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Nov 18
I recently bought frozen cod and frozen shrimp from Thyme and Again. Both of these come from Fogo Island in Newfoundland. They are excellent. I thought to mention it here before one wouldn't normally think to buy fish or shrimp here. The fish is sold in 5 pound boxes.

2017 Jan 14
Thyme and Again is where I go when I want a special dessert. Their cake/tart menu changes every 2-3 months, and there is always a good mix of classic and innovative. Their cheesecakes are very well done, of the richer variety.

They usually have these mini salted caramel chocolate cheesecakes that make for a nice personalized dessert. They have sprinkled on them these satisfying crunchy chocolate balls on top, which I believe you can pick up from the Cupcake Lounge a few big blocks west in Westboro if you want to try and re-create at home.

Other cakes/tarts I've tried and enjoyed include the lemon tart and a dark chocolate salted caramel port tart.

They have nice scones and a yummy chocolate blizzard cookie. Their frozen classic tourtière, which you can buy to prepare at home, is tasty and has delicate flavours (as delicate as can be for a tourtière).

I've never eaten their prepared sandwiches, meals or soups in the shop (catering is their thing).

Worth stopping in if you are visiting Wellington West, or need a dessert for special guests or a special occasion.

2014 Apr 11
Thanks very much Thyme and Again for your generous donation to the Connaught Public School Stone Soup fundraiser.

2013 Nov 6
i see what you did there.

2013 Oct 1
RE: table service.

Have you tried asking them? Too many times, people wait to be offered service. If it doesn't look like that will happen, simply ask. You're sure to get an honest answer.

2013 Sep 30
This is the Short rib sandwich with a small mushroom soup. It tastes like pulled pork. The sandwich included some caramelized onions and BBQ sauce and a pickle and side of coleslaw. The mushroom soup was made with shredded mushrooms. While not creamy, it was a nice soft texture. This was, again, a very satisfying lunch. My only complaint about Thyme and Again is the same as Nick in Ottawa. Some of staff don't seem really happy to be serving clients. They don't clean tables - we have seemingly supposed to bring our dishes to the plastic bins and they don't offer to bring the order yo our tables. I was standing for 10minutes, waiting for my sandwich to be heated, and never did the staff offer to bring it over if I take a seat. It doesn't seem like much to ask when all the other coffee shops do that and it is not cheap here. Just saying.

2012 Jul 16
I have recently found out that I am gluten intolerant (boo hoo), so have begun my foray into the world of gluten-free.

I needed a dessert for an occasion and thanks to this site, saw that Thyme and Again had some offerings.

I went on Thursday night and picked up a gluten-free fruit flan........and it was delicious!

The crust was made from coconut (not sure what was holding it together - probably egg whites?)with the most deliciously creamy custard that was full of visible vanilla seeds (bonus!) and very juicy strawberries and blueberries on top.

Somehow the leftovers were even better the next morning for breakfast with my fake coffee (can't drink real coffee anymore either.....sigh.....).

All that to say, the flan made me a bit less sad to be gluten-free :):)

2012 May 12
I was quite disappointed with Thyme & Again. I dropped in for lunch and ordered two servings of the filet mignon with sesame sauce and a side for each: parsnips and carrots and basmati rice. It took approximately 15 minutes while I waited at the counter for the waitress to retrieve the filet, sauce and side from the fridge, plate it, and warm it up in the microwave (yup you heard right !). The staff as a whole was very slow. It was almost like they were walking in quick sand. Painful to watch. By the time I paid for it and took it to my table (which took another 2 minutes) the meat was ice cold. It was nearly raw in the middle, and one of the two portions was at least 1/3rd gristle and fat. To add insult to injury the standard issue knife they provided was very dull and we both ended up having to basically saw back and forth around 10 strokes to cut through each piece of the meat. I asked the waitress for a sharper type of knife and watched as she asked several of the staff. In a few cases they reached for butcher knives and laughed at her, in others they merely shrugged their shoulders. Alas they were not able to come up with a proper knife and we were left to struggle with our dull utensils after receiving a "sorry that's all we have". The espresso was also disappointed. They need to invest in a proper espresso machine (see for reviews/blogs, etc.). It had no crema and was burned, resulting in a strong, bitter taste. All in lunch with the espresso including a soup came to $53.00. I don't mind paying those sorts of rates but in this case Thyme & Again fell staggeringly short. I will not return.

2011 Nov 27
Went here for the first time yesterday, after having tried their appetizers at the NAC Food and Wine show 2 years ago. Tried their white chocolate cranberry scones, which were super moist!! I always find scones dry, but this one was great! Also had the peanut butter square, which the first few bites were delectable, but then it started to get too rich and too sweet. They give a huge piece; I think I would have been happy with just a quarter of it. My husband had the cappuccino brownie, which was pretty good but I’ve had better brownies. We also had the pecan cranberry tart, which after eating realized I prefer good old fashioned pecan pie/tart. Adding cranberries didn’t impress me. Lastly, we had the almond croissant, which was quite nice. The filling was more custard-like than baked frangipan, so it was very moist. I am planning on going back to try some of their savory foods next time. The place was packed, as well as upstairs and all the lunch items looked delicious!

2011 Aug 30
Needed something to eat for supper after a long arduous day at work and did not feel like the usual take out (pizza, thai, indian) so decided to drop by here (they are open until 8pm).

Opted for a grilled beef dish and bacon wrapped scallops. It was not made clear but I think you get to choose a side with each main. We picked the lemon poppy seed spaetzle. It was assumed that this was the chosen side for both mains which was OK but I would have preferred to have been prompted to get a veggie side too.

Heated the beef in the oven and the scallops and spatzle in the microwave. The meal was surprisingly delicious for something that has been half cooked and sitting in a refrigerator. Beef was perfectly tender and not overdone. The scallops also not overcooked. My favourite though was the spatzle which was very flavourful - in the end I was glad we had two servings!

Total was $33 – a great deal for quality take out.

Their weekly take out menu is posted on their web site.




2007 Apr 2
I find baked goods at T&A are hit and miss but the lemon cheesecake is one of the best I've had (other than my mom-in-law's amazing cheesecake). Normally I stick to plain cheesecakes with just some fresh fruit and whipping cream on top and stay away from the "flavoured" cheesecakes, but the lemon curd on top of this cheesecake really works.


2010 Nov 13
They still have them and they're still amazing! Wifey picks one up for me any time she visits the store. And this time I even managed to snap a photo before we ate it all! :-)

2006 Sep 18
They have some killer chocolate peanut butter squares here. If you love peanut butter they are one of the best things you'll ever eat!


2015 Oct 10
The Hazelnut Mousse Cake is sublime! I believe you can get it by the slice if you want to go in and see for yourself...



2007 Apr 2
The muffins are moist and not too sweet. I had a strawberry bran and cranberry oatmeal; both delicious!


2007 Nov 11
There's a small rack of loaves and baguettes (Baguette) from Art-Is-In Bakery (Art Is In Bakery) tucked away behind the cashier.


2009 May 12
I bought a flourless chocolate cake from Thyme and Again to bring to a friend's house for an after-dinner dessert. It was beautiful, and we couldn't resist taking a bite before dinner. The next thing we knew, the flow of the meal had been shuffled around with the cake in its entirety becoming the appetizer. It was spectacular: dense and rich and perfectly melting in the mouth, and the flavour was intensely chocolatey. This is probably the best cake I've had in years.



2011 May 27
Excellent roast beef sandwich on a nice soft, kaiser with carraway seeds I believe. Great fruity relish (apples and nutmeg I think), spicy and sweet, a little mayo, very fresh cole slaw, and the best pickle wedge I've had in a very long time. So crunchy and fresh. Serving the pickle in a little plastic sleeve is a nice touch.

The white-chocolate/cranberry scone was as excellent as always, as was the coffee to round out a perfect lunch on a sunny Wednesday.



2010 Nov 13
Not everything at Thyme And Again is exceptional, but the things they do right they do very, very right. Shortbread Cookies are one of those things! Wifey and I agree that these plain-looking round cookies are probably the best shortbread in town.