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2015 Dec 9
The small but excellent cocktail list consists of a good selection of classic cocktails and a handful of tasteful modern/hipster concoctions.

I had the Vahdo ($12, foreground in pic) - Buffalo Trace bourbon, brown sugar syrup, Earl Grey tea, black pepper. This was an excellent start to the meal!

My wife's classic Pisco Sour ($11) was equally well received.

Buffalo Trace is my favourite bourbon and I'm partial to classic cocktails featuring gin and whisky, so the Carben cocktail list is top notch in my books.


2015 Oct 10
The Bourbon Sour is perfectly made here, and it's an obvious first choice for newcomers. The cocktail flavour combinations and balance are extremely well done. This is one of Ottawa's best house cocktail lists. You really can't go wrong!


2016 Jan 22
I went here on my birthday a few weeks ago, and only now uploaded the photo. This is their divine manhattan. Made right, served no ice in a proper coup glass, it is quite a treat, made with a perfect whiskey. Their aviation is also quite good, but I didn't snag a photo of it.

2017 Apr 28
My wife loved her pinky-red Pisco Sour ($14) with pisco, Grand Marnier, lemon, lime, egg white, and cranberry bitters. I also enjoyed my El Mariarchi ($15) with mezcal, maraschino liqueur, French vermouth, and lemon bitters.

Prices are a couple bucks higher than they would be elsewhere but the view makes it all worthwhile!

2019 Apr 7
The Kim Chi Caesar is very nice. It is $15 now though. I still order it every time. :)

2015 Jun 27
Sitting at the bar made cocktails a must! Here's what we had:

kimchi caesar ($10, left of pic)
kimchi / birds eye / soy sauce / black pepper / rye

spezio estate ($11, top right)
ungava / strawberry / basil / lemon / aromatic bitters

gold fashioned ($12, bottom right)
ungava gin / cardamom / citrus bitters / grapefruit zest

The caesar was topped with a generous kimchi garnish and ate like a light appetizer. Highly recommended.

My wife really enjoyed the spezio estate. I tasted it too and loved how the basil aroma and strawberry/citrus/juniper flavours worked together with the sweet/sour/bitter tastes. This one's a real gem!

The gold fashioned was very subtle, as any version of an old-fashioned should be. I tasted the gin and my nose was full of grapefruit but I didn't really notice any cardamom or bitters. This was the drink I started with and it was a perfect way to quickly shed the stress of the workday sprint.



2012 Sep 13
The cocktail list changes weekly and it consistently delivers inspiring implementations of classic and modern drinks.

Pictured here is the "Gin Auld Fashioned" from this week, involving Botanist gin, housemade Earl Grey syrup, orange blossom water, and Spanish bitters. It was so good that I went out and bought a bottle of Botanist gin soon after. Drinking here isn't just a pleasure -- it's an educational lifestyle enhancer! ;-)

2015 Oct 10
The cocktail list is usually very good here, and it changes once in a while to keep things interesting. I recently enjoyed this Pisgroni -- a humorously named mutation of a Negroni, made with pisco standing in for gin. I couldn't really pick out the rhubarb bitters mentioned on the menu, but the Campari and sweet vermouth were prominent. I love a good Negroni and this was a nice change.

I have some pisco at home that I'm trying to work through. This gives me a nice alternative to pisco sours. :D