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2014 Oct 6
Was closed and dark mid last week.
I think perhaps Milagro has served its last fajita.

EDIT: confirmed.

Closed Sept 2014. Looks like the affiliated Churchill's across the street has some of the menu items.

2011 Oct 11
Hit and miss with service. I've had really great people on staff and sometimes really rude staff who look absolutely miserable to help me.

I take people here if they do do not have an adventurous palate. You can't really go wrong with Mexican food or can you?

The Cons: The salad tastes pretty processed. They do not have Heineken on draft. If you are left with bad service, you are left with a bad taste in your mouth.

The Pros: The patio on top of the place. The Fajitas are pretty legit and have flavour. Fried plantains are great.

2011 Jun 20
Second-visit jinx with this place too, just like Churchill's.

Went last Friday. Cold reception by the small, blonde hostess who is clearly in the wrong business. Waited 5 minutes for a table on the rooftop. She ended up pretty much dropping the menus on our table. Real sweetheart.

The waitresses were equally useless. Our quesadilla app is mysteriously brought with only one side plate. We ask for another, it never comes. Oh well, they get to clean up the mess.

The quesadilla was decent but it was topped with a strange, light, whipped, slightly green thing they try to pass off as guacamole? It tasted a teeny bit of avocado, but nothing else. I think it might have been sour cream mixed with a tiny bit of avocado. Weak. No cilantro, garlic or lime taste, or thick, lumpy, fatty avocado taste and texture like a proper guacamole.

My chimichanga main was brutal. Soggy dough (definitely not deep fried burrito) topped with bland tomato sauce (they refer to the sauce by the more exotic 'ranchero' moniker, but this resembled nothing like ranchero).

The worst part was the meat filling. Basically plain roast beef, shredded. No seasoning, no chiles, no adobo sauce, nada. Nothing Mexican about this.

Rice equally bland, ditto refried beans and salad, the latter of which tasted like it was doused in Kraft Italian dressing.

Would probably only return for drinks given the nice patio, or just the fajitas or nachos which they did well our previous visit. Not willing to experiment with other dishes.

2011 Jun 9
Great rooftop patio. We visited Friday evening, group of four.

The nachos were very good, nice flaked chicken and good sauce and cheese coverage.

The fajitas were excellent. Delicious grilled beef and chicken (good quantity too), perfectly cooked onions nice and sweet and caramelized, great fresh garnishings.

The service and ambience were top notch.

Highly recommended.

2011 May 27
After seeing a review of this place here this week I wondered why I had never been there. We arrived shortly after six. Great atmospher. I was surprised no local beers on tap. Started with guacamole and chips. Void of flavor and seasoning. The mole enchiladas were good their refried beans tasty,rice average. My wife had the Milagro special enchiladas one of each chicken,beef and cheese in their house sauce. I found the house sauce a tad bland and under seasoned. My doctor would approve on the use of salt. Not sure why it is so hard to find pork dishes in Mexican restaurants in Ottawa this place is no exception. Our visit was a bit underwhelming with a strip steak and fries being the special for the evening on the board.

2011 May 22
My boyfriend and I visited Milagro for the first time on Friday to relax with some sangria and dinner on the rooftop patio. Unfortunately, we didn't get to enjoy the ambiance of the roof since it started to rain and we had to move inside, but we were both very happy with the food. I had the taco (chicken), tostada (chicken) and burrito (beef) combination plate. The beef was a tad stringy, but the chicken was tender and spicy -- absolutely fantastic.

My only complaint was that they seem to have a very heavy hand with the beans. I'm not a huge bean fan, but I don't mind a few as long as they're not the focal point of the meal. The menu said that the meal came with a side of refried beans (as well as rice and salad, which were good), and it turned out to be a whopping mountain of beans, plus more beans everywhere I looked. Beans in the tostada, beans in the taco, beans in the burrito, beans, beans, beans! I know Mexican food typically contains beans, but I thought it was a bit overkill. The portion was already quite large and I simply didn't know what to do with all those beans. My boyfriend had the tostada and two tacos combo, and he also thought the portion was a bit too large.

I think I used the word "beans" too many times in this review.

All in all, the food was very good, the sangria was refreshing, and there were quite a few items on the menu that I would like to try. I would go back, and hopefully I'll get to enjoy the patio next time.

2011 May 7
Until yesterday I hadn't heard about Milagro - what a gem!

I went for dinner last night and was instantly impressed. I appreciated the look of the restaurant and was hit by the delicious smells the moment I walked in. It definitely got the taste buds salivating and tummy happily churning.

App: we shared the calamari with jalapeno and garlic aioli - it was tasty although nothing outstanding

- I ordered the burrito (beef), enchilada (chicken) and taco (chicken) combination platter. It came with rice and salad. The portion was substantial so I only managed to finish half the plate. Yay for lunch leftovers today! The platter was good although I did salt my rice to give it some ooomph.
- My friend had the Milagro special which comprises 3 enchiladas (she got one of each: chicken, beef and cheese) covered in their house sauce, accompanied by salad and guacamole. She polished that thing off (a large portion as well) like it was her last meal. Haha. Needless to say she really enjoyed it.

- I had a mucho portion of the Milagro punch (papaya, orange and pineapple juice mix).
- My friend had a daquiri.

All in all a very satisfying meal. The service was good. I will definitely be returning.

2010 Sep 28
First time for dinner here with a friend last week. We sat outside on the rooftop patio - we were the only brave ones up there - it was a tad chilly. I must say first of all that the service here was fantastic. We were never ignored upstairs. All of the waitstaff seemed to really enjoy their job and made us feel welcome.

The food, to me, was about 7/10. We ordered the flautas to start. The tortillas were good, but they could have put a little more chicken in them.

For my entree I had the enchiladas - one of my favourite Mexican dishes. I had a choice of chicken, beef or cheese - I had one of each. It came with a salad, some refried beans and a few tortilla chips. The chicken and cheese enchiladas were actually very good - I didn't enjoy or finish the beef enchilada. The beef (tasted like braised flank steak) was a little too ropey in texture - a danger of braising flank steak.

In the end, would I return? Yes - the service was excellent - I'll just stay away from the beef enchiladas for now.

2010 Aug 24
Just checked out this South American spot and I must say I really liked the ambiance of this place! I’m always saying that there aren’t many places in Ottawa that are cozy and nice to go to – this place is a “neighborhood” joint that is really cute, cozy and best of all – has a great little second floor patio! Roof top patios are my FAVORITE and there aren’t many in Ottawa!

The menu is composed of different Latin influences and is a good size. A lot of the time (in my personal opinion) when I eat at Latin restaurants (like Mexi’s or something) I feel like there isn’t a whole lot to chose from. This place has authentic snacks like Empanadas (Savory Latin stuffed turnover), Flautas (Four rolled corn tortillas stuffed with chicken), Chimichanga (yummy stuffed tortilla) but also gives you the option of more sophisticated dishes like Swordfish or Brazilian shrimp stew or even tasty sandwiches (Cuban, Latino, Frita).

They also specialize in all sorts of different tequillas! (wink wink nudge nudge) Just don’t get too carried away! We had a couple of shots of Patrone and felt it for the rest of the afternoon :)

Milagros Grill is in the centre of Wesboro (pretty much across from Bridgehead). Check it out if your looking for a place to go to on a nice day or for a nice dinner with a Latin twist!

Buen Apetito!

Milagros Grill
357 Richmond Road
Ottawa, Ontario K0A 1B0
(613) 722-8011

2010 Jul 19
Can't say enough about the food at Milagro. And in the summer, on the rooftop patio, it's ideal.

The black bean soup is beyond any expectations I could have possibly had.. bliss. It's too bad it cools off so quickly, but then again, that'll deter you from eating the whole bowl and subsequently having no room left for the main. It's totally filling and satisying.. if I were better at writing about food, I would go on and on about how much I love this dish.

Also, the quesadilla here blew me away.. it is not your standard, offered-everywhere restaurant quesadilla. Every ingredient in it was tasty and it was baked 'to perfection.' My tendency to order quesadillas anywhere else has been totally curbed by the new and lofty expectations that this one has caused me to have. I honestly found myself surprised that a quesadilla would taste this good, rather than being another cookie-cutter establishment one. Another dish I could have again and again.

As for the mains, they all seem fairly similar and, as far as I can remember, taste that way too. I didn't find any main wildly better than any other, but they still had the same quality and deliciousness that I found in the apps.

This place has long-term favourite written all over it.. I may or may not be looking forward to a cold winter, just so I can head here for a comforting bowl of black bean soup.



2007 Oct 24
Tried the Mole Enchilada's (Chix and Beef) a while back. They were so good I still remember them. Tasted quite like the ones at Pancho Villa Pancho Villa. There is a connection with these two vendors... owned by brothers maybe ?


2010 Apr 15
Yeah, what I had tasted and looked like an over sour margarita with a few mint leaves floating around in it. It didn't look or taste ANYTHING like a Mojito.

2010 Mar 31
Hm. Sounds like a step up, albeit a short one, from the limeade I got a few years ago there... some things change, just not for the better.

2010 Mar 30

Not sure what they served you but FWIW, here's a more traditional set of recipes:

Mojitos’ one at a time:

1/2 to 2 tsp sugar (depending on taste)
1 large sprig Mojito mint
1 oz white rum
1 oz lime juice
soda water

Pour sugar in glass and add mint, pound with a flat instrument to crush the mint into the sugar thus releasing the oils. Add ice, rum, and lime juice, fill with soda water, and stir.

Mojito base for more than one at a time:

1 cup sugar
1 cup fresh lime juice
a bunch of mojito mint
1 bottle (750 ml) 3-year-old rum

Beat the sugar, lime juice and Mojito mint with the stems until you get a greenish liquid and the mint is completely chopped. Add the rum and beat for one more minute. This can be kept in the fridge for a month.

To prepare the mojito, fill a tall glass 1/4 full with the base liquid, add 3 ice cubes and then fill the glass with sparkling water. Add a sprig of mint, stir and serve.

2010 Mar 30
Chopper... Sounds like lime bar mix was used. It's usually used in margaritas and gives a drink a light green color. Really on the sour side as well.

I know a server there at Milagro and I'll ask him what's used next time I see him.

Like a good caiparinha (sp), the mulling of the limes (and mint leaves in a mojito) is important to release volatile oils that are quite flavourable.

2010 Mar 30
Sadly I must make a bad review for this. I was thinking that I would get a great Mojito at Milagro's sadly I was mistaken. I couldn't even finish it. i was watching the bartender make the drink. The place was so busy that we decided to eat at the bar instead of waiting for a table. A mojito as far as i know is supposed to be mint, sugar and lime wedges muddled in the bottom of the glass, some rum, lots of ice and topped with soda. The mojito that I enjoy has about an equal flavour of mint, rum, sugar and lime. What I saw the bartender do is pour a green mixture, mint and rum into a shaker and poured it in a glass with ice. What I got was a green coloured drink (usually a mojito is pretty much clear, mostly white rum and soda from my experience...) that was undrinkably sour. It tasted like I was sucking on a lime wedge. So i imagine the mixture was highly concentrated lime juice with some sugar. i had so much confidence that they would make me a great mojito that I had ordered a large. I really should have returned it but I just wasn't in the mood to have a conflict with the bartender who was going to be our server for the rest of the meal and standing right in front of us the whole time. It wasn't just that the drink tasted nothing like a Mojito, that I could handle. It was the second issue that it was simply undrinkable. Much too sour, could not taste anything but lime. I felt my face doing one of those cartoony pukering of the lips to the point of my face caving in!

2008 Aug 15
Had a similar experience with the mojitos at Milagro the last time we were there (see above). Almost a seltzer with a bit of lime, rather than limeade, really.

2008 Aug 15
Sounds like a dud to me, Pete! A good Mojito should have flavours of mint, lime, and rum all in perfect balance. From your description, I take it you tasted only lime. That makes for a pricey glass of limeade! :O

2008 Aug 15
This is a repeat of data from my review of Milagro. My Mojito was 'ok'. There was no taste of alcohol. I have had other 'expertly' prepared drinks where the alcohol 'bite' was very well hidden, but my impression with this Mojito was that there was less 'expert camoflage', and more lack of actual alcohol. I admit that I don't know Mojitos very well, so I will stop short of accusing Milagro of shortchanging me on rum, but if it was a drink I was more familiar with, I would certainly 'point and accuse'. Further, there was no mint flavour to the drink, and I could detect no bruising or abrasion on the mint leaves to indicate they were properly 'abused' to release their oils. (i.e. it looked like they were just tossed into the drink) I am looking forward to hear other people's comments on this.


2008 Feb 10
They have lightly seasoned baby calamari rings fried to perfection, served with jalapeno and roasted garlic aioli. The thing that makes these babies different is that they are rolled in corn flour, giving them a crispy, delicious texture.