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Dessert at Domus Cafe
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2012 Feb 17
Domus never fails to satisfy me. We go there at least once a year on special occasions. Last time was my 10 year anniversary.

We particularly appreciate the way that Chef Taylor's use of regional produce and more sustainable sources of meat/seafood.

As usual we started with the foie gras paired with Canadian icewine. I ordered the lamb rack and my husband went with Palme d'Or Duck Magret. The lamb rack was cooked to perfection: slightly burned on the outside; juicy pink and tender on the inside. I can't recall the side veggies, but it was delicious. My husband was not that impressed with his duck though, he said that the duck confit at L'Oree du Bois was much better.

For dessert, we shared the sherbet, it was really refreshing. I particularly LOVE those caramel popcorns in the sherbet, really nice extra.

2011 Jan 6
After reading all these glowing reports on Domus I am guessing my experience there should be chocked up to a glitch or a bad day.

Instead its a HUGE food experience regret that still haunts me. It was a special anniversary meal and I was meek and didn't want to rock the boat. After all, me complaining about my food and sending it back was hardly a way I wanted to spend a romantic meal. I wish I had. In all fairness, the food my love got was good and he seemed satisfied. He shared with me and we both tried each other's dishes as per our usual routine. He was the clear winner and was also confused at the error in way over cooking my dish.

In retrospect, I should said something to them at the time, given them a chance to make it right. Instead I barely touched my meal, sulked and later cried as I had really been looking forward to an upscale meal with my sweetie. (I suppose had the waiter been attentive he should have noticed my food was barely touched and asked. Then again he wasn't exactly approachable and on the snooty side.) I wish I had gone in the next day and explained in detail what I found unsatisfactory and why. By then I was really upset and didn't think I could fully communicate the level of my disappointment without reliving it and getting further upset.

Perhaps I'll give them another shot when money permits but frankly there are too many other places we haven't been to so its a bit low on my list.

2010 Sep 28
I had the pleasure of finally making it to Domus, I called up some friends for my birthday and made the dinner plans. They were very accomodating and were able to set up a nice spot for us, even though the restaurant wasn't that huge.

The service was a little slow, but in their defense our group didn't show up at the same time so we heard the special of the day about four times!
I really like it when the servers know their wine and can recommend something that pairs well with your meal. I went for a Pinot Grigio, though he recommended the Pino Gris. I had the tuna staek with wild mushrooms, it was a bit sweet, but very good. I like the green couli it was served with, it added a nice freshness to it (I didn't ask what it was :()

My friends had the steak and elk steak and everyone really enjoyed it. For desert I had creme brulé, it was tasty but a little runny. Maybe it wasn't chilled enough.

Someone at my table ended up returning their steak which was over done. The server took it back without any hesitation and replaced it. Unfortunately our table didn't eat at the same time, but this didn't ruin our night.

Since this is quite an expensive place, I don't think I will eat here again, but I would recommend you try it.

Visit my blog for more pics

2010 Sep 19
Took my boyfriend out for his birthday dinner to Domus last night. I was very excited - it was my first time dining there and, funny enough, I had just eaten at his new place (Taylor's) a week before. All I can say is, "Wow, what great food".

For drinks, we asked for a recommendation on a Canadian red. Our server seemed very excited about a new addition to their list: a Coyote's Run Pinot Noir. So we trusted her expertise and ordered it. We both loved it, even though it wasn't necessarily paired with the rest of our meal.

We both ordered the mushroom bisque. Very yummy and very peppery (just the way I like it). I especially loved the little Le Coprin mushrooms that were served on the side of the bowl.

I ordered the Berkshire "Sopressa" and watermelon salad. It was definitely the best part of my meal. It was served with beautiful radishes, feta, Concord grapes and baby Swiss chard. And the vinaigrette was fantastic. I asked the server what it was and I was surprised when she told me it was just a basic balsamic vinaigrette (I think probably a white balsamic?). I was so impressed; I would really love to know what company of balsamic they used!

My date got the seared foie gras & grilled peaches. He was a little overwhelmed when his dish came with quite a bit more foie gras than he expected. But he said it was absolutely fabulous - beautifully crispy on the outside and silky smooth on the inside. And the peach paired so well with it.

For my main, I ordered the sockeye salmon which came with a smoked Arctic char & tuna fish cake. Oh my god was that ever good! The salmon was cooked a nice medium rare but the fish cake is what hit home for me. It was perfectly smokey and full of so much flavor. Yum!

He ordered the "coast-to-coast land special" which was a bison ribeye. We didn't really talk much about his meal because all I could hear was, "Mmmm, yumm" the whole time. That was enough for me to hear to know what he meant.

I was a little disappointed in my dessert. I was in the mood for something a bit on the lighter side so I ordered the trio of chocolates, assuming that they would all be interesting flavors. When they arrived, I realized they were your basic milk, white and dark chocolate truffles. Don't get me wrong, you could tell they were of high quality chocolate and beautifully hand-rolled. But maybe they should specify on the menu what the types of truffles are?

He got the the creme brulee and his only problem with it was the fact that it wasn't 'bruleed' enough for his liking.

For most the of night, the service was great. Our server was very perky and friendly at the beginning of our meal, but then we could tell that she got absolutely 'swamped' with other tables. We had to wait quite a while for our dessert orders, as well as for the bill. Either way, the other waitstaff in the restaurant did a good job of helping us out when she wasn't able to.

I left feeling so unbelievably full (I didn't want to waste a single bite!) and I'm very happy I decided to check Domus out for myself.

2010 Jul 21
I had an amazing lunch here on Monday with my boyfriend.

He had the fish special of the day which was a seared ling cod on top of wild mushrooms with a fish cake on the side and it looked as though there was pesto and small pickled pearl onions on the plate. The elements of the dish worked impressively well together. My boyfriend has not had the food experiences that I have, so I was a little worried that he wouldn't enjoy himself. He really enjoyed the food.

The boyfriend doesn't like wine, so I told him to try the Beau's Lugtread ale as many people here rave about it. He loved it and had a second pint. I had the Organized Crime Pinot Gris which was amazing- I am presently trying to hunt a bottle down- as well as some Beau's. The LCBO we were at was out of Beau's.

I had gravlox with a mixed green salad- I loved the vinaigrette on the salad and the gravlox was delish. There were purple pickled onions on the plate as well as a grainy mustard type tartar sauce. I must make some purple pickled onions- they are simple to make and tasty.

The house made breads were good- they seemed to be both sourdough based- one was a type of sourdough rye, I think. These were served with an olive oil and I think fig dip.

Portions weren't overwhelming, just right and nicely paced. Service was excellent.

I will definately have to try brunch sometime.

2010 Jul 19
I've only been here for lunch, and both times I had pancakes with pear chutney, and both times they were probably the best pancakes I've ever had. Full and fluffy with the perfect toppings.
I'd go back more often but for the price and their apparent unavailability the last couple times I've checked in on the menu.

2010 Jun 23
Went to Domus last night for a friend's birthday and I can honestly say that it is the best meal I have had in Ottawa. Scallops were beautifully cooked and paired with a herb salad and bacon bits that complemented the shellfish perfectly.

The highlight was the main course though, a special of wild salmon fillet served with a carrot puree that was sensational. The food wasn't particularly complex, but it was so well balanced, cooked and served that it put many more expensive restaurants I've eaten at to shame. My wife was equally as effusive about her steak.

Service was OK. Our waiter was unobtrusive and knowledgeable without us feeling like we were being sold to, but it was quite slow. It may have been better had we been a smaller group than our nine, but if I'd waited that long as a couple I'd have been a little annoyed. The restaurant ambience is perfect, it feels upmarket without being snotty, and atmospheric without being loud or overbearing.

Domus isn't the cheapest restaurant you'll ever go to - budget on $70 a head for three courses and another $50 per bottle of wine and you'll not be far wrong - but I'd rather go to Domus once than go twice to somewhere that costs half as much.

2010 Jun 15
Went here for a birthday treat. Sorry to report that the service was verging on snotty (insisting that I should order wine and repeatedly asking if we didn't want apps or desserts, which felt like a thinly-veiled attempt at upselling). Scant bread served in advance of the meal--server brought 1 slice after asking if we wanted bread. Kitchen messed up the order so that the two plates had to be re-plated. The plates finally arrived and were noticeably cold, from meat to potatoes. My steak which was ordered medium came medium rare, and the medium rare bison came super rare. "Seasonal" veggies were not in season--for summer, I don't consider potatoes and other root veg to count as seasonal. Also 8.50 for a pint of local beer seems a little steep. On top of that, the flavours were bland and the whole place could have used a bit of a dusting. I have had far superior meals at Wellington Gastro Pub and Fraser Cafe for the same, or less, and was hugely disappointed that I wasted my night here. I will not go back.

2010 Jun 11
Domus is a great place to eat well and eat clean. You know where the food is coming from, you see what the chefs are doing to it, and you eat it without once thinking of the film Food Inc.

Dim lights, great for a romantic date.
Buys local produce directly from farm.

Sometimes the food is not as savory as you would have wanted. Or not as ambitious as you would have desired it to be.
The waiters are slightly amateurish, nice, but not what you would expect for the prices.

2010 May 12
Food is Fun!, I'm glad you had a good experience at Domus. As for parking, if there are no mobility issues, you can find 3 hour parking off Dalhousie on the side streets to the north of the market.

Just in case anyone else was wondering.





2008 Apr 6
We want to try their "Crazy Good" Warm Chocolate Cake originally. However, we were told that this will take about 20 minutes preparation time.

So, we changed our mind and tried their Carrot Cake ($10) instead. Delicious as it looks!

2007 May 27
I'm still thinking about this chocolate truffle cake.

2007 Jan 3
Sure. I posted it in the Forum.

2006 Dec 14
Care to share that recipe with us? :)

2006 Dec 14
I remeber being in charge of the desserts the first night I was there, and I must say that the Creme Brulee was hands-down the most popular item. It's almost as good as my Chocolate Banana Strawberry Creme Brulee ;)

2006 Dec 9
Desserts here are made-to-order, as should be expected from a restaurant of this caliber. I ordered the vanilla creme brule, and my husband ordered a cranberry and white chocolate tarte. My creme brule had the perfect amount of 'crust' on top. His tarte had a lovely, flaky crust. Both were wonderful and beautifully presented.


2007 May 27
I asked our waiter to recommend a robust red wine, and he immediately suggested a Cabernet Sauvignon. Well played, sir - it was absolutely to my taste (delicious!) and I thoroughly enjoyed every drop :) Next time I may order a bottle of something and just ask them to bring the food slowly throughout the night so I have a chance to finish it!

2007 Feb 7
Domus offers one of the best Canadian wine list in Ottawa downtown. Here I realized that the quality of many Ontario white wines is improved a lot. I match my fish selection (scalopps + mushrooms+ spinachs) with a Canadian no-oaked Chardonnay from Niagara region. It was crisp, with a refreshing acidity, well balanced with hints of citrus and floral notes with a medium finish.
My girlfriend had a good Sauvignon Blanc from the same region. It was very complex with aromas of tropical fruits and grapefruit, full body and with a long finish. It was very crisp. Those wines were good choices for our fish selections. Even the ice-wines list was wide with many good labels.

2006 Dec 9
Like a few other restaurants in Ottawa, Domus tries to focus on local and Canadian cuisine. This is also true with their wine list, which features some wonderful bottles from all over Canada, focusing most on Ontario (and therefore the Niagara region).

I drooled over the first page of the list, which was rare/'last call' bottles of various vintages. We might have been celebrating my birthday, but we also didn't want to drop $70+ on a single bottle of wine, no matter how delicious it might be. Instead, we turned the page over to the local reds choices, and went with a Stonechurch Cabernet Franc. It was a balanced wine with flavours of blackberry and fresh pepper, and a hint of vanilla. Probably not the best choice for my salmon dish, but paired nicely with the risotto and my husband's duck.

I can see why they have won wine awards.





2008 Apr 6
The bread arrived on our table hot with smoke! Fabulous bread. I gave 5 stars for their bread! (I forgot what it was. But very filling and tasted like homemade.) Too bad that I didn't take the photo of their bread.



2008 Apr 6
This was their house chowder ($25). Not too rich and this was what my friend wanted.

2008 Apr 6
This was their Warm House Smoked Ontario Rainbow Trout ($22).



2008 Apr 6
This was the Daily Market Soup I ordered. I forgot what it was. A little bit sour. Good to start! Isn't it beautiful!

The server also asked me if I wanted to have another slice of bread to go with my soup. No doubt about it.


2008 Apr 6
This was the Endive Beet Salad ($14) my friend ordered.

Because we got a window seat, the picture turned out pretty nice with natural lighting. I think this is the best food photo I have taken.