Located just two blocks north of the new GCTC and only minutes away from Cube Gallery and other studios. Why not make Canvas your destination place for a wonderful dinner before heading to your event... or after for a dessert, a lite meal and a cocktail.

Foods from Canvas Resto Bar

2010 May 25
I recently visited Canvas for the first time with friends for my fiancée's birthday, and we all quite enjoyed our meals.

My fiancée and I shared the tomato tartare as an apetizer, and it was quite delicious, but the toasts appeared to be made from Art-is-in Dynamite baguette, so were quite "hole-ey" and it wasn't the easiest to stack a lot of the tartare on them. I had no qualms about eating it directly from my fork, though!

For mains, I had the grilled BC Albacore tuna with fingerling potatoes, asparagus, beans and beets. It was my first time having grilled tuna, but I really enjoy is raw in sushi. They reccomended it medium-rare, but I think next time my preference would be to have it rarer. Everything was seasoned perfectly, and it was a great dish.

My fiancée ordered the tenderloin steak, but they were out, and it was substituted with an equally delicious flatiorn steak which was perfectly cooked, and served with a delicious demi-glace, and super fries and and a scrumptiuos aoili.

Despite living in the neighbourhood, it took quite a while for us to make our first visit, but we will definitely be going back again soon!

2010 Jan 8
What a gem this place is! On a last minute decision, we decided to try Canvas for the first time. Our server/Maitre D’ (Naj I think) was wonderful, warm and very knowledgeable; He definitely goes out of his way to make the experience memorable. I started with the Seared Salt-Cured Foie Gras with blueberry-maple compote, and crackers. Words cannot describe how heavenly this felt in my mouth. Just the right amount of salt vs sweet, perfect dish except for the crackers however did nothing for the dish, they were kind of bland and the wrong texture for the foie gras. My fiancé chose the Pork Belly with foie gras shavings and a port/red wine reduction? I could taste the star anise in the sauce; it was a perfect marriage with the pork. My main course was Wild West Coast Bouillabaisse, consisting of a white fish, shrimps, clams, pearl onions, fennel in this out of this world Lobster-saffron bisque. My partner chose the Magret de Canard (duck breast) He was somewhat disappointed with his dish, the duck was cooked perfectly and delicious, however the vanilla risotto was not up to par, not creamy enough, more on the mushy side and we both found the rice not cooked enough. Risotto needs to be on the “al Dente” side, but not with a dry crunchy middle. The parmesan tuile however was very good. Not a perfect dish, but still very good.

I almost forgot to mention the bread! They serve it warm. Thank you for that! AND with brown butter!! What a great delicious idea.

For desert, we opted for the pineapple cheese cake, delicious! I loved the almond crust. The decaf cappuccino was the perfect ending to this feast.
Well done Canvas, you have us hooked!

2010 Jan 7
I was at Canvas just a few days ago for a work lunch and I just had to mention that the service was incredible - as soon as we stepped in the door, it was obvious how happy they were to receive us. The food was delicious but it was the waiter that had us all floored; everyone at the table ended up commenting on how Denny I believe his name was, was just unbelievably friendly, helpful and attentive. Way to make a great first impression; I wonder where most of our work lunches will be held now? :)

2009 Oct 23
Had a fantastic dining experience at Canvas last night. My husband and I went to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and we were not disappointed!

The waiter was very attentive, but gave us our space. He gave us some suggestions on wines we might enjoy (after telling him what we liked) and allowed us to sample a few before we ordered a bottle to ensure we were happy. We ordered the tuna tartar and beef carpaccio for appetizers and both ordered the steak frites for our mains - the kitchen modified my steak frites so that it was gluten-free without any difficulty or objection (the frites were cooked in the same oil as other gluten containing products so they substituted them for potatoes and veggies). The food was simply unreal! Beautifully presented and so good! The steaks were both cooked perfectly and were very tender.

For desert we ordered the chocolate mouse and again - fantastic.
I would highly recommend this restaurant and would go back in a heart beat.

2009 Sep 18
I've had two stellar experiences at Canvas since late summer. Last night I think I experienced one of those nights where the kitchen was asleep and their typical consistency went a bit south. That said, I'd go back and try other dishes.

The offending dish was a lobster pasta. The sauce was a classic Romanesco with tomato, almond and a bit of red pepper heat. Very tasty. The fettucine seemed fresh and was cooked perfectly. Sadly, the lobster was overcooked slightly and it came in the shell, without any tools to pull out the meat. A helpful waitperson offered cocktail picks when he saw our dilemma. The dish also needed a good drizzling of olive to add some vibrancy and viscosity. I did eat the entire thing, but would have enjoyed it more with the noted changes. Dish was priced at $23, pretty reasonable.

Some late harvest riesling was offered as a way of making up for the less-than-great course for both me and my friend (who had the same dish).

I can't say enough for the warm ambiance that the head waiter creates for his clientele. The service is attentive but not overwhelming.

2009 Sep 2
My better half and I had a spectacular dinner at Canvas to celebrate the end of summer. I swear, it seems that every time we visit this restaurant, the food keeps getting better, aspiring to match its tremendous friendly service.

Mine, was a beet root soup starter with a fish of the day special: a lovely fillet of Ontario walleye, peppered, pan seared and served with a beurre blanc. It was accompanied by yellow peppers, shallots, and a halved and grilled Asian egg plant. The walleye, besides being wonderfully tender, went well with the sauce that mingled with the juices from both the fish itself and the yellow peppers. It was the best fish course I have had in months, and I just returned from Vancouver! The beet root was garnished with a dollop of creme fraiche, which gave the earthy sweet taste of the soup just a little richness.

Hers, was a lovely plate of gnocchi with local field green peas, sun dried tomatoes, and seared local cherry tomatoes. It is amazing what freshly-made does for gnocchi, almost delicate and smooth, not at all starchy like store-bought. It was also garnished with creme fraiche to give a little richness and carry the flavors of the veg.

Between the seasonal fish and veg, dinner at Canvas was an excellent way to celebrate the fall's coming bounty.

Oh, Jenn also had strawberry and golden kiwi cheesecake, beautifully garnished with swirls of raspberry coulis on the plate, and locally source berries. The cheesecake was rich, yet light and sweet, yet bright.

Total cost: $76.15 (including drinks, taxes, before tip)

2009 Jul 29
I was pretty excited for my evening at this restaurant from the minute I made the reservation. They were so friendly and happy to receive my call I figured the great service would just be a given. And I was right. Teresa and I decided we would take our friend Gina there for her birthday. It was a smart choice. The dimly lit restaurant as the day turned to dusk created a very warm and relaxing atmosphere. Our server added to that zen-like sensation as he was very attentive but not in-your-face and spoke almost poetically but with a side of humour. He was fantastic. My friend commented she would like to have him read her a bed time story. It's the service and entire experience we had that brought my rating to a four star. Now onto the food. At first glance confusion set in as I knew, trying to choose what to eat was going to be a very difficult decision. The Atlantic Lobster Salad was screaming out at me, as was the Steak and Frites in a port reduction, with the choice to add foie gras to it! I decided the main reason I was so drawn to the steak was more for what came with it than the steak itself, so I went with my other two choices, Alberta Spring Lamb Carpaccio to start and the Quebec Guinea Fowl Supreme as my main. The carpaccio was quite yummy and full of flavour due mostly to the olive tapenade, oregano leaves, preserved lemon, feta and tzatziki that was served with it. The Guinea Fowl was cooked exactly how my husband would do it if he made it. I almost had to ask if he was back there. It was fantastic. The skin on the outside was crispy and full of flavour, and the inside, tender and juicy. It was served with a satisfying risotto, peas, pea shoots and king oyster mushrooms. Even the risotto was cooked and presented similarly to my husband's way of cooking. I've never compared a restaurant to my husband before but I couldn't help but do it this time. My friends both ordered the Spinach Gnocchi as their main. It was served with wild mushrooms, grape tomatoes, pine nuts and arugula-lemon pesto. They too were quite pleased with their choice. I got to try a bit and I have to agree, it was very good. In addition to the delectable food choices they also had some good wines on the menu. Years ago I visited the Bonny Doon Vineyard in Santa Cruz. Their wines are delicious and quite difficult to find. Any time I see them available on menu or in random liquor stores I buy them right away. They had a Sangiovese Ca' Del Solo in the reds which i've had before and loved, but we had decided to go with white, so I ordered the 2006 Le Cigare Blanc. I really don't know a lot about white wines, but this one was ok. I can't say it was the best white wine i've ever had – if I knew more about them and what to look for to get that taste that I do like, I probably wouldn't have ordered this one. But it went well with our meal nonetheless. As we were leaving, a man who I believe to be the owner or manager mentioned that once their patio is set up they allow you to bring your pooch on the other side of the fence. Fine dining with my dog at my side!? Is this a dream come true or what! I'll be back for sure, either with my dog or without. There were some pretty good dessert selections that we didn't have room for but that have our names on it. Apps range from $6 to $15 and mains from $18 to $26 and up.

2009 Jul 27
Two words: food poisoning. Never in my life have I been so sick. I don't know whether or not it was the result of the Canvas' food, but I certainly won't be risking it by going back there.

I has been so excited to go, since I had heard such great things. I was incredibly dismayed to find that the food was tasteless. There was nothing unique or special about anything my date or I tried. Although the prices at Canvas are not exorbitant, the mundane meal was certainly not worth half of what we paid.

2008 Nov 7
Went here for lunch recently with a colleague of mine. Service was friendly but a bit slow for lunch, but the food was good! I ordered their version of a croque monsieur with double smoked bacon, egg, and gruyere (was actually more like an upscale breakfast sandwich) and a bowl of pureed celeriac/fennel soup. What can I say about this... it was well executed, simple, but tasted good. It also cost me $12, which for lunch is a little high, but thinking in terms of value for money for the area I'd say it was worth it (a few dollars more than what the food court at Holland Cross has to offer). It reminded me of something I'd make at home for lunch or dinner, which detracts from the experience a bit. Will I be back for lunch? I'll say yes, but they have some stiff competition in the area (Allium, Absinthe, Wellington Gastropub, etc) serving similar food at similar prices. They also have Beau's on tap along with a few other microbrews from Ontario, which is nice to see.

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