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Hamburgers at Hintonburger
Hamburgers at Hintonburger
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Bacon Cheeseburger at Hintonburger
Fries at Hintonburger
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2011 May 4
Hubby and I ate here on Sunday. No real complaints about my food, but I wasn't super impressed with the food or the service.

We got there an hour after opening, and we were informed that they were out of veggie burgers. Hubby had a veggie dog instead (just an Yves dog), which he wasn't jazzed to pay $4 for. He also had fries, which were good.

I had the Hintonburger and onion rings. The rings were run of the mill, thin and quite dry. I'm a fan of thicker, juicier rings, and these reminded me of frozen rings you'd get at a grocery store. They were crisp and hot, though. The burger was fine. No real complaints, the burger was fresh if a little dry, the bacon was great, and the bun was fresh and a nice size in comparison to the burger.

The lady at the counter was friendly, but she was so caught up in flirting with the grill guy that the lineup accumulated quickly. I take no issue with staff wanting to be friendly with each other, but it gets annoying when it has a significant impact on the speed of service.

If we were in the neighbourhood again and really felt like a burger we might be back, but we would not head in that direction just to return.

2011 Apr 16
I wasn't impressed on my first visit in January 2011. My burger patty was charred in one 'corner' and it was dry. And today... bliss. The patty was melt in your mouth, moist, tasty and smoky. I got the 6 oz Wellington and found it was too much food for a late snack. I didn't care for the fries both times, which will give me a chance to try the onion rings the next time. I hope they can reproduce the same burger experience on my next visit.

2011 Apr 6
were checking out a coffee roaster in the area for the biz, and decided to have lunch here.
they only take cash....abm several blocks away.
but the walk was worth it!
we had a veggie burger each and shared a medium fries...the fries were excellent, some spicy shaky shaky on them...veggie burgers were also excellent, the bun was slightly toasted and just right...i think the run down shack and laid back attitude only adds to the atmosphere and makes the food taste better.
9.5 out of 10....keep everything as is, although it did feel like a temporary arrangement.

2011 Mar 22
Hintonburger is nothing much to look at. A converted used car lot trailer with a window to order from, a counter and two tables. It's not heated much either.

But oh, the burgers. Sweet meaty perfection on a bun. The Hintonburger with bacon and cheese is just awesome. The meat is tasty, with just a hint of crisp. The bacon is done well. The bun a nicely complementary white bun that's basically just a fresh bread assembly/delivery system for the burge in all its glory.

Seriously, there are nicer places to have a burger in O-Town, but few offer a burger this full of burgery goodness.

The hand dipped corndogs should be illegal.

Fries and rings are totally good as well.

Two people, burgers, fries, drinks, maybe $25.

Will send others. Will be back. A LOT.

2011 Mar 21
Ate here again, and the burger was every bit as good as the first time. Tried the onion rings too, which were perfect. Fries weren't quite as tasty as my last visit.

Friend had the veg burger, which was a chickpea patty-- a nice change of pace from the usual version. And they did it really well too: crisp, flavourful, and big.

I mentioned this the first time-- but the prices are great. There was more than enough for the 2 of us (veg burger, hintonburger, fries, onion rings, and a bottle of water) and it totaled $17.

Looking forward to going back again.

2011 Feb 17
Been there twice. Decent burger. Quite tasty. Not impressed that it's processed cheese, nor that the bacon seemed precooked. But then, besides good restos like Absinthe and Fraser Café, nobody in town bothers to fry the bacon on the spot.

Ho-hum garnishings. Dijon would have been nice. The poutine was very decent, good fries.

I find the place kinda pricey, close to $12 for a burger and medium poutine.

2011 Feb 10
Definitely my favorite burger now, after going for the first time this evening. Had the bacon cheeseburger with their "special" bbq sauce. Wonderfully juicy and the bacon was crisp and tasty. Did not care too much for the onion rings, and the fries were decent, but not as good as Vera's. The burger is so huge though, that I don't think I will need anything on the side next time. If I do, I want to try the hand dipped corn dogs. The place is freezing cold though, so bundle up.

2011 Feb 4
Re location, it's not that it's hard to find so much as it doesn't look like a burger place. More like the used car lot it used to be. Drive slowly and watch for the sign. The 'shed' is set way back away from the street.

It's worth it.

2011 Feb 2
Went here a couple weeks back for a burger fix, and holy cow (no pun intended etc), what a burger fix it was.

It was chilly in the shack so we kept our coats on. The radio was a touch loud considering we were sitting right beneath it, but meh, comes with the territory, right? Though allow me to suggest that Dawg-FM might be an as-good-or-better choice for the room's vibe rather the shlock rock station it was tuned to.

Oh right-- food. I won't save this line for later: it may have been the best restaurant burger I've had in Ottawa. I've been to The Works and sampled the patties at other pubs/lounges/____stone's (though not yet at Famous Frenchy's yet), but this one was head-and-shoulders above. I had the Hintonburger (bacon, cheese, bbq sauce), and savoured every bite. My companion had the smaller one.. I think called the Wellington, a 4 oz patty maybe, and was also totally impressed by the taste and quality. They were just so tasty, perfectly cooked and seasoned, and the toppings were the same. And it was just your basic burger done right-- they don't need to pull out any special stops to make it so good.

Also had a Lester's dog, though they are only offered steamed. If they could be broiled, or at least come with a toasted bun, they'd be more of a temptation. The fries were good-- a little heavy on the seasoning, but I'm not really complaining.. they were addicting.

Enjoyed their amusing choice of hockey paraphenalia, and liked their advertised support for local farmers.

Affordable prices too. Will be back, probably on a springtime walk through the neighbourhood once the weather improves. Looking forward to trying their veg burger.

2011 Feb 2
Click the "Location" link above. It's where Wellington becomes Somerset.

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2010 Jul 5
Diagram of my burger. The bacon was great. Fresh toppings. It's not a gourmet burger, but simple and tasty.

2010 Jul 5
The "Hintonburger"

'6oz bacon cheeseburger with signature bbq sauce'

I found the patty was greasy, but really good. A nice 'meaty' taste to the patty. Not too thick, not too thin.


2014 May 20
I had my first Hintonburger experience today. I ordered the Armstrong with cheese. It is the 4oz patty. I asked for all the dressings which was tomato, lettuce, onions, hot peppers, mayo, ketchup and mustard. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The patty was juicy and nicely grilled on the outside. The bun was the right size: not too thick, not too thin. Yes, one of the best burgers in town!

The fries were ok. I am not sure about the outside texture. It seems coated with something although I can't tell what. I prefer the Five Guys fries.

I will definitely be back for the burger. I can't believe it took me this long to have one!!!

2013 Sep 19
I've started second guessing my love of Hintonburger, since the last 2 times I've been, the burgers haven't been must-eat-this-immediately, don't-care-if-I-look-like-cookie-monster delicious. They were decently-good, but the fries were definitely mediocre.

Captain Caper's post makes me want to go a few more times to confirm/deny my suspicions, but I've definitely caught myself wanting to venture to Beech St Burger instead, after my first delightful visit.

I guess this is a post that is: to be continued...

2013 Sep 16
THE Hintonburger is still king (in my hood).

(I sometimes think the bun should be up-graded from the foamy one they use .... but when I'm woofing the burger down, that thought quickly disappears.)

Onion rings are the classic chip wagon style.

Nice to mix sriracha hot sauce with ketchup to dip the rings in.

2011 Sep 10
Visited for the second time today and, contrary to my first time, had the scorched, overcooked experience that others have mentioned. :-(

This burger was just plain bad. Some parts were so blackened that the bitterness made me wince and make spitting noises. Unbelievable, considering how amazingly good the other one I had there was! It was my wife's first visit and she was not at all impressed. (quote: "A Big Mac is better than this -- at least it's consistent and the flavours are balanced." -- they had also put way more mustard than ketchup in hers.)

Until they figure out their quality control problems I have no reason to return.

This time the salt wasn't in a parmesan shaker, so there's evidence that they do make improvements! :-)

2011 Aug 3
Oh My!! I finally tried one of these and I really think it might be the best burger in Ottawa. Loaded with bacon and a nicely seasoned medium-cooked patty, this is a masterpiece.

Lots of toppings to choose from -- including pickled turnips. Major win there! See the pretty pink pickle peeking from my under my patty? As any shawarma aficionado will tell you, pickled turnips go very well with seasoned beef.

I think the best way to describe it is using what I consider to be the second and third best burgers in town right now. It is like a cross between Vera's Burger Shack's backyard style burger with Baja Burger Shack's wonderfully seasoned and tender patty.



2010 Oct 18
Hintonburger's veggie burger is a falafel burger. light on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Bun leaves something to be desired, but the burger is worth it.

Pretty smoky in there at lunch so I still smell like burgers. Good thing I don't need to sit close to anyone at work :)


2012 Aug 1
I have been to Hintonburger many times (my daughter favorite) she loves the corn dogs and I'd agree with her, they are delish. The burgers not so much. What does set this burger joint apart is the staff, they are incredibly friendly.

2011 Mar 3
Went again yesterday and if you are into corndogs, Hintonburger's is the best. Hand dipped and fried to order, so it's a much different experience than a frozen pogo. Did not enjoy my burger as much as usual though, as it was overcooked and on the dry side for my taste, although the flavor was still good. Off day maybe.


Fries -1



2014 May 20
The fries are good but not great. They seem to be slightly coated (see the bubbling on each?). Perhaps it is just how they fried? I prefer the Five Guys fries where they are soggier and more chewy in the middle.

2010 Jul 5
A 'value' size of the fresh cut fries. I've sprayed with vinegar (no cider or malt unfortunately) and sprinkled seasoning on them. Ketchup on the side for dippin'.

Slightly soft, slightly crisp. Skins on.