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I am a culinary historian focused mainly on the middle ages. I can frequently be found under dusty books and manuscripts furiously debating historical methods or at the computer articling same.

Ok, enuf of the dry stuff!

I also have an insane appreciation of the whole "food experience", making sure everyone around me does the same. I love fine dining as much as a jaunt over to the local pub, and can frequently be found discussing both at either.

I love to cook and have a really hard time thinking "inside the box". Having a mainstream palate is just a mystery to me and it certainly comes out in my entertaining. Thank goodness I'm not my Mother (no offense Mom).

Comfort foods that curl my toes and make me smile include freshly caught and steamed Alaskan king crab, real Hollandaise sauce, Rice Paper Shrimp Rolls from the Mekong Restaurant, a well prepared ice wine and duck pate, pretty much anything authentically Mexican (I lived in Mexico for a while), Pralines & Cream Ice Cream, homemade Baklava, Dim Sum with my friends at the Beijing Tianrun Restaurant. Ok, well, the list could go on.

You can also find me on Live Journal at Caylee's Kitchen:

Oh ya, I occasionally drop off the radar, sometimes for months on end. This is due to my health and my affinity to be distracted by shiny things.

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