Sugar Shacks [Food/Vendor]

2008 Mar 15
It's that time of year! And this year I do not want it to suck!

Years ago went to a sugar shack on the Quebexico side, north of Papineauville in Ripond. Best experience ever but is closed now. Ever since then I have been disappointed. Went to Fultons last year and is was aweful commercial food.
Looking for a hard core authentic sugar shack which serves honest home cooked food. Any worthwhile suggestion appreciated!

2008 Apr 5
So, went to Wheeler's today as it is relatively near the cottage. I really really wanted it to be a great time after so many positive recommendations, but ultimately came away unimpressed and actually pissed. Price was fair for the meal but there were some issues.

1) The syrup itself. They were advertising that it was 2008 season syrup at the tables, and to be honest something was off. There was an odd metallic taste to it and was repeated on 3 seperate bottles after asking for new ones. On top of that to buy the syrup afterwards for home it was 22$/L, which I really think is gouging.

2) Sausages. There is no way the batch our party got were fresh. They had definitely been previously frozen and tasted exactly like PC maple sausages and not homemade as advertised.

And to top it off, don't want to accuse them of food poisonning, but our entire party spent the afternoon on the throne and it was all we had eaten. Seriously, it was as if I had eaten 5 Baconators...

2017 Apr 5
The sugar shack in Vanier is neat, but was only open last weekend.
But you can still walk on the paths and see the buckets on the trees where they collect the sap.

If you go in the Byward market, the maple syrup vendors often sell maple taffy in a tub-but they never bring a lot of it.
Also, I found out the taffy is not pure maple syrup and is mixed with some glucose to keep it from crystallizing.