Smoked Elk Sausage at Elk Ranch
Where to get Smoked Elk Sausage

2008 Jun 5
I bought some of the Elk sausage at the Farmers Market this past weekend. They were great! Just make sure you remember that they are already cooked, so don't leave them on the grill for too too long.

2007 Sep 18
I agree! I bought some earlier this summer and we all really enjoyed them. Very lean, too!

I did feel a bit cheeky telling my 3-year-old son that they were "reindeer sausages." (He knows about moose, deer, and reindeer, but not elk.) He asked for "more reindeer sausage, please" and all I could think of was this picture. ;-)

2007 Sep 18
These sausages were awesome. While I was expecting the game-y flavour to come through, it is somewhat masked by the smoking. It makes for a subtle but flavourful munch. At $10 for 4 medium sized ones, I wont be filling my freezer with them, but a nice treat every once in a while.