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2013 Feb 7
I've gotta give a tip-o'-the-hat to the Glebe location. The last couple of times we've ordered take-out from there it has been really really good. Maybe some locations do take-out better than others.

2013 Feb 3
It had been a while since our last Works visit. We ordered their tower o rings. I can say that these frozen rings are a bit above the average but fresh would be a whole lot better. My Not Yoí Burger with added double smoked bacon,fried tortilla, avocado, fire roasted cheese dip a blend of diced ripe tomatoes & minced garlic was a tad overcooked and lacked the juicy drippings a great burger is known for. The pasty white stale dry wonder bread bun needs to go or at least steam or toast the thing geesh. I got the Kraft dinner on the side instead of fries. I tried my wifes fries and they are now cooking them crispy but they really had no flavor. Two burgers two drinks and half a tower o rings $54 guess that is the norm now. We had to ask our server about the fries and as suspected they are frozen. One would think fresh fries woud be cheaper and tastier. Darn battery died before I could get a pic of our very average burgers. There was a wait for a table so this place is popular.

2012 Jun 12
I've been going to the Works since they had the one location on Beechwood. They make great burgers and it's always been a treat. Recently as some of you may know they were bought out by someone and are being franchised, so there's a corporate kind of approach now. My wife and I went yesterday to St Laurent, and the music was really annoying-hair band from the 80s, the whole album, not just one or two tunes, Forty minutes later we asked if we could get some variety in the music, and were told NO, it's all programmed. The music was really intrusive and prevented us from enjoying our dining experience. Now, I know it's a burger joint, not fine dining but still. . . . .

2012 Mar 28
I think pretty much everything that needs to be said about this brand has been said, but I'll add my two cents anyway.

Burger: average at best. Is it really so difficult to make bacon to order, instead of serving reheated petrified product? Very few places are not guilty of this cardinal sin of burger making. The Works is one of the offenders.

The barbecue sauce is splashed on after cooking for sure, cause it's cold and it doesn't infuse into the beef, either in substance or flavour. The burger is overcooked. The bread is the biggest abomination: that crappy, bland supermarket Durivage issue. You know the one, that when it first came out like 15 years ago, it looked exotic, because it's got grainy cornmeal or something on the top bun, which incidentally is separated in two sections by a large groove in the middle. Anyway, it sucks, and it's untoasted.

The rings are some of the best I've had, but I don't choose a restaurant for the onion rings.

I like the fact they have some beers that I haven't seen elsewhere, like Barking Squirrel and Mr. Huff, and 1-2 others, in addition to the standards like Beau's and Steam Whistle.

Overall, not a bad place. But pricey, gimmicky, and not reinventing the wheel, really. Unless you're a freak who goes for the pickles and peanut butter on your burger.

2011 May 15
Delicious burgers, fun atmosphere, and friendly service (albeit a bit overpriced). You are paying for "gourmet" burgers! On average, a burger costs about $13, so be ready for a bigger splurge than normal. Highly recommend upgrading to "elk" for the extra $4.00. I ordered the poutine appetizer, 'sexy" and "down under". Really unique combination that actually taste pretty good! All of their food and desserts are just so yummy!! If you want an intimate (i.e. quiet) setting, this might not be the place for you.

2011 Feb 18
Just came back from a Friday lunch with some colleagues.

We shared the tower of onion rings as a starter. They were quite tasty - a crunchy if somewhat greasy breading, nice thick slices of onion. I don't know that they're worth $9, but they were good.

I had a child's size chocolate milkshake. It was creamy and was quite clearly just vanilla ice cream with some chocolate syrup. No complaints, not overly sweet and the size was appropriate (I would suggest that it's a bit big for a child - 8 ounces), but at almost $4, again I'm not sure it's worth the value.

My lunch dish was the Ex-Montrealer Poutine (poutine with smoked meat). Very disappointing. Although they talk up the smoked meat on the menu, it's just deli-sliced cold smoked meat tossed onto the poutine. The meat itself was quite "bouncy" in texture like cheap deli meat, so it did not work at all with the texture of the poutine. I'd suggest saving the $1.50 and going for the regular poutine. The fries were not crispy, but they weren't soggy either, the curds don't melt but taste quite nice, and the gravy is adequate.

Overall, not a bad experience but nothing worth going out of your way for. None of my lunchmates commented on their food, good or bad - we just ate without complaint and enjoyed the company.

2011 Feb 2
A few colleagues and I decided to go to The Works for lunch today. Iím sure most of you foodies have been to the works or at least heard about it. In my opinion, The Works isnít that great. For lunch today my colleagues and I shared the onion ring tower (with thousand islands, tzatziki, and chipotle mayo). This was actually very good (albeit greasy), but at 9 dollars it is a very expensive batch of onion rings.

2011 Feb 2
For my burger I had the fine herb burger on a beef patty Ė and I substituted goat cheese for Swiss cheese. I will say that The Works has some awesome burger ideas, and the toppings they offer are very creative. I wish I could sample all the different kinds. I was very close to choosing the aussie burger (fried egg, beet root and pineapple or something) but I ended up going for a safer option. This afternoon, the toppings on my burger were very tasty, as expected. My problem with the works is the burger itself. The ground beef patty is not seasoned at all. Itís essentially ground beef au-natural. The beef itself is rather decent in terms of quality, but if you happen to get a bite of burger without the decadent toppings, you will find yourself with a mouthful of underwhelming ground beef flavour. Meh. This is the exact same issue I had with the works 2 years ago when I had first tried it.

I had the coleslaw as the side to my meal. It was really interesting as it had a hefty dose of jalapeno in it. It was a little creamy for my taste, but it is good non the less.
My one friend mentioned that the BBQ sauce on her burger was over powering. Although I didnít taste it, I could very clearly identify the strong sauce sitting across the table.

My issue with the Works is not that it is bad, but it is not for me, and I donít believe it stands up to the hype. They have an interesting concept, great service and a fun menu, but without a flavourful mince, the overall burger suffers.

2010 Sep 23
Just a quick bit of news on The Works, it was sold recently by Mr. Aimers to Fresh Brands Inc and is expected to expand into a nationwide franchise chain (!)

2010 Jul 5
Food is good, although I'd wish they didn't try so hard to be different. They want to desperately stand out so much, they make it hard to eat properly.
"Yes, sorry to be a bother. But could I please have a cup for my coffee. Not a measuring cup, not a mason jar, not a bucket, just a simple, straight forward cup, with a handle, thanks."

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2010 Jan 7
I'm totally obsessed with the curry mayo. The rings are just a good bonus...

2009 Sep 16
Rings were perfectly ok, but a "Tower of Rings" should have more than a 10 rings. Overpriced.

2008 Mar 29
These were good but I find the rings at Dick's to be superior in flavour and texture.



2008 Mar 29
These have a flavour reminiscent of carrot tempura. They are decent but I prefer tempura. :-)

Poutine -1



2007 Nov 29
The poutine at the work's is good enough to be a meal in itself. With all that ooey gooey cheese. And that gravy! Delicious! And its vegetarian gravy. Which is great for me.

Beer -1


2009 Jun 2
They sell Beau's and Steamwhistle.

I had Beau's lug tread and it was great in a pitcher :)





2008 Mar 29
The 2-cup Oreo Cookie milkshake was the high point of my meal. Very nice indeed.

Wifey's kid size (1-cup) Creamsicle shake was awesome too. Note that this was the "flavour of the day" and when I asked our server why someone should choose the flavour of the day she replied, "Because it's delicious and you get some vitamin C." Quick thinking on her part. :-)

2007 Oct 23

They have tons of flavours! My favourite is the chocolate peanut butter milkshake. The burger and side itself is already a large enough meal so go for the kids size shake!



2009 Apr 7
Threw caution to the wind last time I ate at The Works (Westboro), and ordered my Navan Breakfast (Havarti, chipotle ketchup, caramelized onions, double-smoked bacon) Elk Burger done medium.

As the menu states, I did have to sign a waiver.

But, man, was my burger tasty. Flavourful, juicy, and pink. Like many people, I've had my fair share of tough Works Burgers, so this is one way to get around it.

Were I to get a beef burger, I'd likely request it done medium-well, rather than medium, just in case.

Remember, of course, to use your discretion when ordering your burger anything less than well-done.

2008 Mar 29
I tried the Beverly Hills Lawsuit (fried egg, leaf spinach, havarti cheese & double smoke bacon) this visit and was once again underwhelmed by the dryness of the meat. Even though it's cooked medium-well (quite pink) it is somehow very dry. Maybe the patties are just too thick or maybe the burger needs some kind of sauce. Either way, I found myself having to dip the burger into ketchup to get it down. The only real flavour in the meat is the nice grill-smoke flavour. Patties that are very thick like these should be seasoned! The egg added nothing to the experience and I couldn't taste the cheese. There was a generous amount of spinach (although too stringy for me) and the bacon was tasty.

Wifey enjoyed her Spartacat Special (gouda cheese, crispy bacon & fresh avocado). The avocado was a bit unripe and she didn't mind the dry meat as much as I did.

2006 Sep 18
Here's my story from May 2005: After having had several great meals at the Beechwood location, I visited the Westboro restaurant with a friend who had never tried a Works burger. Service was friendly although uninformed (the waiter told us all of their buns have sesame seeds when in fact none of them do). On a whim, I tried a turkey burger. Bad idea!! I was sick for the following week with salmonella food poisoning -- not a fun time! Both of us remarked that our burgers were tasteless, dry, and quite overpriced. Nothing like the experience I remember from the Beechwood location. I will not be back. (Yes, I should have returned a *pink* turkey burger, but I dismissed it as normal because I'm not a ground meat expert and I know that ground pork is sometimes pink when cooked. The fact is, a burger restaurant should know how to safely cook burgers!)