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Chimichanga at Pancho Villa
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Enchiladas at Pancho Villa
Enchiladas at Pancho Villa
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2010 Jan 18
Here is the Chile Relleno. It's a stuffed, deep fried pepper smothered in tomato sauce and onions. I like to think it's heart clogging aspects are balanced by the black beans and salad. It also comes with a large dollop of guacamole.

2009 Dec 22
I've been going to Pancho Villa for years with friends, and seem to eat there once every two months or so, roughly six times a year.

In all that time, I've only had one sub-par meal, in that the rice seemed to be kind of crunchy.

Overall, I've always found the food delicious, the portions plentiful, prices reasonable, and the service excellent. They've also been quite good with rearranging tables to suite rather large groups of people.

I'd particularly recommend the Chimichanga or Chile Relleno.

2009 Aug 10
Decided to have lunch here on Sunday afternoon. I sat on the patio which seemed like a good idea at the time but there were alot of trees in the area so it attracted alot of bees and other fun flying insects lol...

I had the black bean soup which was good, not the best I've had but it was good. Then I ordered a combination plate - one chicken burrito, one beef enchilada, and one beef taco, and it came with rice, beans and salad. The salad was fresh with a light dressing and the enchilada was good just like the last time i went. But, everything just tasted very average to me. I think they overdosed on the refried beans - there just seemed to be beans everywhere. Anyway, I still think Pancho villa is a good place to go if you want tex-mex. Yesterday it was just kind of blah for me.

Oh and a note about the service. This is the 2nd time I've gone here and the service was the same as it was last time - decent. Going off the other reviews, service doesn't seem to be their best seller, if you know what I mean. It's just kind of - make sure the people get their food and that's it. But hey, atleast we are getting the food!

I would go back again but I think I will check out the southern cross next time.

p.s. they have a selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktail drinks. I had some "colada" drink with coconut milk, milk and pineapple juice on the rocks which was okay but it wasn't anything special.

2009 Aug 10
I don't know 'authentic' mexican food, but I do know a good dining experience and I have never been disappointed with Pancho's.

They are my wife's favourite restaurant in Ottawa and I end up being there about once a month. The staff are excellent, always friendly and courteous and have never screwed up a special order. The food is delicious and the portions are generous, I never fail to leave stuffed and eager for a siesta. I especially enjoy their in-house hot sauce.

We have introduced Pancho Villa's to several friends and the have all became loyal customers.

Also, as a displaced Albertan I love that they have Big Rock Grasshopper on tap, it is the perfect beer to go with spicy food.

2009 Jul 21
Oh... Not good. Terrible enchiladas. Depressing salad. Bland and undercooked rice.

I haven't found any really superb mexican places in Ottawa (although Ahora is pretty darn yummy), but this place was the pits.

2009 Jul 12
Hey hey hey...

To finish off an already great day, my friend and I decided to crash this joint around 9pm for some appetizers.

I ordered the acapulco sunset to drink which was a damn good drink! So good that my uber-masculine friend found himself sippin on my girlie drink lol. They look like they have some other nice cocktails too - but next time I hope it's a little stronger.

We ordered the combination plate #6 with a chicken burrito, beef enchilada and a beef taco. The portion was perfect - it filled both of us up. I had absolutely no problems with my food - it was hot, delicious and I didn't have to pay extra just to get some sour cream. I really enjoyed the enchilada and burrito and while I have never had taco bell, I would say that I would much rather prefer to eat here.

The service was prompt (there was only three tables) and our waiter was friendly. I feel the prices are reasonable. The only setback, imo, was the free order of tortilla chips and salsa that they give you to start with. The chips were stale and the salsa wasn't my favorite - but they were edible and I was hungry so I ate them anyway lol.

If you are looking for tex-mex I would definitely recommend giving this place a try. So what if I'm Canadian and they are fooling me...even if it may not be authentic Mexican, it was great food and I can't wait to go back.

2009 Jun 21
It started great, ice cold beers, quick to seat and fast with chips and water. Ordered Guacamole to start, 20 minutes later after another table was served ours, our guacamole came. (Waiter: after lying that the kitchen was backed up he admitted a "mix up" and that ours went to another table).

What my problem was/is is that they let our entrees sit while we ate the guacamole. So the tacos and chimi were not as crispy as we would have liked. Anyway, the taco beef and chicken chimi were better than Mexi's and not too costly. I would recommend, just don't make it too complicated for the very young staff.

2009 May 21
It is impossible to find good Mexican food in Ottawa. I bought a few Rick Bayless cook books and cook dishes myself since anything in Ottawa pretty much is a joke. You can't even get a good tortilla chips here unless you fry them yourself. I have noticed mainstream stores starting to carry poblano peppers and achiote seasoning.

2009 May 20
I am Mexican American, born and raised in Texas and grew up eating a ton of Mexican food. If you are familiar with Mexican food, please do not waste your time or money at Pancho Villas. It is HORRIBLE! As others have said it's easy to fool Canadians, as there are many who don't even know what an enchilada is, but if you are looking for authentic Mexican food, this isn't the place.

Honestly, Taco Bell will hold you over as well as this place. The only thing to do in Canada is make it yourself. I've seen restaurants with blue cheese salads on the menu...laughable.

2009 Apr 4
Okay, I have to admit, sometimes you need to give a place a second chance before concluding that it is unsatisfactory.

My first visit to Pancho Villa was nothing to write home about. Despite all the hype I had heard, I found the food uninspiring and the service very lacking.

Well, I'm happy to say that they have now given me reason to understand the original praise my friends seem to be lauding on them.

I had dinner last night with my girlfriend, my daughter, and her boyfriend.

All of our meals were perfectly prepared. My girlfriend tried the vegetarian burrito plate while I had the vegetarian enchilada plate. Both exceeded our expectations. The flavour was perfect and the portion size just right.

We also each enjoyed a delicious, and perfectly prepared margarita on the rocks. Not often I enjoy this drink this much.

Finally, our server was perfect in every respect: friendly without being phoney, attentive without being ever-present, and knowledgeable without being arrogant.

All-in-all, an excellent dining experience and rather reasonably priced. I will certainly be giving this restaurant a "third chance".

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2012 Jan 23
The cheese enchiladas with refried black beans is to die for.

2007 Aug 13
And again!

Pancho special, I believe. I asked for verde, mole, and plain tomato-what-have-you enchilada sauces; it came out quite nicely. A very chocolate-y molé. Fresh salad, fresh beans and fresh rice, which beats the pants off the sides that've been showing up at the Lone Star lately.

Tacos (well received) in rear.

2007 May 3
I'm enjoying their cheese enchiladas more and more these days. Their quality seems a lot more consistent now, too.

Recommended. Highly recommended over Mexicali Rosa's.

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2007 Sep 18
They give you more chicken here than their counterparts Lone Star and Mexi's. A little high on the onion to peppers ratio, but there were plenty of fixins like guac, tomatoes, and shredded cheese to fill the void. I must say though, I prefer the fajita wraps at Lone Star. Nice patio for people watching in the summertime.



2009 Jun 21
OK, needed salt and lime, but real avocados and tomatoes. But kinda bland.





2007 Jul 19
Molé! Molé! Molé!

I can't get enough of their Molé!

I avoided this place for the longest time, because I (wronfully) assumed that every place on Elgin street is garbage... god was I ever wrong!

I eat/order here at least once a week. I can't speak for the authenticity (I'm not Mexican), but this Quebecer loves Pancho's version of this spicy cuisine.

Whatever you do, try the green hot sauce, it's absolutely fantastic!



2010 Jan 18
Here is a delicious Chimichanga, my second favourite dish to order at Pancho's. It's quite filling, and I don't think I've ever had room for dessert after eating one.

2009 Jun 21
It was great, crispy cheezy and the chicken is real (i know cause there was a bone in mine...) and the sauce is tasty. Rice was cooked nicely and the salad was fresh and crisp