Indian Express Food and Sweets
Indian Express Food and Sweets
Indian Express Food and Sweets
Indian Express Food and Sweets
Samosa at Indian Express Food and Sweets
Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) at Indian Express Food and Sweets
Indian Express Food and Sweets
Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) at Indian Express Food and Sweets
Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) at Indian Express Food and Sweets
Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) at Indian Express Food and Sweets
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2011 Jan 14
I've been hesitating to post my comments here because my experience was kind of a WTF based on what other people have said.

I have four positive things to say:
* Prices are low given the quantities compared to other Indian restaurants in Ottawa.
* I only had to wait 8 minutes longer than they predicted when I called in the order. (Better than most places.)
* It's a true hole in the wall, which always holds some appeal to me.
* The Cumin Rice was nicely done and tasty. Since it's the foundation of the meal, this is important.

* The grubbiness of the place is pretty much rock bottom. For me, this would be excusable if the food were great.
* They have no tandoor (hence, no house made naan or tandoori chicken).
* The sweets look good, but they aren't labelled. Bad for mithai neophytes like me!
* The food in general was sub-standard.

Here's what we ordered:

* 4 Vegetable Samosa (see comments elsewhere)
* 2 Lg Cumin Rice - was good!
* 2 Lg Butter Chicken (see comments elsewhere)
* 1 Lg Chick Pea Curry - pictured here. The taste was just not good. We threw some of it away. :(
* 1 Lg Alu Gobi - The cauliflower was overcooked to pudding texture. I found the flavour to be okay, but the dish was very oily.

2010 Oct 13
Finally got around to stopping by Indian Express.
Bought 2 samosas-they are $1 each.
had to ask for sauce as none was offered.

lots of people were waiting for take out food while i was there.
Also got some thing that looks like crispy noodles made of chick pea flour, a fried dough dessert and a "strawberry" made of chick pea flour.

Samosa, was not very appealing, lots of potato,some peas and an odd brownish colour to it. maybe there was beans in it??
was spicy,but not going to get more samosas there.
prefer baked samosas anyways.

those noodle like snacks are ok,but doubt I'll go back for those. there are other things I like better (like the pita crisps w zaatar from the local grocery)..less greassy too.

The only Indian thing I really like is papadums, but can cook those at home easily.
and rice pudding as well, but did not ask if Indian Express has any (usually make at home often).

place is kind of out of my way for indian food as well!

2010 Jan 5
The naan they use here is ready made from grocers. You can find them all over the city at Indian Grocers, including Basics. You can get 10 for about $2-3

These are unlike the ones you get from authentic restaurants. The long oval ones are made in an tandoor (clay oven) and are usually fresh made to order. Yummmmm.....

I suggest ordering your naan from other restaurants and your dishes from here if you want a better dinner experience.

However, I am not a fan of Express as I find they use a little much oil and now for fast food they charge what is in line with most ot the other Indian restaurants in the city as they keep increasing their prices.

2010 Jan 2
I ordered some take-out for a New Year's Eve potluck style party.

The butter chicken was really delicious. I'm definitely going to order it again.

The cheese pakoras were quite good as well, they were an excellent appetizer.

The naan bread was kind of meh. They seemed to be more closely related to greek pita bread than naan in my opinion. They were also curiously round instead of the weird amoeba shapes I'm used to getting at other places.

Still, it was enough of a positive experience that I'm going to try other things on their menu.

2009 May 14
The food at this place is great, and cheap compared to other "reputable" places in the city. Gets extra points for great, friendly service. Good quality Indian take-aways are lacking in this city, so I'm grateful that we have at least one.

2009 Apr 1
I used to work in Westboro, and would stop here on the way home. Delicious and cheap every time. The currys were beautiful if not a bit greasy, and the butter chicken was amazing. I'm sure it knocked 2 years off my life, but it was definitely worth it. Veggie currie wasn't very good, but the chickpeas were great. Fantastic basmati as well.
Since I changed jobs, the menu has increased in price several dollars a plate. I'll still return, but I won't be quite so excited.

2009 Jan 4
I don't know why I haven't reviewed this place... I've frequented it since they first opened! I prefer the lentil or chickpea curries, also the spicy chicken curry & butter chicken are really good. They definitely do not use a lot of breast meat, seems to be a mix of thigh, leg and back meats which renders a more intense chicken flavor. The food served here reminds me a lot of homemade style Indian food. The naan, samosa and pakora here makes this my go-to place over Shaan (though I do really love Shaan as well!) The only "miss" item on this menu was the vegetable curry, every time I've eaten it the veggies never seem very fresh.

2009 Jan 3
As someone else noted this looks like a little hole in the wall, but the food is incredible and the prices very reasonable. Yesterday we had friends over and after chatting about the place they offered to treat us to supper with take-out. They ended up being extremely impressed as well - everything was absolutely delicious!

2008 Nov 27
I'm orginally from Toronto and have eaten a ton of curry. Toronto is quite the mecca for samosas, pakoras, roti filled with curry and of course curries in general.
On their samosas and pakoras. Hands down I think these are the best I have ever eaten. Full of veggie goodness and the spices are perfect. Out of 5 I would definitely give them a 4. I'm assuming that if I ever eat anything good enough to be considered a 5 I'll probably pass out on the spot.
As for the curries, I'm vegetarian, so I have only eaten the Saag and the mixed vegetable curry. They are very good. I'm not crazy about the "baby carrots" and I am assuming some frozen vegetables, but aside from that I'm giving it a 3.5 out of 5. It's good stuff and the quantity is right for the price.

2008 Apr 13
Yesterday was the second time I had been two weeks. I haven't had a chance to try any of their actual curries as we were just picking up snacks. The snacks were great though!

I was with two girlfriends and we each got pakoras, bread pakora (bread with a curry-veggie filling dipped in chickpea batter and fried) as well as a samosa. I also picked up a container of their home made mango chutney which is excellent (sweet, not too spicy).

I shared the snack with BF and he and I both agreed that the samosas were excellent and possibly the best we've had in Ottawa. Pakoras were good and bread pakora was really delicious (well, it IS fried) and unique.

I will definitely be back to sample some more of their menu. Thanks to Captain Caper for throwing out the idea of getting take out for the Elmdale House Tavern - genius.

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2011 Jan 14
I thought the flavour was okay but my wife really didn't like it compared to other butter chickens in town. It was very, very greasy, and not in a good way. The meat was fine, although it did feature bits of gristle as others have mentioned.

At $11 for a large portion (pictured here), the price is unusually low. However, I'm happier paying 40% more to get a product that's 300% better at Little India Cafe.

I'll explain more. This is a super-rich butter chicken. You might like that, but when i eat something that rich it has to be spiced to match; otherwise, the balance is off! Butter chicken is usually thickened with almonds or cashews -- in this case, the almonds were inconsistently ground, which resulted in some pretty big nut chunks.

2009 Apr 10
Just had another go at Raj's Murgh Makhani ... and yup it's still the best I've had in this city.

Check out there new(ish) business cards with pictures of Hindu Gods and Godesses and on the reverse, a calendar with Hindu 'holidays' and even X-mas day mentioned.

The one I got is Hanuman, the half monkey half human one.

2009 Jan 3
Hey Zy,

Don't you remember me suggesting that you're Brewer Buddy's meeting could take place at The Elmdale Tavern with some take-out pizza's.

Click here: ---> <---

Well in just happens to be in the same entry where I describe taking food from the Indian Express (especially Butter Chicken) just down the street to The Elmdale Tavern so it could be paired with Beau's Beer and some Johnny Cash on the 'ol juke box. (Punch in selection 3701 for 'Folsom Prison Blues'.)

Here is what Jules thinks of my idea about take-out food being consumed at The Elmdale:
"Thanks to Captain Caper for throwing out the idea of getting take out for the Elmdale House Tavern - genius."

Also see my entry from Nov 19, 2007.

I usually don't sing the praises unless it is really really really good. Or as they say out east "Right-Some-Good !!".

2009 Jan 3
We've gotten take out here a few times in the last couple months, and the butter chicken is simply to die for.

2007 Nov 19
I know... the place (Indian Express) looks like a hole in the wall.... but oh what Murgh Makhani !!

I've had this dish in about 6 resto's in Ottawa and two in England, and this is the BEST rendition I ever came across. The creamiest, most almond packed, orangiest, lip smacken', curry I ever unleashed on my tongue. Not a hot spicy one, more of a blend of subtle flavours.

OK, OK, the occasional (small) piece of chicken grissle can (and will) turn up, but a small price to pay for all that goodness. They use both white and dark chicken meat and enough 35% cream to harden every artery in even the most healtiest body. I refuse to look at my bathroom scale a day or two after feasting on this stuff.

Think I'm full of .... curry ? Check this out:

Anybody in OttawaFoodie-land know of a better Murgh Makhani in Ottawa ? Please share.


2011 Jan 14
I enjoyed the taste of the Vegetable Samosa. Nicely seasoned, and a generous size. Possibly the best food value one can find for a dollar.

However, two things were disappointing:
* It was packaged cold from the counter, so we had to warm it in our oven.
* The pastry was incredibly dry. I'm sure the oven-warming didn't help this.