Best fried chicken in Ottawa [General]

2011 Oct 21
Where does one get great fried chicken in Ottawa.

Key points, must have serious flavor. There used to be a Jamacian restaurant on Merivale just before kirkwood that did amazing fried chicken. It had a fiery kick to it, they moved to Montreal rd and then closed up shop.

I was at the Matar meat market for their kafta and kabobs when I saw their pressure fryer. I also saw the chicken come out and was very tempted until they told me there was no spices on it.

So folks, does Ottawa have such a thing?

Places I've been for fried chicken without any real flavor

-Jean Albert's

2012 Sep 10
Best Fried Chicken was in Savanna GA last year - Paula Dean's place - The Lady and Son's ...and an all you can eat Buffet. I almost did not make it out the door

2013 Mar 16
There is a world of difference between KFC in the U.S. and in Canada. The chicken in the US is plump and juicy. In Canada I find the pieces small and always dry.