Foie gras ethics [General]

2008 Jul 28
I am a food lover, but I find the production of foie gras to be horribly inhumane to state it lightly. What is wrong with us as people when we glorify the mass confinement and force feeding of animals to create a so called "delicacy"? I can only assume that the "fans" of foie gras on this board have never actually been to a foie gras farm. All of the foie gras produced in Canada comes from Quebec and the conditons are sickening. These animals have metal tubes forced down their throat and have a third of their body weight forced into their bodies in about seven seconds. These animals often choke to death, have their esophaguses ruptured, or their stomachs literally explode. Fourteen countries in Europe have banned foie gras as will the state of California in a few years. I think we can all enjoy dining without torturing animals.

2008 Aug 14
Inhumanely = In Humane = Not Human ... So to be humane, one would treat animals as we would treat humans ....meaning 'The Golden Rule' (treat others as you would want them to treat you) should hold true.

So do humans treat animals like humans ? ... I think not.

And to look at the reverse situation ... Do humans treat humans like animals ? yes ... e.g. A Tazer(copyright) is a cattle prod for humans.

Hope this makes some sense ... it's 1:40am