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2009 Aug 4
This place is like Subway of Indian food. Take all the flavour away, replace real ingredients with fake ones, use preserved food instead of fresh food. I really can't think of one good point to this place. Even as a buffet, it's not that cheap.

2007 Nov 23
This place used to be my favourite Indian buffet in Ottawa. However, having eaten there several times, the magic has not only worn off, but I've found that the quality of the food has actually decreased in recent months.

Their service is excellent, let me say that first. Very friendly, very accomodating. One time, I found a stone in my daal (this is typical of daal if not cleaned properly, nothing major), and when I mentioned it to the manager, he put our drinks on the house when we paid for the bill.

The decor is amazing. Great stuff, must've cost a fortune to import.

As for the food. My first concern is that it's always the same stuff. Always -- or at least 95% of the time/dishes are always the same. It gets tiring after awhile. But not just that. Before, I adored their mango lassi and their Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani). Both of those are watered down now. I happen to know someone who works there, but I have not inputted any 'insider information' in this article. This is based purely on my own taste.

I now must unfortunately search for a new favourite Indian buffet, as East India seems to being going nowhere for me.

2007 Sep 15
I had dinner here for the first time last night with two friends and it was delicious. The service was great and we really liked the warm, relaxed atmosphere. We sampled as many dishes as we could, including different condiments and chutneys from their chutney bar. Everything was delicious with the exception of their mussels/shrimp which were mediocre but understandably so. They have a great selection and I was impressed by all the vegetarian dishes. Next time, I will definitely try their naan as I was captivated by the guy they had making it.

2007 Apr 11
Okay...went here for dinner two weeks in a row (one Friday just Honey and myself and Saturday with the other couple in our gang).

Both meals were quite enjoyable and I don't think $17 is too high for a dinner buffet. And I willingly pay the extra for they're naan. It is fresh, hotter than hades, and 1 is enough for 2 people.

We even managed to drag OnOfFour who is not big on curry. He found the northern Indian food to be quite rich and tasty and not the typical curry type aroma that he was expecting.

We also found that many of their wine selections (fairly decent lower priced wines) went very well with their food. Hats off to their wine buyer.

2007 Feb 16
I confess I have only been here for the lunch buffet (about a half dozen times in the last 2-3 years) but have always been very satisfied with my experience. We often have work lunches here which is better equipped to handle a large crowd at once than some of the restaurants with table service.

I never feel overwhelmed or overcrowded even when the place is packed. There is plenty of room to stretch and the dishes are always fresh and enticing. and I agree the fresh naan is always perfect.

The service is always welcoming and courteous and the surroundings are more upscale than many other Indian restaurants in the city.

I still have yet to drag my husband here for dinner as one of our group don't care much for curry, but will one of these days. Can't wait to try their dinner selections!!

2006 Nov 17
I can't believe I haven't left a comment here before.

I adore this restaurant. I find that the price is quite reasonable given that this is one of the few indian restaurants in the city to make all their food from scratch.

When I lived less than a block away,I would go here weekly, usually on a Tuesday as they have more vegetarian options but every night has a different 'theme' so it's fun to try different nights of the week.

No other indian restaurant in town has even come close to being as good as this one in my opinion.

2006 Nov 17
I tried this place some months after they opened in 2002. I found the food very good with a fantastic selection. The fresh naan was particularly impressive, if I recall correctly. At that time, the owners were very present and attentive to their guests - offering conversation and proper "hosting" which is all too rare these days. The art and sculpture installments are great.

The "problem" with all Indian buffets is that the food is so rich I ultimately walk out feeling super sick from having eaten way more than is wise. When faced with a good selection of yummy stuff, I've just got to try a little of everything!

2006 Nov 17
The food and selection here is quite good, but the price is just too expensive for buffet, IMO. You're better off going to the Taj Mahal, which is spectacular.

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2010 Jul 31
Bland, and very toned down in terms of flavor. Shame since I know food from the menu is fairly decent. There is a decent amount of variety but really what is the point if it all tastes like mush. - Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa




2007 Nov 23
Cooking them in the real tandoor ovens they have on site makes them authentically good.



2007 Nov 23
Used to be good, but tastes watered down now -- not rich and thick like it should be.


2006 Nov 17
I love these samosas because they are small and can be eaten in two bites.