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2012 Oct 2
Went for lunch buffet. Very disappointed with the food. Everything was just very blah and low quality. Fried shrimp wasn't even real shrimp, more like shrimp mcnuggets, in the worse possible way. Noodle dishes had no flavour, crispy items were soft... won't be back and neither should you.

2011 Mar 7
typical chinese buffet. Not great. The only interesting thing is that now the buffet apparently includes brazilian churrascaria, with waiters in cowboy hats serving bits of bbq'd meat off swords tableside. The churrascaria meats were the best of what we were served. The rest ranged from terrible to passable, but nothing was outstanding.

2008 Jun 12
I went here for dinner last night as it is a popular spot for a volunteer banquet I attend every June. Our evening began at 6:30 for a little socialization then dinner at 7:00. Much to our surprise the party room at the back of the restaurant no longer exists and it looks like the tables closer to the buffet have disappeared. The only tables left are the ones to the right of the entrance. There were about 40 people at our banquet last night and we easily took up half of the remaining tables. The remaining tables were almost empty - maybe two or three tables were occupied by other diners.

I started with the wonton soup, egg rolls, and sushi (a new item). The wonton soup was a little on the greasy side and the sushi a little dried out. (I'm not a big fan of egg rolls so I can't really comment on those.) The only sushi available were california rolls and salmon roe sushi. I chose vegetable fried rice, garlic ribs and broccoli for my main course and found the food tasteless and the broccoli overcooked. (I should have followed Fresh Foodie's advice and asked for hot sauce.) Thankfully there was enough of these items I could have decent sized servings of each. I noticed a number of food trays nearly empty and it didn't look like the food was being replenished. I finished with a burned almond cookie.

I only go to this restaurant once a year but I find over the last couple of years the quality of food deteriorating. Perhaps the sushi is an attempt to draw in customers? I have a feeling this restaurant won't be around much longer.

2008 May 13
Went last night. Over the years this place has consistently been inconsistent. For a while it is horrible, and then its good for a few months, then it reverts back.

Last night was amazing and I was very surprised at how good it was. They also had new choices on their steam line.

Making its debut appearance, according to me, was a kick ass snopwpea and shrimp stir fry. The shrimp were not only fresh, but peeled. Something you don't always see in an Asian buffet. The calamari was a little rubbery, but just a little. Their mushrooms were perfectly cooked and everything was hot.

I did find the Singapore noodle a little dry, but I suspect it had been out too long.

I was told the General Tao chicken was good, just needed a little pick me up spice wise.

The Beef in Black Bean Sauce was perfect imo and the new vegetarian spring rolls weren't overly greasy (as is the case in this place usually).

We left scratching our heads a little knowing it prolly wont last.

2008 Apr 16
Went here for lunch with a co-worker. I have been to a few buffets in my days, and this was by far the worst. The food was cold, tastless, and old. I actually almost threw up after eating the garlic Bok Choy. I had to spit it into my napkin to stop gagging. The chicken balls we also cold, and the sauce tasted like it had been out for days. The roast beef was on a hotplate, but cold, with no-one to serve it. The plates I picked for the buffet line had dried food already on it (not washed). The BBQ pork was the driest I have ever tasted, with no flavour.

Really the worst food experience I can recollect, and my expectations are not unreachable when it comes to buffets.

I will never go back.

2006 Sep 4
Pretty standard Chinese buffet. Ask for some hot sauce if you want to make all the fried stuff more interesting. Excellent value.