and BBQ flavour, they are not spicy though. I was a bit surprised that no carrot sticks, celery or sour cream came with the wings (sour cream is extra), but this would only really be an issue with the hot wings for me. In any case, its definitely worth a visit on wing night, and at the Bank St. location at least, go early! We hung out near the bar for about 30mins before finding a seat in the bar area and ate there - a seat in the dining area didn't come up. The Clocktower has a good selection of their own microbrew as well as other beers, so waiting isn't an issue, trying to stay out of the way when there are no seats is.

To note: My friend had the 5 spice chicken - his review was that it was alright, the veggies seemed to be the best part though.

Wing Size: 7.5

Sauce: 6.5-7.5 (6.5 for advertising them as spicy, 7.5 because they're still good)

Recommended Beer: I had a Fenien Red, which is a little sweet and went nicely with the sweet wings, as well as a Wisharts Bitter which had a nice contrast to the sweet...I wouldn't actually recommend alternating though. Pick one and stick with it.

2008 Jan 22
Best wings in the city.
Cheap on Tuesdays...

Today is Tuesday, allllllllright.

2018 Aug 9
Half price wings (16 down to 8 dollars) for a pound of wings every Tuesday and Thursday after 3pm. No drink purchase required which is nice if youíre looking to cut down on drinking like I am. Their hot wings are fantastic, didnít enjoy the Cajun dusted or Jamaican jerk as my opinion it is a step above the clock tower for wing night. Service varies depending on where you are sitting. If you live in Westboro I would suggest checking it out.