Vegetable Dish at Brother Wu
Vegetable Dish at Mandarin Ogilvie
Vegetable Dish at Mandarin Ogilvie
Vegetable Dish at Yangtze
Vegetable Dish at Chu Shing
Vegetable Dish at New Great Wall Restaurant
Where to get Vegetable Dish

2007 May 13
This was the Stir Fried Four Seasons Bean (4 seasons bean = green beans). The beans were stir-fried with some minced pork and few spicy veggie strips (for taste enhancement). This is another dish that I recommend to you when you go to this place for dinner.


2007 Aug 9
This is the stir-fried snow pea tips with garlic. The taste was not bad, but can't compare with the one I tried at New Sky in Toronto.


2007 Oct 5
This was the Stir-fried baby bok choi with mushroom slices. I don't know the name of this mushroom (this kind of mushroom is very popular within Chinese community). But they really look like abalone.


2008 Jun 21
This was the Stir-fry Tung Choi 通菜 (or Water Spinach in English). The stem inside is hollow.

2008 Jun 21
This is the stir-fried baby Bok Choy with Enokitake. Enokitake (金針菇) are long, thin white mushrooms that you can find in most of the Chinese grocery stores. I like to add Enokitake, Canadian white mushrroms and Chinese mushrooms together and stir-fry them with shredded pork. A very healthy and yummy dish.

2009 May 14
This was the Bok Choy stir-fried with Beef slices. Good portion of beef slices!