Presently 12 signature flavours, plus seasonal specials.

Information about her processes are available on the website.

Pascale's All Natural Ice Cream
Pascale's All Natural Ice Cream
Pascale's All Natural Ice Cream
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2010 Mar 14
I find that her unique flavours are really quite good, but we both the dark chocolate chevre last night, and we weren't thrilled.

It tasted like normal chocolate ice cream, and wasn't particularly tangy in its goat's cheese. I'm not sure why (maybe it's the goat's milk?) but this one also seems to be more like ice milk in texture. It didn't taste like dark chocolate either.

Peanut butter salted caramel and roasted marshmallow are unique, and I think that's what makes them such great sellers.

But to be honest, neither this nor the French Vanilla was anything to write home about.

2010 Jan 13
I just had the peanut butter salted carmel. AWESOME. My new favourite ice cream.

2009 Dec 20
I picked up some of the egg nog flavour yesterday from the Red Apron for a dinner party. Normally I'm not a big fan of the nog, but I figured it would be an appropriate taste of the holidays to go with some cupcakes I prepared. The flavour was in fact wonderful. More was consumed than of the Pascale's chocolate ice cream I brought as well. Very creamy, not too intensely egg-y. Soft spiced undertones. I will definitely be picking one of the other holiday flavours soon.

2009 Dec 14
She's making batches of Christmas themed flavours! White chocolate candycane! Cookie dough candy cane! Rumball! Eggnog! Amazing!

2009 Dec 13



Sugar pie semifreddo.

It's got chunks of sugar pie RIGHT IN IT. Even the pastry! I have died and gone to diabetic heaven.

2009 Jul 4
i finally had the chance to dive into the ice cream i'd heard so much about, and IT ROCKS. when i arrived to interview pascale for an article i'm doing for foodmode magazine (check the next issue), she was bubbly and gracious. the interview went well, but the tasting ... whoa. the first thing you notice about her stuff is the texture: creamy and luxurious. i'm not ashamed to admit that i teared up a little when i tried the passion fruit ice cream. pascale didn't know how to react, poor thing. the other flavours for which she has become known -- peanut butter salted caramel, white chocolate pistachio, etc -- matched their reputations. even her so-called craziest flavours -- beau's beer w/ chocolate and dark chocolate bacon -- were intriguingly tasty. to take home, i chose strawberry lychee and dark chocolate chevre. $10 bucks per half litre ain't bad when you consider ben and jerry's is $7.99 some places. i'll be going back for more of pascale's yumminess (in moderation!) and spreading the gospel. don't tell my doctor.

2009 Jul 4
We also picked up some passion fruit ice cream from Pascale's. This is one of my absolute favourite ice cream flavours and this version certainly didn't disappoint. It is intense in passion fruit flavour and wonderfully creamy in texture. Great on its own it would be even more sublime with a peach pie or peach cobbler - hmm I'll have to check my freezer for pie...

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2012 Jul 21
Am still working my way through all the flavours, but I have to say the two stand-outs for me are Peanut Butter Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. I heard a rumour about some Chocolate Bacon ice cream and can't wait to try it.

Note, the people selling this ice cream are extremely nice and you may walk out with more than one flavour...this has happened to me on several occasions;-)

2011 Jul 24
Finally got around to trying Pascale's wares today at the Ottawa Farmer's Market. My expectations were high but I was not at all disappointed!

I jumped right in with the Peanut Butter Salted Caramel and found it to be perfectly balanced. A lack of cloying sweetness seems to be one of the characteristics that sets Pascale's wares apart from the competition. Even with the separate peanut butter and caramel flavours, the excellent ice cream base was able to shine through.

While there, talking to the delightful Pascale herself, I also sampled the Banana Brown Butter (amazing!) and the Vegan Coconut (incredible considering it is vegan, but with a little of the magic lost). I can easily see getting a pint of the Banana one next time. One of the dangers here -- there is always a next time!!