Foodie kitchens [General]

2008 Mar 29
My fiance and I have recently (this morning!) purchased our first home and we will be completely renovating the kitchen before moving in. We need a kitchen designer to help us choose appliances, finishes, layout etc. Does anyone here have experience working with a particular designer or company, or just something to pass on that they've heard from a friend? We are totally lost - at this point we don't even know what our budget should be to get the kind of foodie-friendly kitchen we want!

2008 Mar 31
Here is the before of our kitchen:

2009 Mar 31
We had our kitchen done by Kitchen Craft. We got excellent service and a great product. They are out near the lighthouse by the Museum of Science and Tech. Cabinets and island top were built in Winnipeg and shipped by train. We had no issues whatsoever and the cabinets are very well built--there are no plastic components and even the drawer interiors are solid hardwood. The pantry we wanted didn't fit in our space so they customized one for us.

A few things to consider that we learned:

By taking your cabinets right to the ceiling you gain extra storage space for things you don't use as often.

We had a space built in the island for the microwave. This keeps it off your countertop and out of the way. Also better/safer for children taking hot things out of the microwave.

We have large pot drawers for storage--I find them more convenient than cupboards.

Don't hang compost/recycling bins off your cabinet doors--they get too heavy and can put too much tork on the door. Look for the slider mechanisms that allow you to support the weight of the bins. We have good sized ones for newspaper, cans/bottles, garbage, our reuseable grocery bags and garbage. Very convenient.