incredibly stupid food / resto names [General]

2008 Feb 22
I just got back from the cafeteria where I noticed they have "Otis Spunkmeyer" cookies. I don't think their marketing team really wants to know what kind of image that one conjures up for me, but I certainly won't be buying them.

I also avoid places with really stupid names, just because.

I guess maybe the popularity of Orville Redenbacher popcorn has made marketers look for "that next silly name that will hit the big time".

2008 Feb 28
Was in 168 (New 168 Market ) last weekend.
I remembered this forum topic and whipped out my camera phone when I saw these.

Hahahahaha love it!

2008 Apr 22
On a road trip through New Hampshire and Vermont we saw a cafe called
"Road Kill Cafe". I always wondered who would have the nerve to stop ;)