Sugar Shacks [Food/Vendor]

2008 Mar 15
It's that time of year! And this year I do not want it to suck!

Years ago went to a sugar shack on the Quebexico side, north of Papineauville in Ripond. Best experience ever but is closed now. Ever since then I have been disappointed. Went to Fultons last year and is was aweful commercial food.
Looking for a hard core authentic sugar shack which serves honest home cooked food. Any worthwhile suggestion appreciated!

2008 Mar 15
My parents started bringing us (the kids) to Chez Brazeau in Papineauville and I still try to go every year. They have the best sugar pie, considering that I don't usually eat sugar pie it's quite an endorsement.

Cabane A Sucre Brazeau

The oldest sugar shack in the region, Cabane à Sucre Brazeau has been a family-run operation since 1957.

316 cote St Charles
Papineauville, QC
Phone: (819) 427-561

2008 Mar 15
There's a big list of sugarshacks here:

We went to one near Chelsea many years ago that was absolutely incredible. It was a work event so I don't know if the place is even open to the public. We dined in a beautiful log cabin and were served fantastic pea soup and all the usual stuff. Very rustic and very Québecois! Totally unlike Fulton's. The bummer is, I can't remember the name or even the location. :(

2008 Mar 15
As always, I'm a fan of Wheeler's west of Ottawa.

2008 Mar 17
My parents are coming out for a week around the end of the first week of april. Im tossed up between going to wheelers or Cabane a sucre brazeau.. They both seem very good. Anything else I should consider when choosing a sugar house to visit. (im not from ontario by the way and am only familar with the tapping of birch syrup)
In fact if none of you have every tried birch syrup, its fantastic!! A friend of mine has his own company in the Yukon, im not sure his prices, probably expensive considering that he only brings a couple people out to help him in his camp every spring. But it is amazing stuff. I did a small recipe book for him for the average ambitious home cook. here is his website. Follow the recipe link to see the stuff I did for him. Recipes can also be used with maple syrup as well.

2008 Mar 17
I was looking at going to Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm, anyone been there before or heard anything good about it?
Looking for a place that is fun for young kids & has good flap jacks to soak up the great maple syrup.

2008 Mar 18
I started the same thread in the newsgroups at work, and here is the most interesting response so far :


I've been disappointed in recent years with sugar shack but
"Auberge des Gallant" really raised the bar for me. It's in Rigaud,
Québec (~50-60 minutes from Ottawa?) which is the first city you
encounter after you cross the Quebec-Ontario province border. The
Auberge has 4 stars in the Debeur Guide which rates restaurant.

Official Site

The Sugar Shack is separated from the Auberge. The sugar shack is
located in front of the street which runs in the wood and after your
meal you can go visit the auberge by walking 5 minutes from the Sugar

2008 Mar 18
Stanley's is a nice place. Beautiful building. But more of an established restaurant (like Wheeler's) as opposed to a sugar shack.

2008 Mar 18
Which of the places mentioned serve food on real plates vs plastic or styrofoam?

That's a major criteria for me - if I want plastic or styrofoam I'll go to McDonald's.

2008 Mar 18
Wheelers has normal restaraunt dishes, and a huge fireplace. Daft implied that Wheeler's is not really a sugar shack... it is not a 'shack', but it has the sap boiling room attached to the restaraunt, and the restaraunt is a large log, post and beam building. Also, not mentioned here.. the maple sausages are TO DIE FOR!.

2008 Mar 18
You had me at maple sausages! I think a trip to Wheeler's is in my future...

2008 Mar 18
My sister is coming here from Whitehorse next week and I've just asked her to see if she can pick me up some of the birch syrup...i'm really intrigued by this!

2008 Mar 19
Pete speaks the truth. The maple sausages at Wheeler's are awesome (at least they were two years ago).

2008 Mar 20
Food lover, you will love the birch syrup, its sooo different than maple. Dont expect to simply pour it on your pancakes (allthough) I do, but expect to cook with it. You have to have a "TinTinna Toddy" from the recipe link I provided above.

2008 Mar 25
The birch syrup, this reminds me to remind my sister again before she gets here this weekend!!
FF: did you remember the name of the fun sugar bush you went to near Chelsea? I was thinking of taking my niece and nephew this Sunday to one...I've already been to Wheeler's.....

2008 Mar 25
This is by no means a place of epic poportions, but hey it is our very own "urban" surgar bush. Check it out. there having a festival this weekend from the 29th to the 6th of april. Everything from Medieval combat, Disco Dance (with bar), Lumberjack competition (cant wait for that, brings me back home), taffy on snow and all the norm. Also if your scared of all the crazy events, for god sake at least come out for brunch on the 6th, (you can also watch the show). Ill definetly be there!! Its so close to my house...

2008 Mar 25
This is from a buddy of mine :


We like Fortune Farms outside of Almonte:

They're pretty small, family run, and they have some guys running a
recreation of an 1850's sugar camp out in the woods.

2008 Mar 28

We go every year since we live around the corner and the sugar bush festival coincides with my younger daughter's birthday. You forgot to mention the horse drawn wagon rides and kid's craft room and Little Ray's Reptiles (inside in the library).

Maybe we'll see you there.

2008 Mar 30
foodlover, there's a good chance that the awesome sugar bush we went to many years ago was this one:

However, I'm not sure. The menu looks right but the photos don't ring a bell. Not quite Chelsea either, but I was quite new to Ottawa when I went so I plead ignorance. :-)

EDIT: We went to this sugar shack today and it definitely isn't the one! Good food but very crowded and loud (which is fine if you're into that). Styrofoam and plastic dishes though...

2008 Mar 30
Apparently stanley's doesn't use their own syrup. They buy it from someone else (another sugar bush) and use that at the tables for their pancakes. This is what I've been told anyway by a relative living across the street from them.

2008 Mar 30
Remember to refrigerate your maple syrup...
"Last week an uninvited guest showed up for breakfast. As I poured maple syrup over my son’s waffle, Plop! A perfect dime-sized fungus colony spilled out to crown that waffle like a malevolent pat of butter. The maple syrup had been sitting out, unrefrigerated for, um, quite a while."

2008 Mar 31
Went to Stanley's Olde Maple Lame Farm on the weekend. It's a nice venue, clean, warm, large, well kept, nice gift shop, farm animals for the kids to pet. However, for a family of 4 it cost $57 for a small buffet style breakfast of;

- soggy french toast
- warmed up pancakes
- store bought Belgian waffles
- lots of maple syrup
- powdered egg omelet
- boiled slices of ham
- greasy sausages
- watered down cool-aid
- coffee and tea
- plastic plates, cups and utensils

Wagon rides and snow maple toffee cost extra. Couldn't find the sugar shack where they boil the maple sap.

Wheeler's or Fulton's have MUCH better food. I wouldn't recommend Stanley's

2008 Mar 31
Wow, that's depsressing! Yeah, Wheeler's was pretty fantastic by way of comparison. The plate of food for 8 bucks was impressive (2 massive pancakes and 3 sausage) - and you could watch them making the pancakes on the enormous grill

2008 Mar 31
I'd recommend Wheeler's as well. I grew up in Perth just west of Ottawa - the town hosts an annual Maple Fest every April (and a Garlic Festival in August where oddities such as Garlic Chocolate Chip Cookies exist)

2008 Apr 1
Uggh... I lost this the first time (how frustrating).

Visited Picton and area this weekend for the "Maple in the County" Festival. This was FOODIE HEAVEN! Look for future posts on my visit.

We visited three Sugar Shacks, all of them different they were:

Fosterholm Farms - West of Picton, on Highway 11, not far from Sandbanks Provincial Park, on the northside of East Lake. A GIGANTIC operation, the largest one I have ever seen. They tap over 7,000 trees. We arrived to a large crowd waiting to have the country breakfast ($ 8). We didn't eat here, but noticed that everyone seemed to be happy when they exited the hall. The sugar shack is pretty hi-tech. They have all the latest gizmos and gadgets to turn all that sap into syrup. They are so big that in addition to plastic lines and pumphouses, they have to run around with a stainless steel tanker (think milktruck) to pick up the sap and bring it to the sugar shack. The place is very well organized (they'd have to be) the tour was interesting, but all-in-all this place was way too commercial for me.

Vader's Maple Syrup - On Highway 18, not far from Sandbanks, on the southside of East Lake. A family run operation, medium in sizing and technology. Guests kind of wander around (vs lining up at Fosterholm's), and ask questions on their own. There was a waffle station (honour system) and lots of maple syrup products for sale. They had taffy on the snow - FREE for kids ($ 1.00 for adults). But the big draw was the giant kettle on the front lawn where they made popcorn popped in oil and maple syrup.

Waupoos Estate Winery & Sugarbush - Southeast of Picton on Highway 8, across the street from the Waupoos Winery. Not at all what I expected! Seeing as they were associated in their advertising with the Winery, I expected a larger operation. I was instead pleasantly surprised to find a family farm with the sugar shack being manned by the 30 year old owner (he was 3rd generation making syrup on the farm). In fact, this site was all about family, his wife and him and other realitives were manning the food etc. This young farmer was a joy to talk to, you could really tell he loved the farm (and its history). This was a small operation, where a lot of the work was done by hand. They even had some trees they still tapped and collected by hand, so guests could look in the buckets hanging on the trees. Because this was a wood fire, this way of making maple syrup is labour intense, someone has to man the fire 24 hours a day. This to me makes the experience more authentic, and well if you are going to be in the shack 24/7, then I think you are more connected to the product you make. At least that was my impression. Food was pretty casual, Maple Ham & Beans with a Roll. Prices seemed reasonable. Kids could see and pet the chickens and goats. All-in-all I would say I probably liked this place the most (although if I had kids in tow, I most likely would have eaten elsewhere - No tables to sit at).

Overall the nice thing about "The County" Maple Festival is that you can go from place to place. Every location offers something different. We only went to 3 sugar shacks, but there were 6 or 7 open for tours. Some had walks thru the bush, some had wagon / sleigh rides. We would definitely recommend this as an outing for others (and even though we saw most of it, we'd go again too).

2008 Apr 1
We ended up going to Stanley's this weekend. I agree with the previous post here that I thought the prices for the buffet were expensive...especially $10 for kids! There's no way a kid would eat that much food, well, maybe some! But, after having the bad experience at Dunn's earlier, we wish we would have eaten there.
My niece and nephew had fun anyways, sleigh rides, barn with animals to feed and pet, and of course, maple taffy.

2008 Apr 4
hoping to get to a sugar bush this weekend and this is just the kind of information i have been looking for. thanks!

Wheeler's looks like a good option, but maybe a bit too far out of town for the kids (they're little and hourlong car rides are to be avoided if possible LOL).

I could not find much info online for Chez Brazeau - can you tour the sugar shack , go for sleigh rides etc or is it more of a restaurant?

looking for an outing rather than simply a restaurant if possible...

2008 Apr 4
If an hour long car ride is too much for the kids then you probably have crappy car seats. Actually I'll almost guarantee it since there is only 1 top-end car seat sold in Canada - the Britax Marathon.

We make 2 long trips every summer - in June a 12 hour drive to NB. In July a 15 hour drive to NS. 4 years ago when the kids were about 8 months and 2.5 years, we had the youngest in a Britax and the oldest in a Century for the trip to NB. The youngest had a smooth ride the whole way without the slightest complaint. The oldest was absolutely miserable the whole way - cranky, could not sleep, etc. Same thing on the way back for both.

When we got back from that trip we got rid of the Century and bought another Britax. The trip to NS was smooth as silk for both kids. There and back. And it has been ever since without much complaint at all from either.

At $400 including taxes it's expensive. But if you do any driving at all it's worth every penny. And in looking at them, you can see the Britax is built like a brick outhouse. It's also infinitely easier to install than other car seats. We would sometimes fight for over a half hour to get the Century installed. And even then it would be wobbly. I don't think it's ever taken more than 2 minutes to install the Britax, and it's always rock solid. And it's forward and rear facing so good for infant til they move to a booster seat (our oldest just turned 6 and is just now growing out of his)

2008 Apr 4
MT- Brazeau have horse drawn sleigh rides, and as far as tours go, I don't remember since it's not something I've looked into, sorry.

The food is great, the ambiance is quite authentic and you can byob or byow if you wish.

2008 Apr 4
We're heading to the Sucrerie de la Montagne this weekend (, way-the-hell out in Hudson.

Why are we going so far, you ask?

Well, it's the cabane that Tony Bourdain went to in the Québec episode of No Reservations! And I can't get enough of that guy's wicked beard.

I will freely admit that this makes me a bit dumb, especially because the admission fee is exorbitant. $27.50 on weekends! PER PERSON!

Yet still I go. Must be the beard fogging up my thought processes.

2008 Apr 5
Momomoto - Please share your experience with this location. I am interested in finding a spot as authentic as possible when it comes to making maple syrup... after reading their website I think this place may come close. I grew up when this was a labour itensive operation, everything was done by hand (tapping, hanging cans, collection - I see this places uses a horse drawn sleigh). I'd am particularly interested on what happens in the sugar shack... no electricity or propane for me. I'm looking for a large operation that is still using a wood fire (and preferably a piece of pork to cut the foam). Please let me know what you find.

2008 Apr 5
See the link I have above to Fortune Farms Food&Think

2008 Apr 5
As an Ottawa Foodie without regular car transportation...
There are no sugar shacks that are bussable to anybodies knowledge eh?

2008 Apr 5
So, went to Wheeler's today as it is relatively near the cottage. I really really wanted it to be a great time after so many positive recommendations, but ultimately came away unimpressed and actually pissed. Price was fair for the meal but there were some issues.

1) The syrup itself. They were advertising that it was 2008 season syrup at the tables, and to be honest something was off. There was an odd metallic taste to it and was repeated on 3 seperate bottles after asking for new ones. On top of that to buy the syrup afterwards for home it was 22$/L, which I really think is gouging.

2) Sausages. There is no way the batch our party got were fresh. They had definitely been previously frozen and tasted exactly like PC maple sausages and not homemade as advertised.

And to top it off, don't want to accuse them of food poisonning, but our entire party spent the afternoon on the throne and it was all we had eaten. Seriously, it was as if I had eaten 5 Baconators...

2008 Apr 6

I have never been, so no comments on quality, but it is bussable at least!

2008 Apr 6
Draft Dinner - I'm sorry to hear that your experience at Wheelers wasn't better (it sucks when we make a special outing somewheres only to be disappointed). Unfortunately, as far as the syrup cost, $ 22 a litre is pretty much the norm (the real stuff is not a cheap product). All of the syrup I have seen this year is running somewheres between $ 20 and $ 25.

2008 Apr 6
We've visited three places in the past two weekends, all very different.

Last Saturday we went to Auberge des Gallant in Rigaud, QC. The 'Maple Pavilion' is just up the road from the hotel itself. It has fixed seating times in a large wood building with a fireplace; you eat on long communal tables. When we were there on Saturday there weren't any special activities but they have trails through the sugar bush where you can walk and look out for the plentiful deer. The main focus of the sugar bush is on the restaurant/pavilion. It is not what you'd call 'rustic' or 'back woods' but the atmosphere is nice. The food is buffet-style and consists of all the traditional Quebecois foods that you'd expect at a Cabane a Sucre. My wife hates pea soup and would normally never touch it, but when I first tasted the soup there I knew it was nothing like I'd ever had out of a can, and sure enough even she was impressed and ended up having a bowl which was a pretty notable event by itself. I enjoyed all the food (you can see the menu on their web page) and the desserts were pretty decadent, including the obligatory tarte au sucre which was great. They also had their own labelled maple beer, which is brewed by Schoune (a Quebec micro), and a couple of ciders. The price per adult on Saturday evenings (when we were there) is $25, which is pretty pricey for a sugar bush. I didn't find too unreasonable as I really enjoyed the food, but if you can swing a weekday evening the price goes down to $18 and I'd say that at that price it would be a really great value. Rigaud is conveniently located close to Vankleek Hill, so you can also visit Beau's Brewery and pick up a bottle or three of LugTread or Bog Water since you've travelled all that distance anyway!

Their web site is:

This weekend we went to Fortune Farms and Temple's.

Fortune Farms is close to Almonte. It doesn't have a restaurant but otherwise is your traditional sugar bush. Notable is the wood-fired evaporator and the kettles that they have set up along the trails in the woods. If you want to see a recreation of how it was traditionally done, this is a good place to go. They also had activities set up which the kids enjoyed involving a variety of wooden toys. I was impressed with the staff and the detail they went into during the tours. It was our first visit but I would definitely go back there.

Since Fortune Farms doesn't have a restaurant on site, we drove to Ferguson's Falls and went to Temple's Sugar Camp. It is a complete sugar bush but the focus seems to be on the restaurant which is only a year or two old and is big. It seems to be popular as there was a big line for a table when we went (and that was at about 2 pm, not noon). The food is traditional Ontario sugar bush, which is different from the Quebec side - lots of pancakes involved. The pancakes, sausages and maple baked beans were all good. My wife had a breakfast panini which she said was also very good. I have to give them credit for having excellent coffee; it was from Francesco's here in town. It wasn't a speedy place (being in peak season), but as long as you're not in a hurry (we weren't) I'd recommend it for a casual lunch.

Regarding syrup prices, we paid $18 for a litre at Fortune Farms (I'm pretty sure that's correct). We've found the cheapest place is typically the stalls in the Byward Market. You can get the standard 540 ml cans for about $6 or $6.50 and can get a discount if you buy a case of 8 cans.

2008 Apr 6

I guess I am a little out of touch with market prices. I feel spoilt since I get my syrup for 10$/L from my neighbor, whose brother produces it in the Eastern Townships. It is seriosuly the best I have ever tasted.

2008 Apr 7
F&T: The place was absolutely packed, which meant that they weren't doing tours of the operation that day. The fellow with the horses was doing his rounds and checking the lines, I think, but not letting other people go out with him. Their operation will remain a mystery for the time being.

I'd like to go back when there aren't so many people. I think there were likely 300 in the dining hall alone! Serves me right for going on the first really nice Sunday it was open.

The food was OK, and was brought to your table instead of buffet-style due to the crowds. Still all-you-can-eat, though.

It's a nice drive out that way. No cops on the 417 or the 40 at all!

2008 Apr 7
Draft Dinner - I guess I should have been a little clearer in my reply... yes you can find syrup cheaper (a lot of the price has to do with the grade... AA - Extra Light (US Fancy), A - Light, B - Medium, C - Amber, D - Dark) the price I was quoting was for Light. Grades AA and A, are basically only available directly from a supplier. Grade B or C is what typically shows up on the grocery store shelves, and Grade D is commerical (used in candy making, etc).

I like you try to access my syrup directly from a farmer, and if you know him personally all the better when it comes to price.

Momomoto - Glad to hear you had a good time. Did you make a Beau's pitstop? And if yes, do you have any "Beau's News" to share. They've obvioulsy been so busy since the LCBO thing, that they haven't been updating their blog. :-(

Thanks for the info on the Hudson Sugaring Off location. I don't know the operation personally as I haven't been to that one, so I was curious about their set-up. I'm surprised they weren't taking people out on collections, seeing as the sap was definitely running. Unless there was a safety reason (or too much mud) or some other valid technical reason, unless they were genuinely forthcoming with a reason, I'd have to say that makes me a little suspicious. I am always wary when I can't see the whole operation.

I know that a lot of Quebec operations are huge year-round tourist sites (sugar shack, food, entertainment). And well, lets just say that sometimes the product is of poorer quality (because they have to hold the sap to have something to boil year-round). As well in the past, there were even some year-round sugaring off operations were fined / closed down because they were "cutting" their syrup (a process achieved by boiling a mix of brown sugar and water and making a caramel syrup water). Because of that, I am a real purist / authenticist in my syrup preferences.

2008 Apr 7
Sadie_Lady, I faintly remember going here as a child, I think it was with a school trip.
I found this info online:
The Log Farm
Sugar Bush (Seasonal)
Hours of operation 9:00 am -3:00pm. Saturdays & Sundays & the week of March Break
Pancake House- Weekends only during month of March
Family Rate available
General Store - maple treats & more
Historical Tours

For more information please contact us at:
The Log Farm is located at 670 Cedarview Rd. located near West Hunt Club & Hwy 416.
Ottawa, Ontario K2R 1E5
Tel: (613) 825-7551
Fax: (613) 727-6126

2008 Apr 7
F&T: We did consider making a Beau's run, but ended up passing simply because we were so run down from all of the activity. I've got three bottles waiting to be returned to them, though, so I hope I go soon.

I'd also buy more of the Debrinzer sausage that they sell there. It was fantastic.

2008 Apr 7
I'm due for a Beau's run myself. Thanks for the info regarding the Debreziner Sausage, I wasn't aware of that. I suppose it is locally made. I'll be sure and check it out when I'm there.

2008 Apr 7
Not only is it locally made, but it's made from the hogs that are fed the leftover mash from the brewing operation. A delicious circle.

Yeah, they have a little freezer on-site where they sell local victuals.

2008 Apr 7
Which sausage? Who? Where? What? Beau's?

2008 Apr 7
Thanks Harrysmom and Candice!
Im off to the Vanier Sugar bush this week!! (if I can still get breakfast)


2008 Apr 8
Zym: Pork. Tamworth Farms (I think?) Beau's. Delicious. Yes.

In that order, I think.

Rephrased: When we were at Beau's a month-and-a-bit ago, we picked up some of the sausage that they also sell on-site. The sausage is made by farms close-by and, in the case of the Tamworth Farms ones, are fed the mash left over from the brewing operation.

The Debreziner sausage that we picked up was really good. Feels like it's done in natural casing, too: they had that satisfying "snap" when you eat 'em.

2008 Apr 8
Surgar fest Vanier was fun. Lots of action and a huge breakky loaded with tons of beans (a container to go as well) and maple syrup. I got my very own bottle of "urban Syrup". Dont worry it does not taste like tailpipes etc... Will go back next year for sure for the mini donut machine alone!!

2008 Apr 10
I have to agree with orleansfoo.
I've been to Cabane A Sucre Brazeau and it's got to be the best I've ever had. My husband has been going there since he's been a teenager, he's 61 now. With the all you can eat and drink at such a terrific price. The food is marvelous. If you haven't been there, it's worth trying it out. Since I don't like crowded places, I arrive at the time the open and there isn't anybody there, if so, just a few people. We eat in a quiet setting with real dishes but they are hard plastic. A mean to die for. Anyone wanting to know the menu, let me know.

2008 Apr 10
In the words of Mr T ... "I pity da orleansfoo" :-)

2008 Apr 10
yeah, I pity him too!

Mikajenny- thanks for seconding my vote, Brazeau's is first on my list always, I've never been disappointed by their food or service for that matter.

2008 Apr 10
I ended up going to Proulx because it's closer to where I live and I have to say I was disappointed. We waited in line outside for an hour to get our meal which was crazy expensive for what it was and we sat cramped in a little shack eating our overpriced meal while sipping on instant coffee and watered down "juice". Buffet is $17, pancakes and sausage is $10 and pancakes and beans is $7. They are all you can eat meals but I was done after one (paper) plate.

2008 Apr 11
Too bad MelodySoul.. looks like you hit the crazy busy time at Proulx, as a lot of families go for the um.. convenience. I don't know Daft_Diner, and I have sympathy for his reported throne exercises, but I was at Wheeler's two weeks ago (on a Saturday morning) and my experience was not only excellent, but it mirrored pretty much exactly the previous half dozen times I've been there. The syrop was fresh, and yes, 2008 vintage. The pancakes were fluffy. The service staff was quite accomodating for our party of 10, and most importantly the maple sausages were excellent. I'm not sure I can claim with surety (as Daft_Diner does) that they were not frozen, but I can claim they taste nothing like PC Maple sausages. Although small, the Wheeler's sausage is so lean, you cannot even get fat to squeeze out when you press it to your plate with a fork. I have tried many different grocery sausages, and I cannot say I've ever been able to have one pass the 'squeeze' test without leaking lots of fat.

2008 Apr 11
I really had to bite my tongue as well w.r.t. the claims made by daft_diner concerning the syrup and sausages. Not exactly sure how they could be so certain of those claims. I remain extremely impressed with my experience at Wheeler's.

2008 Apr 12
Simply relaying my most recent experience at Wheeler's. I've been a few times in the past, during their low season, and it was great. If you have had nothing but a positive experience, then good for you.
But this last time, all I know is that it was busy as heck with an hour's wait, and ultimately something was off with both the sausages and syrup.

2008 Apr 13
went to "Sucrerie de la Montagne" Great overall experince. Food was very rustic and hearty! They were cooking down syrup on there wood fired evaporater so it was cool to see in action. taffy was great and they had the horse and carrige going as well. I would recommend this to anyone wanting the real deal sugar shack experince. Make resos in advance and be prepared for a 23 dollar meal!! Ouch! But you only have to make it once a year so thats not so bad.. Stopped at beau's on the way back and got the full tour, plus a couple half gallon bottles for the evening!!! And of course some bratwurst for my progies from the organic pig farm!!

2008 Apr 15
Draft Dinner - On a recent trip to VanKleek Hill, I discovered Maple Syrup is selling in the region for about $ 15 / litre. But as I said, you might have to know the farmer to get it at that price.

2009 Mar 12
I have enjoyed Domaine de L'Ange Gardien and Le Palais Gommé

2010 Mar 9
it's that time of year again. syrup is running due to our crazy weather.

i'm looking for a sugar bush to visit that isn't too far from downtown ottawa and that offers something for preschoolers. we don't care about the buffet, but do want to buy some syrup, seem some tapped trees and just enjoy the outdoors for a while. all the places mentioned above seem to be mostly about the buffet.

the vanier sugar festival is in april, and i'm looking for something this month.


2010 Mar 9
Isn't there, a sugar bush at Stony swamp?

2010 Mar 9
i looked at the fortune farms website and it looks perfect for us. if the weather cooperates we will check it out this weekend.

i'm not aware of a sugar bush at stony swamp. we go there often in the winter to hike and feed the chickadees. i'll ask google.

2010 Mar 9
I looked at some of the posts from last year and just wanted to add my thumbs up for Wheelers pancake house as well. Went there a lot when I was young, and definitely going to make the trip there this season as well. I would recommend it, and great for families, kids, couples and really all ages.

2010 Mar 9
I looked back in this thread and saw the reference to the Picton and area's "Maple in the County" Festival March 27 & 28, 2010.
Here is the website:

2010 Mar 9
I was at Stanley's on the weekend and can confirm what others have said. The animals, children's play area, and wagon/sleigh rides are nice, and entertaining for the young folk. The food however is not particularly good, especially at $15/adult and $10/child. The maple syrup served with the food was um... not very memorable. A fun half-day for the family, but I wouldn't return for the food. On the positive side, there are many employees to help in the various areas, even a greeter in the parking lot!

2010 Mar 10
There is a little sugar shack near were I live ( It is only open a few days a week, and only for about 2 months a year, but the ambiance is nice, the service is friendly and the food is just great (if you like traditionnal sugar shack food, of course). The cooking is done on a wood stove, and involves lots of cast iron. It's all you can eat, but sit-down service (not a buffet).

Not cheap and reservations are mandatory, but I think it's worth it for a once a year treat of deliciously unhealty food. And you can even bring your wine or beer (no fees).

2010 Mar 10
The sugar shack at Stony Swamp is not at one of the hiking places, but is actually the Log Farm which can be accessed off of Cedarview. It is fun for little kids as they have a tractor ride and animals at the farm. The other which is actually in the city and can be accessed by bus (#5) is in Vanier. It is the only sugar shack in an urban milieu in the world.

2010 Mar 11
Thank you for contacting the National Capital Commission (NCC).

In response to your e-mail, the NCC wishes to inform you that the Log
Farm Sugarbush, located at 670 Cedarview Road in Nepean (between Hunt
Club & Fallowfield) is open Saturdays and Sundays, between March 6th -
March 28th, 2010 from 10:00am - 3:00pm. It is also open March 15th-19th
(March Break) from 10:00am-3:00pm.

$5.00 (gst included) Sugar Bush admission includes:
-Self-guided tour of the national capital's historic Bradley's homestead

-Taffy on snow
-Acres of walking trails
-Visit of our General Store

In addition, there is an 'all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet' in the
Bradley Lodge, served from 9:00am - 3:00pm, which includes:
-Pancakes with Log Farm syrup
-Fresh farm scrambled eggs
-Country sausage links
-Orange juice
-Coffee & hot chocolate

This breakfast will cost $9.00 for adults ; $7.00 for children
(3-12years). There is no charge for children 2 and under if parent or
guardian is eating

Should you have additional questions, please contact the Log Farm
directly at:

The Log Farm
670 Cedarview Road
Ottawa, Ontario K2R 1E5
Tel: 613-843-8090
Fax: 613-727-6126

If you have further questions or require clarification, please do not
hesitate to contact us again.
Telephone: 613-239-5000 or 1-800-465-1867
Teletypewriter / TTY: 613-239-5090 or 1-866-661-3530

2010 Mar 11
thank you for posting the information frank! i did find the website, but it didn't have any information about the sugar bush on it.

2010 Mar 12
Before you read my post... let me tell you I have NO ASSOCIATION with the following sugar bush! I found it merely searching for Proulx things in Ottawa on google (I was bored at school one day!)

It is the Proulx Berry Farm in Cumberland...

They seem to have a bit of everything - I've been thinking of trying it out myself - especially because I wouldn't mind having a bottle of maple syrup with my own last name on it perched nicely on my kitchen table :)

2010 Mar 12
Anybody know of a sugarbush offering easter egg hunts? I saw a mention of one in some free newspaper, but can't find it again now. I want to have an easter egg hunt for my toddler son, but I don't want to have a ton of chocolate in the house for him to gobble either (he's become a real chocolate fiend and nagged me endlessly for chocolate every day after I bought a bunch for Valentine's Day). This way we can have the thrill of the hunt with no sugary aftereffects!

Also, I read several mentions of birch syrup in the thread above. I have an article on birch syrup on my blog, so if you feel like hearing my completely subjective opinion on the stuff, here it is: (look under July 2009 for the entry on birch syrup)

On a side note, I have to say that I like the sugarbush at Fulton Farms! They have a nice playground for the kiddies and the horse drawn sleigh ride is really fun. Also nice to walk around the bush and see the tubing for the maple syrup. They have an extensive range of maple food products in the cafeteria (maple cotton candy! maple tarts, maple cake, maple tea biscuits and on and on) and they are very tasty(albeit nothing can match the heavenly smell of baking maple products wafting out of their kitchen, not even the finished baked goods!) I went there last March and on Feb. 20 of this year (the day they opened) and had loads of fun each time.

2010 Mar 12
Wheeler's had an easter egg hunt last time we were there 2 years ago. You'll have to check with them for details

2010 Mar 12
Just finished reading all the reviews. Hoping the family can get out this Sunday "somewhere" to the person asking about Easter Egg hunts at Wheelers, I was just at the website and did see that over the weekend of April 2-5 they are indeed holding the following:

Hours: 9AM to 5PM every day over the Easter Holiday
Children's Easter Egg hunt through the Sugar Bush all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (FREE)

2010 Mar 14
I went to the Log Farm Sugarbush today (Cedarview/Hunt Club), nice place and grounds and the maple syrup was yummy, but not impressed with the breakfast at all. It seems they are now either owned by Lone Star Ranch or at least the breakfast was catered by them, it's not as good as it used to be. The pancakes weren't great at all, nor were the eggs/potatoes etc. My friend had been there a few years back and loved the breakfast, but he said it wasn't the same at all.
It was disappointing, but the maple syrup was good and we just added as much of that to our pancakes as we can handle (needless to say I ended up with quite a sugar crash later! ;)

Looking to try another place next weekend so great to have this thread with all the locations in and around Ottawa. Might try Fultons next...

2010 Mar 23
Thanks for the easter egg hunt info! I will check out Wheeler's!

And, for a grey Tuesday morning, here's a good news foodie story!

Canadian maple syrup rich in antioxidants, study finds

And yes, the research was funded by some maple syrup producers. To this I say "so what?". Industry funded research is very common and does not mean that the research behind it is flawed. A researcher wouldn't put his reputation on the line with bogus findings. That would get found out pretty fast.

2010 Mar 23
There have been many studies Ms.Foodie that show that `Industry Funded` research is MUCH more likely to support the aims of the funding industry. As an example, I would challenge someone to find Oil Industry funded published research that shows that CO2 emissions are the likely cause for global climate change (global warming). Sometimes research results are sort of like politics... in that the real story is not in what they say, but in what they don`t say. The only real question in this matter is why the published industry funded research has skewed results, which is a source of much debate.

I`m not challenging at all the maple syrup claims, but rather attacking the general claim that industry funded research results don`t show bias. There have even been claims that industry `donations` to universities is adversely shaping the direction of public research. A very hot topic this one is...

2010 Mar 23
Almost forgot! I was at Wheeler`s over the weekend, and the pancakes, french toast, and maple syrup were all very good. I even walked away with a gallon of Medium #1 ( $57 )

2010 Mar 23
Wow, $57 for a gallon is pretty good! We plan to go there maybe this weekend so I may have to get some too :-)

2010 Mar 24
We were at Wheeler's last week during the March Break, several families together so we were a group of 11. We were a little later for lunch (around 1:30) and were seated right away. The food was very nice. Tried the huge (!) pancakes, sausage and beans. The syrup was very tasty. All were good, but I like the beans at Temple's better. There is lots for the kids to do too, from a play area, farm animals, horse drawn wagon ride and walking trails (wear waterproof boots) as well as lots of other maple things, taffy, maple museum and old maple tapping/hauling gear.

2013 Mar 19
Has anyone been out to Sand Rose Sugar Camp east of Ottawa towards Cornwall? The website looks good and I thought it would be fun to drive in a different direction.

2017 Apr 3
While familiar with sugar bushes on the Ontario side (both with and without food service), I had never experienced the traditional Quebecois sugar camp. So this weekend I loaded up the family and visited Cabane a Sucre Brazeau in Papineauville. I made a dining reservation, which is recommended. When we arrived at 10, it was not too busy but it filled up by 11. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The greeting was pleasant, though I’m glad I speak French as several staffers didn’t speak English.

The dining room is filled with long cafeteria style tables, however the seating was arranged such that there was a decent buffer between groups. Our space was ready and set with non-disposable plastic dishes, jugs of maple syrup and milk, a bowl of oreilles de crisse, cold sliced ham and roast beef, and the usual condiments as well as several jars of pickled items. There was no shortage of food here. Potatoes and beans arrived immediately, followed by buns and an egg soufflé of sorts that contained probably a dozen eggs. They offered to give us more meat, but we declined as the kids were mostly just grazing leaving my wife and I to tackle the feast. Unfortunately weak and watery coffee was served. Overall I enjoyed the meal. The egg would have been better with some peppers or onions baked in, but it was fine. I hadn’t had oreilles de crisse before, I was a bit let down. It seemed to me to be essentially cold, extra crispy bacon. Still, it was a feast to be sure and made better by the plentiful syrup.

Dessert consisted of crepes (small thin pancakes) and sugar pie. It’s insane to think that this was all you can eat. We didn’t finish the 1st helping of anything, except the sliced meat and sugar pie. But could have had more of everything. I would say you get your money’s worth here if you’re a very hungry adult. Light eaters, or picky kids aren’t the target market here. The meal is $18 per adult, which includes taffy on snow which we went to get after. This was a highlight as the staffer was very friendly, and the taffy was really fresh tasting and delicious.

Skip the carriage ride as it’s $3 pp and just goes up the driveway and back, not through the forest or anything. There is a small petting zoo but that was about it for kids activities. If there were walking paths through the grounds they were poorly marked and we didn’t explore them. Likewise there seemed to be no demonstrations of syrup making or anything like that. The lack of other activities was a departure from my experiences on the Ontario side. This place is all about the all you can eat feast, so if you are considering going for this element, I’d recommend it, but suggest going with friends after a late night when you need some grease and sugar (and have a clear deck afterwards, ideally with free time to nap) rather than with a family of small kids.

2017 Apr 5
The sugar shack in Vanier is neat, but was only open last weekend.
But you can still walk on the paths and see the buckets on the trees where they collect the sap.

If you go in the Byward market, the maple syrup vendors often sell maple taffy in a tub-but they never bring a lot of it.
Also, I found out the taffy is not pure maple syrup and is mixed with some glucose to keep it from crystallizing.