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Thali (Hindi: थाली, Nepali: थाली; meaning "plate") is an Indian and Nepalese meal made up of a selection of various dishes

Meat Thali at Brampton Authentic Indian Food
Where to get Meat Thali

2014 Jun 12
Came with 2 meats (butter chicken and bone-in goat curry) + curry chick peas + raiti + basmati rice + naan + gulab jamun. (and a little shredded lettuce in a foam cup .. huh?)

Butter Chicken ++ (tangy, tomatoey, creamy)

Curry Goat + (good ... eggplant ? or other veg in there?)

Chick Peas +++ (best I had .. long time ? .. ever ?)

Raiti -- (I'll ask for extra rice, next time)

Rice ++ (a little ghee and a few whole spices)

Naan ++ (from a tandoor, nice size)

Gulab Jamun +/- (nice taste & texture, a bit small)

Overall .. similar (quality & quantity) to Indian Express.

Take-away version comes in a (flimsy) plastic tray thingy and slid into a funky box. Needs a little reheating in microwave.

Sorry ... Waaaaay too hungry to remember to take picture of thali