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2010 Jun 11
I ordered a burger platter with sweet potato fries from the Bank St. location on a weekend evening. It was super busy and it took 20 mins for our order. We had to stand and wait. It's a tiny place but I can't deny my burger was so good but I wish my fries were more crispy. I would still recommend it because the food was good and the people serving us were nice. Just keep in mind the wait time.

2010 Apr 30
Wanted a quick supper and we couldn't decide so something close was easiest. The Works at Hunt Club and Albion opened in the old K&S location a few months ago so we gave it a try. Started with a Beau's on draft and the Tower O Rings. The rings were a bit too greasy for my liking. The peppercorn Broiler with Gouda and bacon was ok but could have used a better quality of bacon(two ghostly thin strips just didn't give it enough bacon flavor). The fries were soggy. Everything came piping hot and the beer cold so it wasn't a total loss. Our server was great as well offering us a third dipping sauce to try with the rings. I guess I was expecting a bit more flavour from the burger but it just didn't deliver.

2010 Feb 12
I don't know if I would call myself a 'fan' of The Works any longer, but I will say this: They are a worthy take-out opponent of the pizza.

We ordered three burgers and three 8 oz. shakes to split between four people. The burgers were all still hot when we got them home (though we had to nuke the fries). What I was most impressed with is that the bun wasn't soggy!!!

Husband said that the service was really good when he went to pick the order up, and that they were actually more friendly with the takeout order than in dine-in.

All said, there are better places to get a burger in this city, but if you're in a pinch, The Works does pretty good takeout.

2010 Feb 8
a disappointing visit to the westboro location.

we were a fairly large group - 4 adults, 3 kids under 5, 1 infant. we called first and were told things were slow, this was around 4:45pm, we got there at 5pm and it was very busy. we got the last free table.

our waiter was very pleasant. he handed us menus, got the kids set up with crayons and paper and disappeared. he reappeared a few minutes later to take our drink orders (beau's beers and 1 mill street). at that time he took the kids orders and an order for onion rings. we asked for a few minutes to decide on our burgers (hard to read menu with all the kids). 10 minutes later, i tried tracking down our waiter to give him our order. i asked the person who i thought was our waiter (wasn't but the kid was very polite), he said he would find him and be right back. 5 more minutes pass and our drinks, the kids meals and the onion rings appear by a server - not our waiter. i tell them we need to order our food, please find our waiter. another 5 minutes or more pass and still no waiter. i ask again! 5 more minutes, the kids are finished, onion rings finished, beers almost finished. we contemplate just getting it to go, or skipping our meals entirely and settling the bill.

suddenly, our waiter shows up, no explanations, gets the table cleared and then takes our order (we decided to stay because we were starving and the kids were briefly occupied). our food arrives 10 minutes later, we gobble it down as the kids are no longer interested in being at a restaurant and we clear out of there, leaving one person behind to settle the bill.

the onion rings, burgers and sweet potato fries were ok. the regular fries were covered in tons of salt and not edible. i would have mentioned something, but since we only saw our waiter twice, we didn't bother.

very disappointing. we had brought our friends there from out of town. we choose the works specifically because there is something for everyone, good beer on tap and a family atmosphere early in the evening (usually). this time it was very loud at 5pm, the music so loud you could barely hear one another.

2010 Jan 17
Just to let everone know that The Works at the corner of Albion and Bank where KS pizza used to be has been open for about a month now.

2010 Jan 16
Finally hit up The Works with friends and family today and was quite impressed. We all ordered something different and had a real selection of milkshakes (some of us ordered two kiddie sized flavours to test even more). I had coleslaw too, and really enjoyed it - and I am super picky with coleslaw~

I had the Guardian Angel (avocado, havarti and caramelized onions) on beef with a whole grain bun with a mocha kiddie size milkshake. Friends had poutine, veggie burgers, sweet potato fries and all sorts of combinations of burger - all were delicious, cooked perfectly and served piping hot.

Our waitress was perfect, and so was the general experience.

I will certainly return, as there is just too much to choose from. We were at the Kanata location on stonehaven.

My only complaint is that I could not readily find nutritional information and will have to ask on my next visit.

2009 Sep 27
tower of rings @ the works. staple high-price point money maker (aka overpriced) but it definitely has the wow factor in presentation. in comparison to Dick's and other ring joints, the works' appeal is in there are choices for dipping sauces and they are a'plenty! usually go for the beechhouse (big mac sauce clone) and one other every time we get suckered into ordering it (just to be The Lord of the Onion Rings) there as their limp fries are terrible and their salads are boring. the coleslaw spiked with jalapeno pepper juice is defintiely interesting however. as you share this tower of rings at your table before you know it, the 10-12 rings are gone.

2009 Sep 1
My wife and I went on a wim to the Glebe location last night while car shopping for our daugther (she's uni. bound...anybody have a cheap reliable car for sale!?)
Was surprised how busy it was for a Monday night...mainly twentysomethings>>>couples.
The misses had a turkey curry crunch and sweet potato fries. The burger was good, too big for her to finish, the curry element was a small container of curry mayo dip. The sweet potato fries were a bit disappointing. Too thin to get any taste of the sweet potato, possibly fried for too long, in old oil.
I had a mushroom and ghouda cheese on veggie burger with reg. fries. The burger was tasty and quite large...the fries again a disappointment...old oil probably.
Meal was a 7 out of 10. Service very good.
Atmosphere was busy but we found the tables are too close together, and got to know our neighbours and how their day went without even asking. ;-0
We were heading for Harvey's but were glad we changed our minds.

2009 Jul 16
Used to eat at the Beechwood location all the time. The St. Laurent location is much bigger but still just as packed. Burgers have been pretty meh as of late (burnt and pretty sloppy) - still pop in for take out from time to time but it's very pricey for a burger joint. Love Beau's on tap though.

2009 Apr 17
i've never been hugely impressed, but have been a return customer for several years, due in part to friends' preferences (or those of their kids). So, in common w/ HHH's, mine is not the whine of a one time visitor.

i always temper my expectations by what they specialize in vs. my status as a vegetarian. Caveats noted, they do a veggie burger served at (more or less) the same premium price as their beef / chicken options. And, its not that great, so my plea (to Works) is please ditch it in favor of more eclectic options. Pls bring in someone who knows how to work w/ lentils, mushrooms and rice, or perhaps someone who can source and grill good tofu. Or, bring back that tempeh burger you had a couple years ago <- that was pretty neat for a burger place.

By contrast, what they serve now, namely that Yves thingie, is over-salted, uninteresting, definitely not gourmet even when buried under the various toppings. Last visit, it seemed curiously under cooked, a difficult task w/ a soy based product that one is led to believe was slow-grilled for 25 minutes.

Points in their favor are they know how to accommodate kids, they serve Lug Treads and one or two ok reds, both marked improvements from a couple years ago. And, they seem to have steadily toned down the whole "do you understand the concept?" and "can i sell you a TOWER of 6-7 onion rings?" obnoxiousness the up-sellers (er wait staff) affronted customers with a couple yrs ago. Oh, and while their too hot for hell sauce might run in fear from Chef Obi's palette, its not too bad for a burger place.

I'd like to support an Ottawa based concept (as i do w/ Bridgehead), but i'm giving Works a thumbs down (even though its likely i'll return).

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2010 Jan 7
I'm totally obsessed with the curry mayo. The rings are just a good bonus...

2009 Sep 16
Rings were perfectly ok, but a "Tower of Rings" should have more than a 10 rings. Overpriced.

2008 Mar 29
These were good but I find the rings at Dick's to be superior in flavour and texture.



2008 Mar 29
These have a flavour reminiscent of carrot tempura. They are decent but I prefer tempura. :-)

Poutine -1



2007 Nov 29
The poutine at the work's is good enough to be a meal in itself. With all that ooey gooey cheese. And that gravy! Delicious! And its vegetarian gravy. Which is great for me.

Beer -1


2009 Jun 2
They sell Beau's and Steamwhistle.

I had Beau's lug tread and it was great in a pitcher :)





2008 Mar 29
The 2-cup Oreo Cookie milkshake was the high point of my meal. Very nice indeed.

Wifey's kid size (1-cup) Creamsicle shake was awesome too. Note that this was the "flavour of the day" and when I asked our server why someone should choose the flavour of the day she replied, "Because it's delicious and you get some vitamin C." Quick thinking on her part. :-)

2007 Oct 23

They have tons of flavours! My favourite is the chocolate peanut butter milkshake. The burger and side itself is already a large enough meal so go for the kids size shake!



2009 Apr 7
Threw caution to the wind last time I ate at The Works (Westboro), and ordered my Navan Breakfast (Havarti, chipotle ketchup, caramelized onions, double-smoked bacon) Elk Burger done medium.

As the menu states, I did have to sign a waiver.

But, man, was my burger tasty. Flavourful, juicy, and pink. Like many people, I've had my fair share of tough Works Burgers, so this is one way to get around it.

Were I to get a beef burger, I'd likely request it done medium-well, rather than medium, just in case.

Remember, of course, to use your discretion when ordering your burger anything less than well-done.

2008 Mar 29
I tried the Beverly Hills Lawsuit (fried egg, leaf spinach, havarti cheese & double smoke bacon) this visit and was once again underwhelmed by the dryness of the meat. Even though it's cooked medium-well (quite pink) it is somehow very dry. Maybe the patties are just too thick or maybe the burger needs some kind of sauce. Either way, I found myself having to dip the burger into ketchup to get it down. The only real flavour in the meat is the nice grill-smoke flavour. Patties that are very thick like these should be seasoned! The egg added nothing to the experience and I couldn't taste the cheese. There was a generous amount of spinach (although too stringy for me) and the bacon was tasty.

Wifey enjoyed her Spartacat Special (gouda cheese, crispy bacon & fresh avocado). The avocado was a bit unripe and she didn't mind the dry meat as much as I did.

2006 Sep 18
Here's my story from May 2005: After having had several great meals at the Beechwood location, I visited the Westboro restaurant with a friend who had never tried a Works burger. Service was friendly although uninformed (the waiter told us all of their buns have sesame seeds when in fact none of them do). On a whim, I tried a turkey burger. Bad idea!! I was sick for the following week with salmonella food poisoning -- not a fun time! Both of us remarked that our burgers were tasteless, dry, and quite overpriced. Nothing like the experience I remember from the Beechwood location. I will not be back. (Yes, I should have returned a *pink* turkey burger, but I dismissed it as normal because I'm not a ground meat expert and I know that ground pork is sometimes pink when cooked. The fact is, a burger restaurant should know how to safely cook burgers!)