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2013 Jun 22
Ate here tonight. Liked the space. Liked seeing into the kitchen. Didn't like seeing people shake the chef's hand and then him going back to work without washing his hands. I bet the place is loud when the doors are closed due to all the concrete and zero soft surfaces anywhere I could see.

Server was very good.

Beer selection was limited (only 5 I think). No iced tea or anything, they only have drinks that are used in their cocktails. We were charged $3.50 for a glass of Pepsi and then charged that again for a refill. Two slender glasses of Pepsi cost more than a beer. This is lame, restaurants.

Ordered the following:

Guac and chips - guac was good. Spicy and fresh. But $9. Whoa. $9!

Tacos - 2 fish, 1 lamb, 1 pork. They accommodated us with two (hard) corn shells and 2 soft flour shells. Do they make the shells in-house? Saw a cook take shells out of a bag. Tacos were ok. Fish was bland and not crispy. Lamb was very good. Pork was ok.

Shrimp dumplings - really good. Heavy on the sesame. Delicious.

No desserts.

There was a server in a basketball jersey. Gross. Get some sleeves dude.

It was an ok first visit. The tacos at both disco taco and Corazon de Maiz in the market are better though.

I would get take out from here again but would skip the dining room.

2013 Jun 15
Boyfriend and I went last night around 7 and it was packed with a waiting list, so we strolled for 30 minutes before getting two seats at the bar. Our server was extremely busy and it took about 20 minutes for her to take our drink order, but she was incredibly apologetic. Tried the Bourbon Sour and the Margarita and both are excellent, well-crafted and boozy (10 and 13$ respectively). We ordered the Guac and Chips (9) and the Tuna Sashimi (15) to start and both were excellent. Guac is very rich, with large chunks of avocado, jalapenos, and lots of cilantro on top. Chips are dusted in something, paprika? Boyfriend said he would have kept eating them all night if we hadn't run out. Tuna Sashimi was 5 or 6 pieces of thick, very lightly seared tuna with cucumbers, radishes, some greens in a slightly spicy oil, tasted faintly of wasabi. Now.. the tacos! The fish, pork, lamb, and beef tongue were had. They come on small, homemade thicker warm tortillas (delicious) and are packed! Avocado, radishes on some, pickled onions, etc. Stand-outs were the crispy fish (cod, I believe) for the large, perfect piece in each taco and the beef tongue as it was extremely moist. Having never tried tongue, it was a great surprise. 95$ after tax, before tip for 3 cocktails, a Beau's, 2 plates and 5 tacos. You could easily rack up a bill as the drinks are priced quite high, similar to Union 613, but the tacos are only 4$! I'll definitely be frequenting the takeout window this summer.

2013 Jun 6
I am too lazy to type again... so link to our meetup thread in the forum.

Forum - Anyone interested in trying El Camino Wed June 5th evening?

Did notice a nice Mexican corn with cheese walking past on our way out.

Now try to see if they will do the tripa taco sometime lol..

2013 Jun 6
The takeout window which is in operation since I see someone ordering and walking away with a couple of foil packets.

2013 Jun 2
Nice Blubarry,

I did not know about the beef tongue tacos special or would have ordered some..

I watched Matthew Carmichael teach one of the team how to plate the garnish better for the tuna.

I have a few suggestions of how to pack the takeouts a bit better for travel..

I loved the fried cod tacos at Mellos popup and the ones at El Camino are just a smaller version of those. The pan fried cod option is pretty good too if you have issues with fried cod like my Mom.

2013 Jun 2
Popped in last night around eight: lots of tables were still available. Nice energy in the room.

Kicked things off with bourbon sours. Great choice, and the combination of sugar and pepper on the rim was an idea that I'm going to steal.

The guacamole was rich and delicious - clearly made from perfectly ripe avocados,and was served with a garnish on top that had an impressive bite.

Sampled several types of tacos - I love the Fried fish version. They are one of the things I miss most about california, and these were nicely dressed chunks of crispy cod and quite generous for four bucks. The Lamb tacos and pork tacos were also tender and flavorful, but the winners of the night were definitely the chef's special beef tongue tacos -sorry for the poor quality pic. The tongue was nothing short of succulent- intensely flavoured and tender, generous slices served with tomatillo relish, jalapenos and the radish and pickle garnishes that accompanied the other tacos. We loved them so much that we ordered seconds. Do yourself a favor and seek out these delectable specialties.

We were impressed by the amount of fillings in the tacos. They seemed very generous for such a low price, and I would not be at all surprised if there were some adjustments in serving size/and or price in the future. Would like to have tried some of the Asian inspired offerings on the menu, but were completely sated with cocktails, beer, guacamole and all those tacos.

Very excited for this addition to Ottawa's food scene, and delighted that they have a takeout window, which I intend to visit often.

2013 Jun 1
El Camino had a nice vibe and I liked the music they were playing from my short wait..

The tacos were very good and survived the travel. One slight challenge was figuring out which meat taco was which since my father is not a fan of lamb and I am. Finally figured out the two on the right were beef and the one on the left is likely pork which means 2nd from left is the lamb.

My parents picked out a few of the jalapeno peppers since they are not into hot food as I am.

They liked the fish tacos and my dad liked the pork one too. He had munched on something before I got there dripping wet so he is leaving the beef till later. hope it does not get too soggy.
Sorry due to dripping state of my clothes, forgot to take pictures of the tacos before we dug in.

2013 Jun 1
Took a seat at one of the two stools by the left side of the open kitchen while waiting for my take out order. Had a quick beer and a small bite of crisp prawn betal leaf and watched the action in the kitchen. I think that would be my favourite seat / location in the restaurant.

Kudos to chef Matthew Carmichael for being kind enough to accommodate special requests. My mom is now on a no/low salt, low fat and low sugar diet from her heart condition and diabeties. I asked if I can have the cod grilled without salt rather than fried and Chef Carmichael suggested pan frying with a little bit of high quality olive oil. So I ordered for a take out meal for 3
* 5 pan fried cod tacos (3 for Mom, 1 for dad, 1 for me)
* 2 beef tacos (1 each for Dad and I)
* 1 pork taco (for Dad since he prefer pork
* 1 lamb taco (for me :D)

They came in 2 open cardboard rectangular trays with 4 tacos to a tray (4 cod, 4 meat) and the 9th (cod) went into a little tray by itself. Each tray was covered with foil.

With the sudden downpour starting, I asked if they have a plastic bag for me to carry the 3 trays or it would be soaked by the time I make it to the car parked around the corner. They found me one so I ran with the plastic bag with the tacos and my purse to the car. I was soaked but the Tacos were dry :D

Service was excellent and some I had seen at Mellos Popup before.

2013 Jun 1
Drinks menu..

On draft are:

* Muskoka Mad Tom
* Muskoka Summer Weiss
* Mill Street Organics

had a small Muskoka Summer Weiss which was very nice and I wished I was not driving ;)

2013 Jun 1
After having the Crispy Cod taco at Mello's Pop up last June, it is one of my favourites. I have been waiting for El Camino to open up for a while.

Here is the new menu:
4 different types of tacos:
* Crispy fish (cod)
* Beef
* Pork
* lamb

There are some salads and raw bar items too.

Had some crisp prawn betal leaf while I was waiting and it was excellent. Some chopped shrimp with seasoning stuffed in betal leaf and fried...

Saw some tuna sashimi and scallop crudo cross my sights and they looked very good. Will be back next week.

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Tacos 8


2014 Feb 11
Crispy fish, pork and ox tongue tacos. I strongly preferred the ox tongue. It was special. The texture was just amazing. It reminded me of foie gras. The pork was similar to pulled pork in a BBQ sauce. The crispy fish was probably the least satisfying of the three. It is drizzled in a spicy mayo type sauce. Without that drizzle, the fish was kind of bland (I know cos my daughter had the sauce less version and couldn't finish so I did). Overall, decent tacos in a funky setting. The cocktails are my favourite part. I think I slightly prefer going to a more traditional Mexican restaurant for tacos such as Ahora or Corazon de Mais.


2015 Oct 10
The Bourbon Sour is perfectly made here, and it's an obvious first choice for newcomers. The cocktail flavour combinations and balance are extremely well done. This is one of Ottawa's best house cocktail lists. You really can't go wrong!

Churros 3


2014 Feb 12
I enjoyed an order of churros here after a scrumptious late night snack of tacos and was impressed. $5 gets you 4 of these little sticks of fried dough. They are rolled in sugar and served with a salted caramel dip that you can use as little or as much as you like. Just spectacular!