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Bacon Cheeseburger at Hintonburger
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2011 Dec 12

Like a previous poster we finally tried Hintonburger about a couple of weeks ago after putting it off for much too long. The atmosphere in the current location is unique. While I was there two groups of customers ahead of me were in animated conversation while another individual had a pen and paper was sketching the room. The staff talked happily about the orders they were working on as well as about which of them preferred working at the fryer versus preparing the orders.

The food was great. We got a take out order for two skinny kitties (veggie hotdogs that are battered and deep-fried), a large box of fries and a small order of onion rings. The fries and rings were a big hit all around and we adults in the family enjoyed the skinny kitties very much. We're looking forward to dropping by again both before and after they move to the new location.

2011 Dec 5
Finally made it out to try the famous hintonburger, and am glad to say it was exactly as advertised. A straightforward, classic, good quality burger with tasty yet not exactly crispy fries. I think it is a great option when you'd like a kind of fast burger fix and aren't about to fire up the grill at home.

Burgers and fries are a bit sloppy, so I personally couldn't imagine taking anything away, but then again I don't really understand the appeal of take-away food.

The new location should improve the experience quite a bit as well, but for now the focus is on the food, which is always a good thing.

2011 Nov 26
tonight we stayed in & took advantage of the hintonburger delivery. we had a burger, a skinny kitty (tofu dog, battered), fries and rings.

the burger was great (i was told), perfectly cooked and well topped. the skinny kitty was good - the batter was nicely cooked and the dog was meat-free :)

the onion rings seemed standard fare and possibly not homemade (too uniform). the fries were good. possibly too many tiny bits, and not enough long fries, but they were well cooked.

we were on the wrong side of the tracks (west of preston), so we paid $5 delivery, instead of the $3 normal delivery charge, but the food came promptly and the delivery person was very nice.

as long as they keep offering delivery, we will probably keep using it, since and extra $5 on their already decent prices isn't bad.

2011 Sep 27
According to OpenFile, Hintonburger may be moving into the old KFC on Wellington (ottawa.openfile.ca).

Maybe a more permanent building will help with consistency.

2011 Sep 15
We've been here twice in the last month (I guess that's what spending more time in the neighbourhood will do to you..), with varying results.

I tried the Beau's burger (with caramelized onion and a Beau's-infused sauce, or something to that effects), but the sauce was barely noticeable as were the onions. The burger was overdone and dry, which I didn't have a huge problem with, but it took away a lot of the burger's flavour I had enjoyed on my last visit.
That made me go back to the 'Hintonburger' option with bacon and bbq sauce on my next visit, and I was not disappointed. Burger was cooked better this time, and there were heaps of bacon sitting on top. As delicious as my first time out. The picnic benches outside the shack were a really nice place to sit while we ate on a nice evening.

On the other hand, the chickpea patty that they use as a veg burger has been terribly inconsistent, and at times, plain terrible. Our first visit with it was great--I wrote about it below--but the second time, it was nearly cooked to a crisp. It didn't turn out that badly.. it was flaky and crisp more than it was flavourful, which is ok, because we find their large chickpea patties to be a lot of flavour/weight to handle.
The time after, the patty was barely cooked at all.. oil was practically seeping out of it, and it felt gross and heavy going down. My companion was sick all that night with some pretty intense and abnormal stomach pain, which we only assume was the result of that patty (but of course, can't be 100% certain).

If/when we go back, we'll be sure to ask for the veg patty well done rather than risk that happening again.
Still really appreciate this place overall, though, for it's ambience and affordability. Might need a bit of a break before returning.

2011 Sep 4
Had the bacon cheeseburger at Hintonburger for the first time--it's a good burger, and it is great to see them using local beef. The patty was overcooked on one side, though, and the bun was scorched and blackened around the edges. Fries were a little overcooked to my taste.

Service was pleasant and pretty speedy, even though it was pretty busy. But it did have a haphazard feel to it--I could see orders getting mixed up pretty easily (did happen to several people there while I was waiting).

Main drawback: Boy, is the place ever filthy, and I am not a clean freak or anything. I was glad that they didn't use the cash register to ring up the order because it looked like you would need exotic immunizations just to touch the thing. A bunch of flies buzzing around completed the scene.

In the balance, I don't think I will be heading back.

2011 Aug 7
dropofh2o, I actually share your view even though my comment was more superlative than yours. The fact is, an amazing hamburger *is* a good burger, nothing more nothing less. There's nothing incredible about ground beef on a bun, but it's amazing how many places manage to screw it up. The Hintonburger is a phenomenal burger compared to most (all?) of the competition, but would I choose it as my last meal? No way in hell! ;-)

Also, given your (and many other people's) experience with well done patties, it seems that their cooking process lacks consistency. Mine was definitely juicy, with a light pink interior. The lack of consistency with the standard order suggests they might have a hard time meeting your request to cook it medium.

2011 Aug 7
Went to Hintonburger on Friday with a bunch of people from the office. I had the Hintonburger (loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, banana peppers and pickled turnips) and the onion rings. Our group of 5 had our orders pretty quickly, which was a plus.

It was a good burger. Nothing more, nothing less. I think I was expecting more due to the reviews here. The burger was cooked well done, which was slightly disappointing for me as I've never had a medium cooked burger before. I'll ask for it to be cooked medium next time. I was plenty impressed with the quality and quantity of the bacon. They did not skimp at all! The bun was squishy after 5 minutes and the rings were standard. But it was still a damn good burger.

They have fried onions and sauerkraut as toppings now. There was also a bottle of Sriracha sauce on the condiments table. I'm looking forward to trying those new toppings the next time I'm there.

2011 Aug 3
The Bacon Cheeseburger ("Hintonburger") was amazing. This establishment is not at all clean looking but the service is warm and friendly.

Fries are the brown, soft kind (usually means fried in canola oil rather than shortening, which is a good thing from some perspectives). Nothing really interesting about them.

Be warned: They put their salt in a parmesan shaker!! Way too much comes out at once. :S

2011 Jul 14
Good burger, juicy, looked medium, the way I like it, when the provenance and handling of the meat can be trusted.

I had the Hintoburger, my girlfriend the Beau's burger. The fries are decent but not great, I refrain from given the spuds the thumb up. They have so much potential, I think some are cut too thin and those get overcooked.

This time, the bacon was tastier and seemed cooked on the spot, albeit more cooked than I like it. The BBQ sauce is nice as are the hot peppers and other toppings.

Finally, glad they have Coke Zero, and the cans are ice cold.

Overall, thumbs up.

Not bad for Bruins fans haha

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2010 Jul 5
Diagram of my burger. The bacon was great. Fresh toppings. It's not a gourmet burger, but simple and tasty.

2010 Jul 5
The "Hintonburger"

'6oz bacon cheeseburger with signature bbq sauce'

I found the patty was greasy, but really good. A nice 'meaty' taste to the patty. Not too thick, not too thin.


2014 May 20
I had my first Hintonburger experience today. I ordered the Armstrong with cheese. It is the 4oz patty. I asked for all the dressings which was tomato, lettuce, onions, hot peppers, mayo, ketchup and mustard. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The patty was juicy and nicely grilled on the outside. The bun was the right size: not too thick, not too thin. Yes, one of the best burgers in town!

The fries were ok. I am not sure about the outside texture. It seems coated with something although I can't tell what. I prefer the Five Guys fries.

I will definitely be back for the burger. I can't believe it took me this long to have one!!!

2013 Sep 19
I've started second guessing my love of Hintonburger, since the last 2 times I've been, the burgers haven't been must-eat-this-immediately, don't-care-if-I-look-like-cookie-monster delicious. They were decently-good, but the fries were definitely mediocre.

Captain Caper's post makes me want to go a few more times to confirm/deny my suspicions, but I've definitely caught myself wanting to venture to Beech St Burger instead, after my first delightful visit.

I guess this is a post that is: to be continued...

2013 Sep 16
THE Hintonburger is still king (in my hood).

(I sometimes think the bun should be up-graded from the foamy one they use .... but when I'm woofing the burger down, that thought quickly disappears.)

Onion rings are the classic chip wagon style.

Nice to mix sriracha hot sauce with ketchup to dip the rings in.

2011 Sep 10
Visited for the second time today and, contrary to my first time, had the scorched, overcooked experience that others have mentioned. :-(

This burger was just plain bad. Some parts were so blackened that the bitterness made me wince and make spitting noises. Unbelievable, considering how amazingly good the other one I had there was! It was my wife's first visit and she was not at all impressed. (quote: "A Big Mac is better than this -- at least it's consistent and the flavours are balanced." -- they had also put way more mustard than ketchup in hers.)

Until they figure out their quality control problems I have no reason to return.

This time the salt wasn't in a parmesan shaker, so there's evidence that they do make improvements! :-)

2011 Aug 3
Oh My!! I finally tried one of these and I really think it might be the best burger in Ottawa. Loaded with bacon and a nicely seasoned medium-cooked patty, this is a masterpiece.

Lots of toppings to choose from -- including pickled turnips. Major win there! See the pretty pink pickle peeking from my under my patty? As any shawarma aficionado will tell you, pickled turnips go very well with seasoned beef.

I think the best way to describe it is using what I consider to be the second and third best burgers in town right now. It is like a cross between Vera's Burger Shack's backyard style burger with Baja Burger Shack's wonderfully seasoned and tender patty.



2010 Oct 18
Hintonburger's veggie burger is a falafel burger. light on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Bun leaves something to be desired, but the burger is worth it.

Pretty smoky in there at lunch so I still smell like burgers. Good thing I don't need to sit close to anyone at work :)


2012 Aug 1
I have been to Hintonburger many times (my daughter favorite) she loves the corn dogs and I'd agree with her, they are delish. The burgers not so much. What does set this burger joint apart is the staff, they are incredibly friendly.

2011 Mar 3
Went again yesterday and if you are into corndogs, Hintonburger's is the best. Hand dipped and fried to order, so it's a much different experience than a frozen pogo. Did not enjoy my burger as much as usual though, as it was overcooked and on the dry side for my taste, although the flavor was still good. Off day maybe.


Fries -1



2014 May 20
The fries are good but not great. They seem to be slightly coated (see the bubbling on each?). Perhaps it is just how they fried? I prefer the Five Guys fries where they are soggier and more chewy in the middle.

2010 Jul 5
A 'value' size of the fresh cut fries. I've sprayed with vinegar (no cider or malt unfortunately) and sprinkled seasoning on them. Ketchup on the side for dippin'.

Slightly soft, slightly crisp. Skins on.