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German Town Deli
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2016 Feb 2
I has a sad about this.

Went twice last week, the lineups were huge but quick, and people kept handing the owner cards and taking his picture. It was so cute.

Also, sad. I'll miss those sandwiches and the strudel.

2016 Jan 29

2016 Jan 22
This is the last cheap yet quality ham and cheese on a bun I shall ever eat from the German Town Deli. I offer a salute, and a mournful smile. The owner is going to his well deserved retirement after 30 years of feeding us, and I will miss this place. So, I happily munch, and remember sandwiches passed.

2013 Apr 1
Yes, but like I said, the business isn't cash only anymore. But even if they were running a secret opium smuggling ring using, I dunno, panda bear slaves, I would still buy their food. So good.

2013 Mar 31
James C. .... "(I don't understand how they make a profit)".

It a lot easier to make a profit when you're running a cash business. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

2013 Mar 31
So, for those of you like me, who don't usually carry cash around, I found out that they finally (In the words of the proprietor) "Joined the 1990s" and got a debit machine.

I have been hitting there every day for lunch again. Still amazing value (I don't understand how they make a profit), still great food.

2012 Jun 12
Awesome rye bread and buns!

2012 Jun 12
I feel the need to throw a rave review into the pile for the mushroom soup. It's pretty great. In a way I'm glad they only serve it Wednesdays as I'd probably be eating it more than would be advisable (that, and I never seem to be able to just get a soup when I'm in there--cheap liverwurst on a bun? Oh, okay, I'll take two...)

2011 Apr 23
I could eat a bowl of sourkraut. It's yummy.

2011 Apr 4
AMR: Well said, and AMEN!