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2007 May 23
Had the below-pictured 'Mexican Flag' enchiladas again, late at night in Kanata to satisfy a craving.

They barely satisfied. They were awful. Well -- edible, but garbage. And just under $15 (before tax and tip) garbage!

The red sauce is tinned tomato with what seems to be a tiny bit of generic Tex-Mex flavouring. Awful. The green is similarly dull and procesed-tasting.

That it arrived dry but not hot, minus its usual accompanying bit of salad, side of jalapenos not available, and so on, wasn't such a big deal in light of the overall bad.

Just noticed Mexi's is getting a good share of thumbs-down here; it's a bit too easy to see why. It was a treat to go here years and years ago and eat pretty decent, then hard-to-find Mex at the then-pleasant restaurants, but now it's just another god-awful suburban chain. Chile relleno (now gone from the increasingly bland and overpriced menu) and margs on a Dow's Lake patio is quite the throw from a Kanata box. Spending the extra time to get to Ahora or Pancho Villa would've been well worth it.

(Other half had a beef burrito, which was very dry-looking. Something akin to Loblaws tortillas stuffed with shredded sticks.)

Edited to add: in other words, exactly what was already said here...

2007 Apr 4
I really really REALLY want to give this restaurant a thumbs up, but I just can't.

The "really really REALLY want to" is because I have known this establishment in better times.

Back when there was just Rosa’s Cantina and San Antonio’s, you were always guaranteed fresh food fast if you were coming for dinner, and you were always made to feel like you were just the person they wanted to see that night.

Whether you were sitting at the wee bar noshing and quaffing tortilla chips and margaritas, or at a table in the crowded back room eating a full meal, it was always a great place to be.

Atmosphere aside, the food was not prepackaged as there just wasn’t a market out there yet for that. Unfortunately with the franchising of the cantina, it has turned into just that. Prepackaged food and over-inflated prices. It really is too bad.

2007 Apr 4
The 'Mexican flag' enchiladas.

Not awful, but firmly in the "I could make better at home" category, which is never a great thing for ethnic food (no matter how Canadianised).

Dimly pictured in the rear: beef fajitas. A "not bad, but I prefer the Lone Star's" dish...

2007 Feb 21
This is for the Kanata franchise. I had only eaten at Mexicali Rosas in Montreal before trying the one in Kanata. In Montreal it is unexciting tex-mex but fine -fresh and fast. You go there when you want something cheap, easy and one step over fast food with margaritas. I've gone to the Kanata franchise at least 4 times. Each time the staff is nice but excruciatingly slow (20+ minutes to come take the order every time we go off hours, and slow even at peak hours too), the food tastes horribly pre-packaged and full of preservatives -the pre-shredded cheese is particularly sad. I wish there was a good Mexican or Tex Mex place in the West.

2006 Dec 10
I've gone to the location at Bank and Alta Vista a couple of times and been fairly unimpressed each time. It's just a typical chain restaurant with overpriced, overcheesed americanised mexican food.

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2007 Sep 14
Quite possibly the best Margarita I've ever had (at Dow's Lake location).