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Six separate dishes of curried vegetables (changes according to seasonal availability) served with steamed Basmati rice and pappadam.

Where to get Vegetable Thali

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2009 Jul 28
I love the expression on my girlfriends face when she gets the "rogue chili" coughs, haks and tears come from her eyes but can't remember which "thali" was hot. I love the veg at this place!

2009 Feb 19
I would reccomend this to anyone going to this resturant as a solid choice, as the seafood here is cooked for far too long. Ive had this 5 times and its great everytime!

2006 Nov 1
I didn't try everything that came with this, and I don't know the names of what I tried, but it was good! There is enough variety in this dish that it's good for sharing and every part will be liked by someone.