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Weekend Brunch at The Urban Pear
The Urban Pear
The Urban Pear
The Urban Pear
The Urban Pear
Weekend Brunch at The Urban Pear
Weekend Brunch at The Urban Pear
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2016 Apr 7
Closed. Didn't try it under the new ownership. Fondly remember the Baird days.

2014 Dec 10
Under new ownership... again. Nick Caravatta replaces Jeffrey Frost. Not sure who the chef is?

2013 Aug 19
After reading Foodies for a few years now I felt it was time I finally signed up and started contributing, especially after recently visiting The Urban Pear and reading the “review” from New User 5598 ;p

My wife and I, and another couple visited The Pear a few weeks ago. I was curious how the cuisine had evolved since I last visited the place several years ago after it first opened, and now since it's changed owners.

The meal started off well with a tasty bruschetta appetizer complete with grilled toast and tomatoes of various colours. The rest of the table shared antipasti which looked great, but I didn’t indulge. The bruschetta was complemented by a slightly spicy spinach pesto which worked very well.

The main course is where things turned a bit weird. I ordered the Duck, and the rest of the table – Vegetarian, Bison, and Trout. “Experimental” would be the most polite way to describe my entrée. It consisted of a medium rare duck breast that had a thick layer of skin and fat, yet was chewy and tasteless. This was on top of French toast, bathed in a sweet sauce with beets and string beans on the side. None of the items seemed to work together. The beets were delicious and sweet, but the beans were undercooked and unseasoned. The combination of duck, French toast, and sauce was sickly sweet and ultimately inedible. The rest of the table was not raving either and most of it went back uneaten.

Dessert was good (some sort of chocolate cake) but at this point I was ready to call it a night since I was feeling very disappointed with the overall experience.

On the plus side there is a great wine list and a fun selection of custom cocktails. We were also given ample time to enjoy our food and wine, and although the service was attentive, it wasn’t very warm either.

Perhaps the new owner and/or chef are trying some new dishes and we were part of that experiment. Unfortunately I won’t be back to see the final results. Spending $500 (with tip and wine) on a night out needs to be better than this.

2013 Aug 18
Agreed Rizak, and when New User 5598 posts a legitimate review you'll be the first to know... LOL!

It seems like Epicure also posted about their "superb, innovate and delicious" burger on urbanspoon, on the same day as their OF post, what a coincidence. Oh well, at the rate this hidden brunch gem is being discovered by local gourmets it won't be long before they can drop the online shilling and focus on food and service.

2013 Aug 16
As long as it's a legitimate review, I don't care.

2013 Aug 16
It looks like the exact same review was also posted on urbanspoon:

2013 Aug 15
New User 5598 I'm glad to hear you liked your brunch at the Urban Pear so much you posted this review - word for word - both here and on the Urban Pear's facebook page. I hope the new management isn't going to start shilling the resto...

2013 Aug 15
I went to the Urban Pear on Second Ave in the Glebe this past Sunday for brunch and was thoroughly impressed! From the moment we walked in it was a great experience. We were seated and offered water immediately, which is a lost art these days in a lot of restaurants. The excellent service remained throughout our stay and I actually complimented the server on enhancing our experience –I haven't told a server that in years! Now, on to the highlight of our brunch - the fresh, flavour filled, nicely presented food. The brunch menu offered a good selection of local fare for both meat eaters and vegetarians. My brunch companion and I decided to try a veg selection and a meat selection. She ordered the eggs benedict with shredded duck while I ordered the veggie omelet. Both dishes were fabulous - full of natural flavour which can only come from using fresh local ...ingredients. I also must applaud the Pear for not having ketchup, salt etc. on the tables which a lot of people use out of habit – both dishes were full of flavour and needed no extra attention. We finished our meal by sharing the churros from the dessert menu - I can't even begin to describe how delicious these warm, cinnamon-sugar dusted delights were! Our visit to the Urban Pear was a truly wonderful culinary experience! We left our brunch date feeling not only satisfied by the superb cuisine, but happy from the whole experience new owner Jeff Frost and his staff provided! Dining at the Urban Pear in the Glebe should definitely be on the weekend to do list! Brunch is served both Saturdays and Sundays from 11am - 230pm and well worth the trip!

2013 Aug 5
I had brunch at the Urban Pear this past weekend. Unique, truly exquisite meal prepared with fresh produce from local farmers. My "morning burger" was served on home made bun and home made sausage paddy with double smoked thick slices of bacon, chipotle aioli and fried egg. It was superb.... never had anything as innovative and delicious. My taste buds were pleased by the quality and sublime taste of the brunch. Yes, I am raving about this restaurant and if you get a chance, go and experience a fabulous meal that is one of the best in the city.

2013 Jul 28
This restaurant has changed hands from Ben Baird to Jeffrey Frost (the new owner). The new owner aims to pursue a new Saturday brunch (in addition to Sunday brunch). Let's keep our eyes on it. Hopefully it's another great venue for weekend brunch.




2012 May 17
Here is the mixed antipasto plate we shared on Mother's Day

2012 May 17
My filial unit took me here for Mother's Day brunch this past Sunday. I've been here many times for dinner but this was the first time for brunch (I didn't even know they were open for Sunday brunch). We shared the mixed antipasto plate which was so beautifully presented we almost didn't want to eat it (see photo). We were not crazy about the duck prosciutto - thought it needed a touch more salt - but everything else was good, especially the hunk of brie cheese and the pickled eggplant. Filial unit then had the poached eggs served on a garlic aioli, sweet potato rosti, some kind of greens and brisket. She loved it. I managed to get a bite - had to remind her that it was MY day - and it was really good. We were blown away by the eggs - the yolks were deep yellow and very flavourful. Waiter said they get the eggs from a farmer in Almonte. I don't think I can eat supermarket eggs anymore. My main course was the pasta salad. I am not a fan of pasta salads but was intrigued that they had this on the menu. It was penne pasta in a balsamic vinaigrette with potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, bacon lardons, asparagus spears all served on a bed of greens. Each individual thing in this dish was good but taken together it didn't work. The serving was too large and it was heaped on the plate haphazardly. Not a fan of the pasta served with potato and with egg. For dessert we shared a peartail (their take on a beavertail) served with raspberry compote and quite possibly the best vanilla ice cream I've ever had. The peartail was crispy fried dough dusted with sugar and was easier to eat with our hands than with a fork. The service was, as always, professional (i.e. friendly, knowledgeable, attentive).

2011 Nov 28
I went there with a few friends.

- Everybody thought the food was good, with the exception of the horseradish sauce that came with the poached eggs in potato skins (see picture top left) the flavor was too strong.
- They had a lot of hot drinks to choose from.
- The portions were appropriately sized and not huge.
- The chef did not mind making modifications to the dishes listed on the menu.
- The staff was very friendly.
- The big windows let in a lot of light which was nice. It was almost like sitting outside.
- The place was baby friendly.

I would definitely go back, especially since the menu changes every week. That makes it interesting.

2011 Jan 9
Thanks to the great resources of Ottawa Foodies, we made a great choice in picking The Urban Pear for Sunday brunch today! Love all the great content on this site.

The Urban Pear has been around since 2002 and can be found at 151 Second Avenue, almost at Bank Street. It is a 40-seat restaurant walled in glass.

The menu for Sunday brunch was crafted just the day before. Both the Entrée menu and Appetizer menu, had 6 choices.

We were served slices of white bread along with soft butter, infused with rosemary and lemon.

The bottomless coffee was $2.

Guest #1 had farfalle pasta with 'sweet mama' squash, pear and chipotle cream sauce. It was topped with slices of cubeb pepper and cinnamon dusted pork tenderloin, cranberries and wilted kale, fresh cranberries and a sharp cheddar (switched from the suggested blue cheese). $19

I had the omelet loaded with double smoked bacon, brussel sprout leaves, diced pickled beets and St. Mary's soft goat cheese. It was topped with a summer basil pesto and served with a fresh green salad. $15

My date picked the poached organic local eggs with sautéed sage and grainy mustard spaetzle with braised ham hock. It was served on roasted squash, kale and organic mushrooms, bathed in an apple, lemon and thyme infused braising reduction. $18

Guest # 2 chose the beef short rib and caramelized onion sandwich topped with turnip and caper remoulade and yam frites, served with a fresh green salad. The menu also said squash catsup. Didn't see it. Maybe mixed in somewhere? $16

We tried one dessert - the vanilla bean and white chocolate crème brûlée was served with a small dish of macerated blood orange segments hiding under a ginger snap. $9

We were each very pleased with our choices. The many flavours complimentary and complex. The ingredients so fresh. (The custard in the dessert was dreamy and creamy!) Some of the plating didn't seem as upscale as the place but we were there for the taste, not the food art. The service was attentive, pleasant and prompt.

If you would like to see pictures and read more feel free to check out my blog writeup.

2010 Apr 25
My boyfriend and I just had one of the most delightful brunches we have ever had in Ottawa at the Urban Pear. We were started with fresh italian style bread, which was fresh, but not especially original, save for the lovely chipotle and honey infused butter that was served with the bread. I had the pancakes with sage infused maple syrup, freshly whipped cream and bacon. It was absolutely heavenly! The pancakes were perfectly fluffy, fresh and hot and the sage infused maple syrup was an unusual, but welcome change. My boyfriend had a flank steak sandwich with an arugula. I don't remember the exact details of his meal, but I stole a few bits and the homemade mayo was the prefect compliment to the steak. We finished the meal with a cafe latte and rhubarb crème brûlée with a homemade vanilla biscuit and sour cream ice cream. The dessert was perfect! I always appreciate a tasty dessert, made in-house. Boxed or shipped in desserts earn major thumbs down and often prevent me from returning.

The service was impeccable. Our server was polite, friendly and professional, and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the menu. The atmosphere is quite pleasant - it's very quirky and fun, and somewhat upscale, without being stuffy. We will absolutely be returning to the Urban Pear for brunch, and also to test out the lunch and dinner menus.

2009 Aug 8
Had Sunday brunch with a few friends, and we were all very satisfied!! We started with the large anti pasti plate, and that was more than enough for three people.

I had the poached eggs with chicken sausage and potatoes, and absolutely loved it. The sauce was a nice portabello broth with nasturtium aioli. Very flavorful and definitely recommended.

My favorite was their french toast with bacon and cheese wedged in between. It was topped with a berry compote, and the salty mixed with the sweet was a great combo.

Brunch may seem pricey at first, but once you try the food, you'll quickly realize that it is well worth the money.

2008 Apr 14
Went here on Sunday with 3 other people for an 11:30am reservation. The place was mostly full, and the wall of windows along one side made for a nice sunny interior which displayed the original artwork on the walls very nicely (the artwork is for sale). Service was very casual and friendly.

We each had a different dish for breakfast: omelette with onions, chipotle, and other stuff ($12.99); french toast with bacon, maple syrup, and cream ($13.99); frittata with twice-smoked bacon and others ($12.99); and an open faced sandwich with fried eggs, some sort of meat, and others ($12.99). Each (except for french toast) came with assorted greens in a light vinaigrette.

I had the omelette and it was amazing. The eggs were perfectly fluffy all the way through, the chipotles were noticeable but didn't take over the flavour of the eggs, and other fillings were cooked to a perfect texture for an omelette (no crunch at all, but no mushiness). The french toast was also very well done and I gathered that the other diners were very happy with their choices as well.

Portions weren't massive, but were definitely satisfactory (I am a notoriously big eater).

Overall, you're definitely paying well above average for breakfast, but the kitchen really makes it feel worthwhile.

The Urban Pear is listed in the Entertainment book.