Do you have any foodie goals for 2009? [General]

2009 Jan 23
I was reading some interesting goals on another site and was wondering what kind, if any, of food goals Ottawafoodies have for 2009?

Let me share mine:

1. Go for Hot Pot- have had it at home with friends but never in a Chinese restaurant.
2. Make a souffle. One of the things I have never tried.
3. Make homemade pate or a terrine. Love the stuff and would like to be able to make my own.
4. Make steak tartare at home with out giving myself food poisoning.
5. Go out for Korean food. I have intended to go for quite a while but have never managed to actually do it. I've been to several Korean owned "japanese" restaurants but that's not the same.
6. Visit one of Ottawa's higher end restaurants- I am a student, so this one will have to wait a bit.

I'm sure I'll think of a lot more, but how about you guys?

2009 Jan 28
I'd like to get out to Murray St and Navarra, I have heard great things about both and am looking forward to checking them out.

In the kitchen I'd like to add a few dishes and techniques to my repertoire particularly confited pork belly and duck legs, cured duck breast and perhaps some more consistent breads. I also would like to expand my knowledge of Chinese,Indian and S.American recipes.

I have been tossing the idea of spit-roasted lamb around in my head...perhaps if I have an event to celebrate I will try to see how difficult and expensive something like that is to pull off.

In my (hopefully enlarged) patio container garden I hope to improve my luck with tomatoes and eggplants, I basically had very little luck last year.

RE: steak tartare I am a big fan an it is something I make myself as an occasional treat (usually with homemade fries!). Use as fresh of lean meat and eggs as possible, chop it by hand with an extremely heavy and sharp knife, and if you are brave enough, horse makes the best tartare by far.

Also you can put the chopped tartare in a chilled, oiled ramekin, then invert on a plate of greens for a nice shapely presentation.

2009 May 29
on point