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Mojitos at Milagro
Foods from Milagro

2010 Jul 19
Can't say enough about the food at Milagro. And in the summer, on the rooftop patio, it's ideal.

The black bean soup is beyond any expectations I could have possibly had.. bliss. It's too bad it cools off so quickly, but then again, that'll deter you from eating the whole bowl and subsequently having no room left for the main. It's totally filling and satisying.. if I were better at writing about food, I would go on and on about how much I love this dish.

Also, the quesadilla here blew me away.. it is not your standard, offered-everywhere restaurant quesadilla. Every ingredient in it was tasty and it was baked 'to perfection.' My tendency to order quesadillas anywhere else has been totally curbed by the new and lofty expectations that this one has caused me to have. I honestly found myself surprised that a quesadilla would taste this good, rather than being another cookie-cutter establishment one. Another dish I could have again and again.

As for the mains, they all seem fairly similar and, as far as I can remember, taste that way too. I didn't find any main wildly better than any other, but they still had the same quality and deliciousness that I found in the apps.

This place has long-term favourite written all over it.. I may or may not be looking forward to a cold winter, just so I can head here for a comforting bowl of black bean soup.

2010 Jul 12
Just checked out this South American spot and I must say I really liked the ambiance of this place! I’m always saying that there aren’t many places in Ottawa that are cozy and nice to go to – this place is a “neighborhood” joint that is really cute, cozy and best of all – has a great little second floor patio! Roof top patios are my FAVORITE and there aren’t many in Ottawa!

The menu is composed of different Latin influences and is a good size. A lot of the time (in my personal opinion) when I eat at Latin restaurants (like Mexi’s or something) I feel like there isn’t a whole lot to chose from. This place has authentic snacks like Empanadas (Savory Latin stuffed turnover), Flautas (Four rolled corn tortillas stuffed with chicken), Chimichanga (yummy stuffed tortilla) but also gives you the option of more sophisticated dishes like Swordfish or Brazilian shrimp stew or even tasty sandwiches (Cuban, Latino, Frita).

They also specialize in all sorts of different tequillas! (wink wink nudge nudge) Just don’t get too carried away! We had a couple of shots of Patrone and felt it for the rest of the afternoon

Milagros Grill is in the centre of Wesboro (pretty much across from Bridgehead). Check it out if your looking for a place to go to on a nice day or for a nice dinner with a Latin twist!

Buen Apetito!

2009 Aug 8
My friend and I dropped in during the lunch hour for a bite.

We were quickly seated, given menus water and a list of the daily special.

As my friend and I had lots to talk about, we took our time ordering.

We both finally decided on the fajita salad as it was a hot day (imagine that).

The salad was outstanding. It had grilled chicken which had obviously been marinated, avocados, greens, carrots, red onions and maybe one or two other vegetables which I forget now. Perhaps the only thing that I would have changed was less dressing as I am not a fan of any kind of dressing. My friend also enjoyed it and thought the dressing was perfect.

I am surprised by the comments here as I have been to restaurant once before and I remember liking the dish I had then also. Also, the service has always been good.

2008 Aug 20
Just returned from dinner at Milagro. I brought my team of 16 here, most of them from Toronto or Montreal. I was weary of the mixed drinks, based on comments here, so stuck to wine but did not say anything when over half my team ordered a mixed drink to start. That was a mistake. One commented that her margarita tasted "medicinal". I tried it -- it had a slight home cleaning supply taste to it. Another had the "Tango" martini, which she pronounced as "horrible". 3 others were okay with their drinks, but I overheard them discussing whether or not they had been accidentally served virgin drinks, as they seemed to completely lack alcohol. All ordered beer the second round.

As for the rest of the experience, the atmosphere was nice and our server was quite friendly. The one thing I found odd on the service side was that once we'd been served our main courses, she didn't reappear for close to 45 minutes. With a group our size, on an expense account, she could have easily sold 2 more rounds of drinks had she simply come back to check up on us. Instead, we drank water.

The food varied from "okay" to "not great" depending on who ordered what. Two of my colleagues ordered vegetarian enchiladas and could only eat one of the three. Granted, the description was accurate, but I guess they were expecting some sort of veg (one of them commented "a few peppers or mushrooms... anything... would have been nice). They were filled entirely with cheese, and lots of it. They didn't necessarily dislike the enchiladas, just found them extremely heavy and, well, cheesy.

The refried beans that others got with their fajitas seemed to have been sitting under a heating lamp, as they had all formed a hardened crust on the top. No one touched them. Otherwise, folks seemed okay with the fajitas, with the exception of the salsa which they found "bitter" (I found it tasted like someone had opened a can of chopped seasoned tomatoes -- it tasted just like Ro-Tel, a canned Mexican diced tomato that you can buy in the US).

Based on a recommendation I read here, I had the salmon, which was actually quite good, if not rather bland. It was a nice sized piece that was perfectly cooked. Once I got my side of hot sauce and smothered the salmon, veg, and rice, I was pretty happy.

All in all, I would not return. I recognize that Mexican food can be hit and miss in this town, so my expectations are often lower, but I still found Milagro to be pretty bad.

2008 Aug 18
I find the food here to be hit and miss, service too. The "combo plates" (tostada/enchilada/taco/burrito etc) were ok once, and less so another time, when the weird, pot-roast-esque shredded beef tasted altogether funky, and the chicken and beef both had no spiciness or Mexican flavour at all. The next time we stayed away from the "combos" and things were better. Service has also been sketchy. If you are there in the later part of the evening, like 9pm+, expect the servers to be MIA in the back somewhere, and you will need to approach someone when you want to pay your bill.
The real reason I added this note though was to comment on the margaritas. They are nasty! They aren't even made with ice. It is some kind of gelatin. It was served barely cool, and warmed to a goopy, unmeltable mess in no time. Nobody finished theirs. And they cost like 10 dollars!!!

2008 Aug 15
And that reminds me I have also been to Milagro recently for lunch. Alas no pictures, but I can concur with the others that the food was tasty, and the service reasonably attentive and competent. I had the Enchiladas Mole (beef option). The plus side was that the beef was not ground (shame on all the places in town that jam ground beef into their enchilads) and the Mole was quite good. My criticism is rather personal, as the Mole was not quite as strong flavoured (chocolatey?) or spicy (a little more gentle heat) but that being said I've NEVER been to a place where the Mole is those things. I suspect that my preference for Mole is not how it's traditionally made, but I could be wrong. My other complaint was the drinks that I and my companion had. We had 'Mojitos', and I have to admit I'm not very experienced with them, but there was ZERO alcoholic bite to them. I had to go back to the menu to make sure I hadn't ordered a virgin drink or something. Also, there was not any flavour of mint to the drink. It appeared like the mint leaves were just tossed in, rather than properly bruised to release the mint oil.

2008 Aug 14
Food Dude's post reminded me that I too have been to Milagro recently, but have been far to busy to give feedback.

Out visit was in June, as friends of ours were in town and Agave, our usual go-to-Mexican place, was full!

In this instance, Milagro was also full, but they were able to seat us sooner rather than later, so the waitress told us to come back in 25-30 minutes.

When we came back, it seemed as though she had forgotten about us, but seated us shortly after.

The food was quite good, but a bit pricier than it was worth, although as Food Dude mentioned, the portions are quite large.

IMO, they have the best mix of cheese/sauces/veggies for their fajitas, which is what I ordered: Comes with cheese, sour cream, salda verde, guacomole. Only comes with three or four tortillas though, and extras are 25 cents more, which is odd. I know the price of flour is going up, but c'mon now! The veggies themselves were rather bland, tossed in a mild sauce before being grilled/sauteed. The beef that I had was tender and yummy.

Overall, I like Milagro, and the fact that they have a patio is a HUGE bonus. Their mole sauce is wonderful, and their drink list is fairly good. However, I can't seem to find a spark within it that makes it one of my favourites, and consequently I am left with an experience that I remember, just not in the loving way that we remember our favourites.

2008 Aug 14
New to the Westboro neighborhood and to posting to this excellent forum.

Went last Monday night with a friend. We were greeted promptly and seated quickly.

Service was timely and attentive. Timing is everything with table service.

The food was good. Appetizer of chips & guacamole came promptly. (I wished for warm - and prefer Farm Boy's chips.) I ordered the Mole Enchiladas (A new-to-me dish. Trying to break out of the usual Mexican = Fajitas). The portions were generous: I left a bit on the plate. When I leave a bit on the plate that is an event.

Surprised to find they have an upstairs patio. Will return before winter.

2007 Aug 10
Went to Milagro after picking up our canoes for camping on friday. We wanted something farirly quick but nice and it definately fit the bill. I have been here for lunch a couple times in the past and have been impressed with the food. Lots of flavour and unique choices. The dinner did not dissapoint.

We had a mojitos and thought it was very good. I have had the real thing in Cuba also and this is the closest I have ever found to it. Not sure why the other review said it was too sweet. Perhaps it depends on the bartender making it.

I had the salmon vera cruz which was amazing. I am usually hesitant to order salmon in a restaurant because it is always dry, but this was cooked with vegs in a banana leaf which kept if very moist and the flavour was wonderful. I highly recommend it. My husband had the chicken chimi (which he has every time we go out to a Mexican restaurant) which better than most other in Ottawa. My brother had mole enchiladas which he raved about. My sister in law had the fajitas. She really liked that they marinate the meat before grilling; gave it an extra kick of flavour. All in all we were impressed. It is a slightly more upscale Mexican restuarnt than most but with 2 drinks, 2 mains and the tip, the bill was only 60, and definitely will return.

2007 Jun 25
Sat on the patio for the last day of WestFest, ordered a carafe of Sangria to share. The sangria was okay to me (never having had it before so wasn't sure what to expect). Boyfriend had a double mojito, which was terrible. Overly sweet, like the taste of 7-up or Sprite, with sugar pooled in the bottom. Didn't have any limes in the glass either. Didn't eat anything, but the drinks weren't much of an enticement to return. The nachos people around us ordered looked good though.

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2007 Oct 24
Tried the Mole Enchilada's (Chix and Beef) a while back. They were so good I still remember them. Tasted quite like the ones at Pancho Villa Pancho Villa. There is a connection with these two vendors... owned by brothers maybe ?


2010 Apr 15
Yeah, what I had tasted and looked like an over sour margarita with a few mint leaves floating around in it. It didn't look or taste ANYTHING like a Mojito.

2010 Mar 31
Hm. Sounds like a step up, albeit a short one, from the limeade I got a few years ago there... some things change, just not for the better.

2010 Mar 30

Not sure what they served you but FWIW, here's a more traditional set of recipes:

Mojitos’ one at a time:

1/2 to 2 tsp sugar (depending on taste)
1 large sprig Mojito mint
1 oz white rum
1 oz lime juice
soda water

Pour sugar in glass and add mint, pound with a flat instrument to crush the mint into the sugar thus releasing the oils. Add ice, rum, and lime juice, fill with soda water, and stir.

Mojito base for more than one at a time:

1 cup sugar
1 cup fresh lime juice
a bunch of mojito mint
1 bottle (750 ml) 3-year-old rum

Beat the sugar, lime juice and Mojito mint with the stems until you get a greenish liquid and the mint is completely chopped. Add the rum and beat for one more minute. This can be kept in the fridge for a month.

To prepare the mojito, fill a tall glass 1/4 full with the base liquid, add 3 ice cubes and then fill the glass with sparkling water. Add a sprig of mint, stir and serve.

2010 Mar 30
Chopper... Sounds like lime bar mix was used. It's usually used in margaritas and gives a drink a light green color. Really on the sour side as well.

I know a server there at Milagro and I'll ask him what's used next time I see him.

Like a good caiparinha (sp), the mulling of the limes (and mint leaves in a mojito) is important to release volatile oils that are quite flavourable.

2010 Mar 30
Sadly I must make a bad review for this. I was thinking that I would get a great Mojito at Milagro's sadly I was mistaken. I couldn't even finish it. i was watching the bartender make the drink. The place was so busy that we decided to eat at the bar instead of waiting for a table. A mojito as far as i know is supposed to be mint, sugar and lime wedges muddled in the bottom of the glass, some rum, lots of ice and topped with soda. The mojito that I enjoy has about an equal flavour of mint, rum, sugar and lime. What I saw the bartender do is pour a green mixture, mint and rum into a shaker and poured it in a glass with ice. What I got was a green coloured drink (usually a mojito is pretty much clear, mostly white rum and soda from my experience...) that was undrinkably sour. It tasted like I was sucking on a lime wedge. So i imagine the mixture was highly concentrated lime juice with some sugar. i had so much confidence that they would make me a great mojito that I had ordered a large. I really should have returned it but I just wasn't in the mood to have a conflict with the bartender who was going to be our server for the rest of the meal and standing right in front of us the whole time. It wasn't just that the drink tasted nothing like a Mojito, that I could handle. It was the second issue that it was simply undrinkable. Much too sour, could not taste anything but lime. I felt my face doing one of those cartoony pukering of the lips to the point of my face caving in!

2008 Aug 15
Had a similar experience with the mojitos at Milagro the last time we were there (see above). Almost a seltzer with a bit of lime, rather than limeade, really.

2008 Aug 15
Sounds like a dud to me, Pete! A good Mojito should have flavours of mint, lime, and rum all in perfect balance. From your description, I take it you tasted only lime. That makes for a pricey glass of limeade! :O

2008 Aug 15
This is a repeat of data from my review of Milagro. My Mojito was 'ok'. There was no taste of alcohol. I have had other 'expertly' prepared drinks where the alcohol 'bite' was very well hidden, but my impression with this Mojito was that there was less 'expert camoflage', and more lack of actual alcohol. I admit that I don't know Mojitos very well, so I will stop short of accusing Milagro of shortchanging me on rum, but if it was a drink I was more familiar with, I would certainly 'point and accuse'. Further, there was no mint flavour to the drink, and I could detect no bruising or abrasion on the mint leaves to indicate they were properly 'abused' to release their oils. (i.e. it looked like they were just tossed into the drink) I am looking forward to hear other people's comments on this.


2008 Feb 10
They have lightly seasoned baby calamari rings fried to perfection, served with jalapeno and roasted garlic aioli. The thing that makes these babies different is that they are rolled in corn flour, giving them a crispy, delicious texture.