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Chimichanga at Pancho Villa
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Pancho Villa
Enchiladas at Pancho Villa
Enchiladas at Pancho Villa
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2009 Feb 25

I also have to mention the sangrias, and the fact that they come in large.

2009 Feb 25
Some of the staff at Pancho Villa could occasionally crack a smile, but I'm an extreme substitutionist, so I could understand their frustration.

None the less, they have never messed up my order of cheese less, salad only, hot sauce on the side Mole Enchiladas.

The mole is well balanced, flavorful, velvety. I appreciate that the massive amounts of moist chicken is pulled from a cooked chicken as opposed to so many other eateries who seemingly chop then cook the chicken, a big mistake that Pancho Villa avoids.

2007 Sep 25
I have gone there 3 times and everytime it's a seriously..portions get smaller..SPECIALLY THE JUMBO NACHO....10 NACHO CHIP WITH A LIL CHEESE AND SOME JALAPEñO LIKE WTF!! FOR 10 DOLLARS..WASTE OF MONEY!!BAck in 2002 they were better's all about making the mexican food business make some moolah for them..none of them are MExican..I Went with a MExican lady and she said everythihng was terrible..nothing close to the real's easy to fool the CAnadian people coz they don't know any better (they didn't grow up with the taste buds we Latinos have) soooo you guys nothing against or any racism just tell the truth..I give them 10 terrible food fingers out of 10

2007 Aug 3
We went for a quick dinner last night.
I had the enchiladas with salsa verde (one beef, one chicken) - it comes with rice and salad and my bf had (I forget the name but....) it’s like a stew with beef, peppers and onions sautéed in salsa and comes on rice with salad and black beans.

Both our dinners were fresh, hot and delicious. I had forgotten that Pancho Villa was such good food. We usually eat at Feleena's but we had a coupon for Pancho Villa in the Entertainment book.

The last time we went to Mexi's, I swore it would be the last time and it was. Their enchilada's are tiny and dry and taste frozen. The rice is tasteless and dry as well. They also charge about $2.50 for a side of guac.

At Pancho villa, the enchiladas were larger and definitely fresh with ample salsa verde. The meat inside was tender and well seasoned. My bf remarked that it looked like I got a whole chicken breast sliced up in one enchilada! The rice is moist and tasty and the salad is a nice portion. Plus the guac was only $.75 extra!

My bf loved his dish. The beef was tender and very flavourful. Portion was large.

Washed down with a beer and a Pina Colada, our bill came to $30 including tax and minus the $10 coupon from the E.B.

We will go back again to sit on the patio when it is not so sweltering hot!

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2012 Jan 23
The cheese enchiladas with refried black beans is to die for.

2007 Aug 13
And again!

Pancho special, I believe. I asked for verde, mole, and plain tomato-what-have-you enchilada sauces; it came out quite nicely. A very chocolate-y molé. Fresh salad, fresh beans and fresh rice, which beats the pants off the sides that've been showing up at the Lone Star lately.

Tacos (well received) in rear.

2007 May 3
I'm enjoying their cheese enchiladas more and more these days. Their quality seems a lot more consistent now, too.

Recommended. Highly recommended over Mexicali Rosa's.

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2007 Sep 18
They give you more chicken here than their counterparts Lone Star and Mexi's. A little high on the onion to peppers ratio, but there were plenty of fixins like guac, tomatoes, and shredded cheese to fill the void. I must say though, I prefer the fajita wraps at Lone Star. Nice patio for people watching in the summertime.



2009 Jun 21
OK, needed salt and lime, but real avocados and tomatoes. But kinda bland.





2007 Jul 19
Molé! Molé! Molé!

I can't get enough of their Molé!

I avoided this place for the longest time, because I (wronfully) assumed that every place on Elgin street is garbage... god was I ever wrong!

I eat/order here at least once a week. I can't speak for the authenticity (I'm not Mexican), but this Quebecer loves Pancho's version of this spicy cuisine.

Whatever you do, try the green hot sauce, it's absolutely fantastic!



2010 Jan 18
Here is a delicious Chimichanga, my second favourite dish to order at Pancho's. It's quite filling, and I don't think I've ever had room for dessert after eating one.

2009 Jun 21
It was great, crispy cheezy and the chicken is real (i know cause there was a bone in mine...) and the sauce is tasty. Rice was cooked nicely and the salad was fresh and crisp