Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) at JOEY Rideau
Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) at Indian Express Food and Sweets
Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) at Indian Express Food and Sweets
Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) at Little India Cafe
Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) at Indian Express Food and Sweets
Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) at Indian Express Food and Sweets
Where to get Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken)



2009 Jan 6
Hey Captain Caper!

Haven't been there yet. I will definitely check it out!


2009 Jan 3
Hey Newbie from T.O.,

Never had the Butter Chicken from Little India Cafe but ...

How about the Murgh Makhani from Indian food Express and Sweets ? (Indian Express Food and Sweets)

I'll put that one one up against anyone I ever had in The Tee Dot Oh or most of the ones I've had in England, including the prestigious Zaika.

2009 Jan 3
It was BRUTAL!!! Not at all what a true Murgh Makhani should taste like!! what a disaster!!

2007 Dec 9
Best butter chicken I've had in Ottawa! Very flavourful and creamy.

2012 Mar 20
greetings the best butter chicken I have had is at Cafe du petit India (Wakefield, QC). Family restaurant, and the family's secret recipe is very different from others - lighter, yet rich and smooth tasting (no thick tomato paste texture). The chicken melts in your mouth, and the sauce and rice are divine. A lot of love and pride go into their work. They also have butter chicken poutine as well. Their vegetarian options are excellent, chickpea curry is nice, and their veggie samosas are amazing.

Small restaurant with view of lake (maybe only a handful of tables), but you feel like you are eating at their home.



2010 Apr 1
Best butter chicken i've had so far.

2009 Jan 15
Such a great meal put together with rice and the garlic naan bread... I loved. And the service was amazing.

2008 Jan 1
This is the best butter chicken I've had. Plenty of sauce with a garnish of cilantro on top. It's heavy on the cream, but so rich and tasty. The curry isn't too strong and it's fantastic with their fresh naan.






2011 Jan 14
I thought the flavour was okay but my wife really didn't like it compared to other butter chickens in town. It was very, very greasy, and not in a good way. The meat was fine, although it did feature bits of gristle as others have mentioned.

At $11 for a large portion (pictured here), the price is unusually low. However, I'm happier paying 40% more to get a product that's 300% better at Little India Cafe.

I'll explain more. This is a super-rich butter chicken. You might like that, but when i eat something that rich it has to be spiced to match; otherwise, the balance is off! Butter chicken is usually thickened with almonds or cashews -- in this case, the almonds were inconsistently ground, which resulted in some pretty big nut chunks.

2009 Apr 10
Just had another go at Raj's Murgh Makhani ... and yup it's still the best I've had in this city.

Check out there new(ish) business cards with pictures of Hindu Gods and Godesses and on the reverse, a calendar with Hindu 'holidays' and even X-mas day mentioned.

The one I got is Hanuman, the half monkey half human one.

2009 Jan 3
Hey Zy,

Don't you remember me suggesting that you're Brewer Buddy's meeting could take place at The Elmdale Tavern with some take-out pizza's.

Click here: ---> <---

Well in just happens to be in the same entry where I describe taking food from the Indian Express (especially Butter Chicken) just down the street to The Elmdale Tavern so it could be paired with Beau's Beer and some Johnny Cash on the 'ol juke box. (Punch in selection 3701 for 'Folsom Prison Blues'.)

Here is what Jules thinks of my idea about take-out food being consumed at The Elmdale:
"Thanks to Captain Caper for throwing out the idea of getting take out for the Elmdale House Tavern - genius."

Also see my entry from Nov 19, 2007.

I usually don't sing the praises unless it is really really really good. Or as they say out east "Right-Some-Good !!".

2009 Jan 3
We've gotten take out here a few times in the last couple months, and the butter chicken is simply to die for.

2007 Nov 19
I know... the place (Indian Express) looks like a hole in the wall.... but oh what Murgh Makhani !!

I've had this dish in about 6 resto's in Ottawa and two in England, and this is the BEST rendition I ever came across. The creamiest, most almond packed, orangiest, lip smacken', curry I ever unleashed on my tongue. Not a hot spicy one, more of a blend of subtle flavours.

OK, OK, the occasional (small) piece of chicken grissle can (and will) turn up, but a small price to pay for all that goodness. They use both white and dark chicken meat and enough 35% cream to harden every artery in even the most healtiest body. I refuse to look at my bathroom scale a day or two after feasting on this stuff.

Think I'm full of .... curry ? Check this out:

Anybody in OttawaFoodie-land know of a better Murgh Makhani in Ottawa ? Please share.



2007 Nov 23
Used to be good, but tastes watered down now -- not rich and thick like it should be.


2008 Apr 1
There is something soooo delicious about their butter chicken. They make you keep going back for it.

2019 May 5
I had heard good things about the Butter Chicken at JOEY so my expectations were quite high. I'm happy to say this was good! A satisfying but not excessive portion of well-flavoured chicken. Not too creamy.

I spooned the rice into the butter chicken before ferrying them to their ultimate oral destination. Bites of the miniature naan and papadum added variety to the experience.

One thing to watch for: some of those chunks in the butter chicken bowl are actually carrot. I had to examine each bite closely to calibrate my expectations.