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Hamburgers at Hintonburger
Hamburgers at Hintonburger
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Bacon Cheeseburger at Hintonburger
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2012 May 9
We tried this place some time when the kids were taking gymnastics (Winter Session...but don't remember much snow)

Since the place was closing at what seemed a little bit early for a food place, my husband dropped us off and drove over to order the food.

We liked that we knew the hamburger was made of local beef, and the variety of toppings. However, for the size of the patty, lackluster bun, and the price, I'd probably won't be going there too often.

Plus, the fries and the onion rings were just not what I was expecting from a place that boasts "Fresh, Local, Handmade". It looked more like fries you would get at grocery store and fry up yourself. A little more effort in this department might amp up hype for Hintonburger.

If I'd go again, it'll probably be just for the hamburger.

2012 Apr 29
@Waiter, your confusion is due to the fact that this place was GRRRRREAT when they first opened, and they have now become completely MEH since increasing their prices.

This was confirmed on my visit this past week prior to heading out for the hockey game. We both had Hintonburgers dressed up with bacon, cheese, bbq sauce and various condiments, splitting a side of fries and onion rings. I was always a big fan of the fries but these latest sticks were bland and soggy with none of the crispy goodness I remember, and with about all the appeal and taste of McCain's frozen fries.

The onion rings were similarly just passable but the burger was the true disappointment (other than the Sens 3-2 loss): mediocre in every manner, the taste and texture no better than Harvey's, and reminiscent of pre-frozen, pre-formed patties, not burgers that had been handmade from fresh ground beef and cooked on the spot. "Why bother?" was all that came to mind. While we are happy to pay extra for locally farmed beef, the end product has to make good use of the ingredients and in this case it no longer does, at all.

A crying shame as they were so very good when they started out. Thankfully Art-is-In is close by and has already put burgers back on the weekend menu.

Hintonburger RIP.

2012 Apr 21
I was really impressed when they first opened, however since the move to the new location I have found the wait getting longer, the prices increase and the burger get worse.
Dare I say it, but I enjoy Five guys burger more.

2012 Apr 20
I've been to Hintonburger a few times now, and I can't really understand what all the hype is about. Maybe there is a lack of competition.

In any case, every time I've been I found the burger kind of dry and kind of sweet(I think they may add their bbq sauce to the ground beef), which I don't appreciate.

I much prefer Chez Lucien when I want a great burger and fries for a decent price.

2012 Mar 9
I just waited 40 minutes for an average burger and crappy fries. I paid a buck more for each of our burgers, all for the privilege of waiting in a cramped restaurant.

The fries were stale which is inexcusable after a 40 minute wait. The cashier bullshitted us that it would only be 20 minutes. After three visits here, I have yet to have decent, non rock hard bacon in my burger.

I'm done with this joint.

2012 Feb 29
Headed here after 12:30 yesterday, not crazy busy. A 5-minute wait to order, then maybe another 7-10 for the food.

Good stuff! Good char on the burgers. The value fry is a good size, and they are good fries. Lots of bacon on the Hintonburger, nice cheese, not too sloppy overall.

Very good value, and I appreciate that taxes are included. Friendly, easy-going staff.

Nice space, tables, booths. Simple and clean.

Prices will increase by $1 on all burgers as of March 1, due to a hefty increase in the cost of their beef supply.

2012 Feb 3
Stopped by their new location after trying to get into a few other places where wait times were outrageous. Tried their signature Hintonburger with bacon and cheese. Forgot about the ordering format mentioned below so my burger was neither dry or really juicy a bit in limbo but with a nice bit of charring making this burger tasty. I know now that I'm not a big fan of BBQ sauce on burgers. The bacon was super tasty a nice change from that newer chain that just arrived in the capital. The pickles here really need a makeover since the three small slices really did not add any tangy zip to my burger something that is a must in my burger books. The fries were done perfectly and were not over seasoned. I find 6oz a tad on the small side for my appetite. I'm wondering why a double is not offered. Good burger,several spots down the list for burger supremacy in Ottawa I would have to say behind Quinn's, Verra's, Baja's and the Manx when it is offered. I have yet to try Art-Is-In with their summer menu burger on the egg.

2012 Jan 23
I worked at Hintonburger for the first year it was open. Consistency had always been an issue while I was there, and one of the reasons I left to run a new kitchen. However, if you specify exactly what you want, you will not be disappointed (ie: order your burger medium to avoid char, or make sure to ask for extra pickles if you really like pickles)
As a vegetarian, I know I missed out on most of the menu - but I've always adored the Skinny Kitties.
I have it on good authority that they are working towards rectifying the lack of consistency in their products. I look forward to visiting the new location for a skinny kitty when I get a chance.

2012 Jan 23
Visited Hintonburger in their new location last week, and have had their burgers a handful of times over the past year since I first went there. The verdict? Second best burger in the city (behind Art-is-In) but the key is in asking them to cook it medium.

I figured this out by reading other reviewers suggestion that the burgers were inconsistent and found that on a few of my visits the patties were too dry for my liking. Then I dropped in this past summer to try Beau's Beer Burger (note to mgmt: PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!!!) but I also specified that I wanted my burger cooked to medium, not well done. I was told it was a crap shoot and that the cook would try his best, and lo and behold out came a beautifully moist and succulently flavoured burger.

Tried this tactic on subsequent visits and with the same result, a meaty, heavenly burger. (Caveat emptor: one window clerk told us that they weren't *allowed* to cook their burgers anything less than well done. One and only time I was told this, and it was overruled when I explained that I had always been accommodated with this request.)

Alas, in the new location there is no more Beer Burger, but I was told that a secret ingredient, fried onions, could be added to the Hintonburger and this was a fine substitute for the Beau special. There was also no hesitation or negotiation when I asked to have my burger cooked to medium, it seems like everyone is on the same page about cooking it to order. The fries are still the best in the city to my palate but unfortunately the onion rings just aren't to the same standard I remember when they first opened. Regardless, I'll be back and really don't have any inclination to try out Five Guys or Vera's since my burger jones is more than being met a few blocks from where I live.

2012 Jan 9
I went again today. In fact, mine was the first order taken at their new location: the old KFC on the corner of Stirling and Wellington.


A friend and I went so he could try out the goodness. I had the Fat Cat (hand dipped corn dog), he had a Hintonburger (6 oz. bacon cheeseburger) and we each had a medium poutine and a coke. $22 and change.

"Oo, I left my wallet at the office!" Yeah, sure you did. Well, even I can spring for that much. You're welcome.

The gravy was a little thin today. There was nothing laid out like napkins or even condiments when we arrived, but it took no time at all to set that right.

The new full-length bench and tables were a welcome change, as was the level floor.

All-in-all, a good visit. I'll be back again and again, bringing all sorts of newbs and some old friends. This is just a great place.

The order station and pickup window are more of the 'hole in the wall' variety that they had before. It helps to keep the help on one side and the eatin' on the other. Kind of like a chip truck with a covered porch now that I think about it.

Oh, yeah ... apparently they can't do math in their heads either. I just added up the bill and it is a few dollars light. Maybe I got the kilt discount. I usually do.

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2010 Jul 5
Diagram of my burger. The bacon was great. Fresh toppings. It's not a gourmet burger, but simple and tasty.

2010 Jul 5
The "Hintonburger"

'6oz bacon cheeseburger with signature bbq sauce'

I found the patty was greasy, but really good. A nice 'meaty' taste to the patty. Not too thick, not too thin.


2014 May 20
I had my first Hintonburger experience today. I ordered the Armstrong with cheese. It is the 4oz patty. I asked for all the dressings which was tomato, lettuce, onions, hot peppers, mayo, ketchup and mustard. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The patty was juicy and nicely grilled on the outside. The bun was the right size: not too thick, not too thin. Yes, one of the best burgers in town!

The fries were ok. I am not sure about the outside texture. It seems coated with something although I can't tell what. I prefer the Five Guys fries.

I will definitely be back for the burger. I can't believe it took me this long to have one!!!

2013 Sep 19
I've started second guessing my love of Hintonburger, since the last 2 times I've been, the burgers haven't been must-eat-this-immediately, don't-care-if-I-look-like-cookie-monster delicious. They were decently-good, but the fries were definitely mediocre.

Captain Caper's post makes me want to go a few more times to confirm/deny my suspicions, but I've definitely caught myself wanting to venture to Beech St Burger instead, after my first delightful visit.

I guess this is a post that is: to be continued...

2013 Sep 16
THE Hintonburger is still king (in my hood).

(I sometimes think the bun should be up-graded from the foamy one they use .... but when I'm woofing the burger down, that thought quickly disappears.)

Onion rings are the classic chip wagon style.

Nice to mix sriracha hot sauce with ketchup to dip the rings in.

2011 Sep 10
Visited for the second time today and, contrary to my first time, had the scorched, overcooked experience that others have mentioned. :-(

This burger was just plain bad. Some parts were so blackened that the bitterness made me wince and make spitting noises. Unbelievable, considering how amazingly good the other one I had there was! It was my wife's first visit and she was not at all impressed. (quote: "A Big Mac is better than this -- at least it's consistent and the flavours are balanced." -- they had also put way more mustard than ketchup in hers.)

Until they figure out their quality control problems I have no reason to return.

This time the salt wasn't in a parmesan shaker, so there's evidence that they do make improvements! :-)

2011 Aug 3
Oh My!! I finally tried one of these and I really think it might be the best burger in Ottawa. Loaded with bacon and a nicely seasoned medium-cooked patty, this is a masterpiece.

Lots of toppings to choose from -- including pickled turnips. Major win there! See the pretty pink pickle peeking from my under my patty? As any shawarma aficionado will tell you, pickled turnips go very well with seasoned beef.

I think the best way to describe it is using what I consider to be the second and third best burgers in town right now. It is like a cross between Vera's Burger Shack's backyard style burger with Baja Burger Shack's wonderfully seasoned and tender patty.



2010 Oct 18
Hintonburger's veggie burger is a falafel burger. light on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Bun leaves something to be desired, but the burger is worth it.

Pretty smoky in there at lunch so I still smell like burgers. Good thing I don't need to sit close to anyone at work :)


2012 Aug 1
I have been to Hintonburger many times (my daughter favorite) she loves the corn dogs and I'd agree with her, they are delish. The burgers not so much. What does set this burger joint apart is the staff, they are incredibly friendly.

2011 Mar 3
Went again yesterday and if you are into corndogs, Hintonburger's is the best. Hand dipped and fried to order, so it's a much different experience than a frozen pogo. Did not enjoy my burger as much as usual though, as it was overcooked and on the dry side for my taste, although the flavor was still good. Off day maybe.


Fries -1



2014 May 20
The fries are good but not great. They seem to be slightly coated (see the bubbling on each?). Perhaps it is just how they fried? I prefer the Five Guys fries where they are soggier and more chewy in the middle.

2010 Jul 5
A 'value' size of the fresh cut fries. I've sprayed with vinegar (no cider or malt unfortunately) and sprinkled seasoning on them. Ketchup on the side for dippin'.

Slightly soft, slightly crisp. Skins on.