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2009 Sep 2
general tao chicken @ royal treasure. prolly the best in the city with a spicy red homemade sauce. i have tried many places and for some reason this place just beckons my name over and over again. maybe they lace their plates wtih cocaine. GT chicken to succeed must be basic - crispy deep fried chicken with a spicy sauce with that perfect one-two spicy wet & crunchy punch in your mouth. anything too fancy on top of this ruins the experience. i cannot believe how humungous their servings are which lead to plenty of take home styrofoam boxes. these folks must be making efforts to cure world hunger one person at a time! these photos do not do them justice and babygirl it's so big zooming in does NOT result in the dishes getting bigger LOL!!!!!! under 10 bones cheap.

nb: general tao chicken is not available in asian countries if you ever travel there. they will LAUGH at you. it's basically white trash chinese food. get your GT chicken at royal treasure. no other place compares.

2009 Aug 14
After seeing the pictures posted, I had to give this place a try, so I picked up some take out.

Spring rolls were huge and good value at 1.25 each- they contained both meat and vegetables.

I thought the the prices of the soups were a little steep. The smalls started around $8. I paid $8 for a mediocre mushroom egg drop soup. The broth was really flavourless- should have been $5 tops and even at that price, I wouldn't order it again for the lack of flavour.

The salt and pepper squid was one of the better ones I have had in the city- obviously done with cornflour, extremely tender and a decent portion ($12). Often I find it overcooked.

The shrimp with vegetables over fried noodles was tasty, $8.95. I think it was reasonably priced, the portion was a healthy size but not loaded with shrimp(understandable at that price). The shrimp were very tender.

Service was polite and my order was promptly prepared.

Decor is simple but the restaurant is neat and tidy.

I still have other Chinese restos I prefer but this place would do in a pinch.

2009 Aug 14
We came with friends from Germany & Finland on the Sunday after got married.

Order 4 dishes, plus soup and spring rolls:
**-> Sizzling beef with ginger and onion:** very, very tasty, with the right amount of kick

->Mixed vegetable fried noodle: Always a hit, this time there was lots of corn.

->Szechaun Spicy Chicken:Very tasty

->Scallops with Chinese Greens: Was tasty, but I found the scallops to be a touch small. Either way, I was happy with a seafood dish, since my husband doesn't eat seafood!

Total came to around $55, which for 5 people is a very low cost. My friends from Germany and Finland were incredibly shocked. We left with our bellies bulging.

2009 Aug 8
cantonese chow mein @ royal treasure. for $8.95 it is perhaps best bang for the buck in town. chicken shrimp & bbq and a mountain of veg served steaming hot on fried egg noodles. easily an automatic order the moment i step in...

2008 Aug 14
Went last night for a late dinner.

Ordered hot and sour soup to start: spicier than usual, but lovely as always.

Two spring rolls, delish as usual, but the plum sauce was really bland.

Our main was the chinese broccoli and chicken, my new found favorite and finally a broccoli dish that I like! It has this awesome, but basic sauce on it, but with ginger to add kick :) It was wonderful.

Overall, our bill was $17 after taxes and we were stuffed with leftovers for me for lunch. Service was a bit slower than usual, but for $17, I'm not complaining!

2008 Feb 9
We used to eat there quite a lot. The chef is pretty good with some dishes and not others. Yes, stay away from anything Szechwan. The won ton soup is pretty good . . . Anything with stir fried Canadian broccoli is good.

Some Chinese restaurants have a flavor that permeates all their dishes, whether it's a spice they use, or the 'wok flavor' I don't know. If it's the 'wok flavor' I think I don't really like it. After you eat there a lot can taste it in every dish and the different dishes loose some of their individuality and distinctiveness. My daughter does not like it at all. She won't eat at Royal Treasure, but she will eat at Ging Sing.

Yes the mom's service is hyper, but every family has it's personalities and this is a typical family restaurant, so I don't fault them for that.

2007 Sep 20
I just had lunch at Royal Treasure and then out of curiousity, looked at the reviews here listed for this restaurant.

I find that the comments posted by LiveTo Eat at bit... harsh.

While it is not the most sexy Cantonese restaurant in Ottawa, the food is good and the service was fine. It is a typical chinese family restaurant. The decor is nothing spectacular. The menu has some standard items.

It is a good family place to eat - however, it will probably be a good idea to have a reservation. It can be very popular at suppertime.

I had the pepper/salt shrimp and it was very crispy and a little spicy. Overall, a nice change from having Pho for lunch.

The lunch menu is the same as the supper menu.

BTW, my neighbour recommended this place and they are full-on Chinese.

2007 Sep 19
Just to comment on LiveToEat's review - I've eaten here for dinner a few times with groups of 5-6 and found the portions and prices condusive to splitting amoung people (since individual orders of dishes are so large)

Too many dishes to ring off that are great here - hot and sour soup, salt/pepper squid, sesame shrimp, crispy beef. Great food from what looks to be a family owned and operated restaurant.

2007 Jul 3
Royal Treasure………….

Suppose I should add something to this restaurant besides the Hot & Sour Soup...

I go there everyday for lunch and sometimes for dinner...

Service sucks (too hyper!!!), cleanliness so so, prices... too high, but portions are enormous...! they make you take out... I have tried to make them reduce prices and portions... but they are a little 'thick'...

But the H&S soup is #1 in Canada.... think he stole the recipe from another cook... and the seafood dishes are excellent..... as is the 'wok flavour' for those orientals who know what that means... For those who don’t, it means the ability to transfer some ‘mi’ to the food by using the heat and the fire and the taste of wok cooking…. Only in restaurants, as the chinese would say… “If you can make it at home… eat at home…”

It is small and crowded... so I am loathed to make it more so....

Szechwan really sucks, but Ottawa doesn't know Szechwan food...

My kids will not eat in this restaurant! They are very Canadian…. This place is too dirty… long story there…

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2011 May 2
I have been a regular at this place for over 10 years. I have been to restaurants in tor,nyc,mtl,halifax,atlantic city.........nothing compares to this place. I always try to find it everywhere I go but it cant be beat. Love that its family owned and the service is always great.

2009 Aug 8
hot & sour soup @ royal treasure. not an exciting photo but the taste is perhaps the best in north america.

been loyal to this place for almost 15 years already... gosh time flies.

2009 May 3
Definitely the best H&S soup in the city. I find LiveToEat's comment interesting, because what I love about this soup is that it's always a little bit different: spicier, sweeter, more savoury. But it's almost always amazing!

2008 May 2
I have been a lunchtime visitor for 20 years. Their 10 preset specials at $6.95 are inexpensive always fresh, and generous quantities. I particularly like the szechuan beef special with a bowl of hot & sour! For me it is the best hot & sour soup in town !

2007 Jul 3
The definitive H&S soup is at Royal Treasure... they are inconsistent, but when they get it right... it is better than anything I have had in Toronto or this side of HongKong!

I don't like advertising this restaurant as I think they are overpriced... but they have some interesting things....


2009 Sep 10
salt n' pepper shrimp @ royal treasure. 12 guzungas for 10 bones cheap. with their economies of scale, i can't make this at home for better value. big phat juicy plump shrimp is more than an oxymoron here as they use larger sizes and butterfly cut them with tail on. comes with a nice spicy oil dressing with chopped red and green peppers on thin shaves of lettuce as a refresh contrast against the sizzling shrimp. in comparison with those of nearby chinese joints down somerset, when it comes to shrimp, royal treasure is the master of their domain. 110% lipsmackingly delish. OWWWWWWW!