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2012 Sep 20
Nothing Worse than walking into a shop and getting second grade product.

I once asked specificly to have my sandwich on a FRESH bagel - The cashier grabbed one from the fresh, straight out of the oven, pile and when she brought it to the back to be made into a sandwhich I overheard some whispering to the effect of...

"Why are you using one of these"
"I dunno, he asked for it"
"Well tell him we dont..." though it were such a big deal that I wanted a fresh bagel.

Really?! I believe that EVERY sandwich should be made on a fresh, soft bagel. I mean why else go there? AND when you go to pick up a half dozen or dozen bagels they direct you to the packages of cold dry bagels. I want me bagels to be hot and soft and fresh from the oven! Otherwise I'll just grab some at a much lower price from the grocery store shelf.

To me - Once the heat from that glorious oven is lost, so is the magic of the montreal style bagel.

Maybe I have just been spoiled by the great bagels at the Bagel Run while I lived in Orleans years ago.

2012 Mar 10
Stopped in recently, no poppy seed bagels...what? The bagels I did get were rather plain and cold despite fresh ones coming out of the oven. Nothing special. Seems to be living on reputation. The Bagel Shop on Wellington is better.

2012 Mar 3
The bagels are always great here. If you're lucky, you'll get to see the bagel baker reach into the oven with a long board, pull it out full of hot bagels, then send the whole load flying in an arc through the air into the receiving chute.

2011 Dec 6
Note for the teens making sandwiches at the Carling location - great sandwiches, but there really isn't a good time to have a food fight when customers are watching.

2011 Dec 3
I hope the Bank St location reopens soon.
The Bank St location pprovides a latke with the breakfast bagel special , will allow a chocolate milk substitution instead of coffee in said special and the day old bagels are much less expensive than the Carling location.
I believe the Kettleman's are individually owned and operated.

2011 Dec 3
*sigh* I was forced to change my thumbsup to a thumbsdown for Kettleman's today after trying to get lunch today from the location at Carling and Woodroffe.

I finally got my lunch break at 4pm today, and rushed across the street to grab some lunch, on barely half an hour of time. I ordered the roast beef sandwich.

They made it in about two minutes. They then put it in a plastic container, and let it sit on the counter for a good 15 minutes(I was watching the clock because I didn't have time), only touching it when a dozen other orders were sitting there, and handing them all out at once! I got back to work with barely 5 minutes to spare, to find that they had put spicy eggplant on it as well! I don't like eggplant, much less spicy eggplant, and it wasn't supposed to be on the sandwich in the first place.

I am very disappointed right now.

2011 Jul 30
Forgive my haphazard picture that I snapped while driving. Safe, I know...

Pictured is a dozen of Kettleman's amazing bagels, a potato latka and a potato knish. The latka was ok, very greasy (but I was expecting that). The knish was phenomenal. Rich, salty, peppery and just fantastic.


2010 Aug 28
Superhouse special. Amazing grub after partying at Irene's

2010 Jan 28
Vegetarian sandwich on pumpernickel... marinated spicy eggplant, lettuce, lots of swiss, pesto & hold the tomatoes. I am in heaven. Big ups to Kettleman's :)

2010 Jan 28
all dressed bagel with smoked salmon, red onions, tomatoes, house cream cheese and olives @ kettleman's. yeah baby. you heard that right. YEAHHHHH baby. now go get yourself one.

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2006 Sep 25
The best bagels I've had in Ottawa. The place is filled with sesame seeds, which means it is rare to find any bagel without at least a few seeds on it. Those with sesame seed allergies (such as myself) should spend some time removing stray seeds from the bagel before chowing down. My allergist would tell me not to eat them at all, but isn't anaphylactic shock a minor risk to run for bagels this good?


2009 Jan 22
FYI: I stopped in to the Kettleman's near Carlingwood this evening for a pre-class bagel and noticed they also had pepperettes a-hanging there.

2009 Jan 21
try kettleman's bagel co in the glebe. they have single and double length pepperettes hanging over the deli counter. they are not your store bought short ones, these are very long. kettleman's is open 24 hours.

i'm a vegetarian, so i can't say how they taste, but my husband likes them.