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2014 Jul 25
Was near the glebe location around lunchtime, and popped it to snag myself a sandwhich. I went with the breakfast bagel, because I am a sucker for Eggs, Cheese and Bacon. It was cheap, it was fast, and the bagel was still warm from the oven (I saw the bagelmaster flip it into the tray, then the server grab the hot one and slice it for my lunch).

It was pretty good, and I am glad I hit the glebe location.

2012 Oct 11
I'm surprised by some of the upthread posts... i've been going to the Glebe location for more than a decade and i've never been directed to the bagged bagels, or seen a sandwich done on a sesame bagel from anywhere except the 'just out of the oven' pile, and being an Mtl expat with all the usual bagel related prejudices i wouldn't have accepted either. I'm not doubting the posters, but my experience doesn't line up at all.

Except for the parking... i've seen demolition derbies with less risk. :)

2012 Sep 21
I'm at the Glebe location once every two weeks or so. I never order a sandwich, I'm always there for a dozen plain (better in school lunches without the seeds), sometimes a half dozen of sesame seed for myself. I've never been directed to already bagged bagels.

I cut the bagels in half to freeze them. I find if the bagels are too fresh (i.e. still warm), they don't cut well (I have to clean the bread knife every cut), whereas if they're a couple of hours old, they cut better.

The counter folks always point out that they've put some freezer bags in my bigger bag. In fact, they were very responsive about two years ago to one of my complaints: they used to run out of plain ALL THE TIME. I pointed out that most schools couldn't accept sesame bagels because of nut/seed allergies. And lo! Now there are usually lots of plain.

My biggest gripe is the parking, LOL.

2012 Sep 21
FWIW I have also had issues with the Glebe location. I have never purchased individual bagels since I usually prefer to buy half a dozen at a time to take home. The service is great and the bagels are delicious but when I go to the counter the staff usually refers me to the pre-packaged bagels on the shelf facing the counter. I always ask for sesame and insist on the fresh just-out-of-the-oven ones and they oblige. I just think it's odd they would push the packaged ones unless they have been sitting there awhile and the staff are anxious to get rid of them? I haven't been since last winter so maybe they've changed since my last visit.

2012 Sep 21
Maybe it is the type you are buying. What do you order? The freshest bagels are sesame, followed by poppy seed. The others are not cooked as frequently through out the day, so maybe that is why it was harder? I don't think the non-sesame/poppy are as popular, so I could see them sitting on the shelf longer.

I go a few times a month and have only had really warm, fresh bagels. We buy sesame by the dozen to take home (we get a lot of out-of-town visitors), but to eat right away, I usually get a herb & cheese toasted.

2012 Sep 21
Well HFF I would consider yourself lucky then.

My story was from about a year ago.

Went to the glebe location a few weeks ago - same old, hard bagel.

Went yesterday (which prompted me to post here) and same thing - old, hard bagel.

Sure, the past two times I didnt ask them for a fresh one and I probably should have. But then again, I prove my point - I shouldn't have to ask.

(And believe me, I Know my montreal style bagel shop bagels - I grew up on them)

Next time I'll ask for lightly toasted and see how that changes things :)

2012 Sep 21
The Woodroffe/Carling location has the slowest service. The place is usually empty, yet it is always at least a 10 minute wait to get a bagel sandwich made or even just a bagel w/ cream cheese. I have given up going there in the mornings because of the wait times. I can understand if it's busy, but when there is no one else in the place how can they justify taking 10 minutes to serve you a bagel?!

2012 Sep 20
Foodmonger I've never been given old, stale or prepackaged bagels at the Glebe location. The staff has always picked the fresh ones from the bin outside the ovens. I have not seen the treatment you described. I often have the opposite problem, the bagels are so hot from the wood oven you have to wait for them to cool before eating.

The bagels are definitely best when freshly made. As soon as I get them home, we slice and freeze anything more than two days worth. Toasting them brings them back to life and is my favorite way to eat them (butter, no cream cheese).

I do not like there non-bagel offerings though. The knishes are bland and the potato patty greasy.

2012 Sep 20
Also, They dont have Debit, just an ATM with a $2 or $3 service fee. (PLUS the fee your bank charges!)

I highly suggest going over to the beer store next door, grabbing a tall boy (for the same price or LESS than their service charge) and getting cash back. Then you also have a beverage to pair with your Bagel :)

.... hey, gotta be frugal in todays economy! :P

This is referring to Bank St, Glebe Location

2012 Sep 20
Nothing Worse than walking into a shop and getting second grade product.

I once asked specificly to have my sandwich on a FRESH bagel - The cashier grabbed one from the fresh, straight out of the oven, pile and when she brought it to the back to be made into a sandwhich I overheard some whispering to the effect of...

"Why are you using one of these"
"I dunno, he asked for it"
"Well tell him we dont..." though it were such a big deal that I wanted a fresh bagel.

Really?! I believe that EVERY sandwich should be made on a fresh, soft bagel. I mean why else go there? AND when you go to pick up a half dozen or dozen bagels they direct you to the packages of cold dry bagels. I want me bagels to be hot and soft and fresh from the oven! Otherwise I'll just grab some at a much lower price from the grocery store shelf.

To me - Once the heat from that glorious oven is lost, so is the magic of the montreal style bagel.

Maybe I have just been spoiled by the great bagels at the Bagel Run while I lived in Orleans years ago.

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2006 Sep 25
The best bagels I've had in Ottawa. The place is filled with sesame seeds, which means it is rare to find any bagel without at least a few seeds on it. Those with sesame seed allergies (such as myself) should spend some time removing stray seeds from the bagel before chowing down. My allergist would tell me not to eat them at all, but isn't anaphylactic shock a minor risk to run for bagels this good?


2009 Jan 22
FYI: I stopped in to the Kettleman's near Carlingwood this evening for a pre-class bagel and noticed they also had pepperettes a-hanging there.

2009 Jan 21
try kettleman's bagel co in the glebe. they have single and double length pepperettes hanging over the deli counter. they are not your store bought short ones, these are very long. kettleman's is open 24 hours.

i'm a vegetarian, so i can't say how they taste, but my husband likes them.