Located just two blocks north of the new GCTC and only minutes away from Cube Gallery and other studios. Why not make Canvas your destination place for a wonderful dinner before heading to your event... or after for a dessert, a lite meal and a cocktail.

Foods from Canvas Resto Bar

2012 May 13
Lolita, I had a similar experience at Canvas but quite a different result. The ever affable owner touted the fish special as done "medium rare" which is how I like it. My friend and I each ordered the special.

Unfortunately said special did not arrive as described. One bite and I could tell that fish had sat under a warmer too long. I brought this to the owner's attention and he instantly removed our plates and said a new entree was on its way. He also took off some of the items on our bill as compensation. It was an appropriate and polished reaction to an awkward situation.

I have returned since that night as I feel that my business is appreciated, and the food is usually quite good.

I don't know if you had time to wait for another fish order, but it's always worth a try if you can. And $32: ouch.

2012 Mar 2
Not the best meal, not by far. 'Fresh home-made pasta' offered at lunch drew me in. Result: very bland, gooey (overcooked or just bad quality?), small-portioned fettuccine with veggies and uninspired shrimp. $16, thank you very much. Nothing remotely like Burnt Butter which was delicious and perfectly cooked al dente.

The server was very nice, although I was not offered fresh pepper or cheese. The Asian hostess had the personality of a robot, minus the charm and warmth.

My colleague's fries looked OK. Also, got slugged $3.50 for an espresso which is too much.

Very doubtful I'm going back. Not with so many better options in the area.

2012 Feb 3
Had a lovely meal last night at Canvas. From the moment I walked through the door, the staff was attentive without being cloying and they laughed at my jokes, which is always a plus (and certainly better than the please-leave-our-establishment-now deadeye).

I was not starving, as I'd rather ineptly had a large lunch (you'd think I'd have gotten this "eating out" business down pat by now). Once my dining mate arrived and we'd regaled the by-now utterly put-upon staff with more jokes, we ordered a glass of wine, an appetizer to share, and our mains. My dining mate complicated things by declaring that she's gluten intolerant, which our server took with aplomb, given that we'd been cracking wise for the past 10 minutes.

We had the shiitake and shrimp app (AWESOME) with wee corn tortillas instead of bread. Garlicky as all get out (i.e. nomnomnom) Mains: Risotto(s) with BC salmon (me) and pork loin (her). Now, I'm a bit of a salmon snob, being from Vancouver Island, and this was a filet of pink (not my preferred sockeye), covered in an enthusiastic dusting of ground coriander seed. Slightly overpowering, I thought, but the salmon was tasty and held together well (pink can sometimes be mushy).

My biggest beef -- and I have it with several restaurants -- is that the meal was over-salted, especially the risotto. None of this stopped me from eating it all and licking the plate clean, but may have contributed to the litre of water I drank when I got home.

Lovely art-is-in bread for me, with garlic oil (because apparently I hadn't had enough garlic). My friend was even given gluten-free bread -- without having to ask. The bread could have come earlier in the meal, once we'd ordered wine, but I'm not really complaining about that.

The restaurant was quiet for a Thursday night. I hope that's not a sign that business isn't robust, because this restaurant deserves to be busy.

2012 Jan 26
Enjoyed lunch at this establishment the other day. I once again could not resist ordering the fish tacos with side salad. At $11 this is a real deal. The dish comprises several small pieces of panko-covered fried fish sitting on a flour tortilla. You get two tacos topped with just the right amount of pickled red onion, salsa and a spicy tartar sauce.

Another lunch item that I have particularly enjoyed in the past and often have a hard time picking between is the grilled albacore tuna niçoise. This is $16 and is a beautifully displayed plate with a piece of Albacore tuna surrounded by green beans, a sliced hardboiled egg, olives, tomatoes, potatoes and a red wine vinaigrette. Another substantial and delicious meal.

I always find the service to be is friendly, knowledgeable and casual. Since they were included in the Ottawa Magazine’s list of restaurants of 2011 I think this place is finally getting the attention they deserve.

2011 Aug 6
I've been to Canvas many times (for lunch, dinner and brunch) and am always delighted - I consider it one of my favourite restaurants in Ottawa.

Food – flavourful, imaginative and all courses are consistently solid (the duck on risotto which was on the winter menu was fantastic!)

Wine - a good assortment of wines by the glass and bottle

Service – attentive, knowledgeable and professional

Ambience – welcoming, non-pretentious, relaxed atmosphere (floor to ceiling windows on two walls), mix of music styles played at the right volume level, outside patio too!

Price – not a family restaurant but reasonably priced for a “nice” dinner out

I absolutely love the beurre noisette (brown butter) served with Art-Is-In bread at the beginning of the meal – good enough to be a dessert!

Definitely recommend a visit.

2011 Mar 12
I've been to Canvas now for both lunch and Sunday brunch and can't say enough good things. We loved the ambiance, the service and the care the staff put into making guests feel welcome.

Brunch isn't something we do often as we are quite competent cooks in that department, but it is fun on a snowy morning to have someone else take care of it. The Eggs Benedict here are great (particularly the Benedict Aurore) and very good value for what is charged (2 eggs, not one, Murray Street take note.) The staff go out of their way to explain how the dishes are prepared, where the ingredients are sourced (important to us) and anything they don't know they'll find out with a smile. One of our party didn't like the spices used to smoke their salmon and a new order was brought out for them in mere minutes.

Lunch was equally joyful, a straight up, perfectly executed bison burger for two of us, and a grilled vegetable panini custom made for the third in our party. Again, customising orders is no bother at all to the staff here, and they do it with a smile, as they did when they switched my salad after mentioning that I didn't care for the dressing.

I'm not exactly certain about the prices paid, but it was roughly $45 for 3 (tax and tip included) for brunch, and slightly more for lunch (again for 3). This is a great neighbourhood restaurant with a laid back, comfortable atmosphere, the kind of place where you can while away the time and indulge in meandering banter or the Sunday paper. We'll definitely be back, hopefully for Sunday prime rib which looks very promising.

2011 Jan 15
I dined at Canvas for the first time last night. Reading the reviews, I was certainly keen to try it for myself.

Overall it was a good meal but nothing spectacular.

We went straight for the entrees, no apps or desserts last night. I had the cornish hen with mushroom risotto while my friend had the sustainable fish features (striped bass).

My meal was good. I enjoyed the risotto (a fave of mine) and the hen was good although I did have to ask for salt since the meat portions without the skin lacked seasoning. I did however enjoy the combination of the herb and lemon seasoning - the actual strips of lemon rind were very tasty.

Our server was very good.

My only complaint (as I like to comment on all aspects) was my chair. I was grossly uncomfortable as it was giving me a very sore lower back and had to get my coat to try and pad it as much as possible. For me, a dining experience is the whole enchilada and that includes whether the furnishings (chairs in particular) are comfortable. Although I was too full for dessert, I could have managed to order something but was simply keen on leaving since I was in such discomfort.

Would I go back: yes I'd go back and try it out again.

2010 Aug 24
What a MASTERPIECE this spot is!!!

Canvas is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to in terms of taste of food.

First of all – I LOVE the idea of an ever changing menu with each season. I think that this is the ONLY way to go with any GREAT restaurant. It just makes sense to me that a good restaurant would carry food that is available by season. (As a side note, I also believe that not every resto should be the same…although I love the idea of “self-sustainable” – I also like having the choice of eating a variety of foods at any time of year.) With that said – it’s a food fact that eating foods that are in season taste a milli times better than foods that have been shipped half way across the world…

So, lets get to it.

As I was saying – if you LOVE food as much as a I do, this place is a MUST for many reasons:

1. Its elegant and cozy inside – appropriate to celebrate a special occasion, have a date OR just chill on any night of the week
2. The staff is INCREDIBLE. When I was there, it felt as though every person who I talked to had their heart pouring into every part of the restaurant…If someone asked me to guess who the owner was, I’d guess that they’re ALL owners by the way they treated us and handled each dish.
3. The food is INCREDIBLE. When I say you can taste love in every bite, believe it baby.

Everything from the most simple green salad or mashed potato to the most exquisite lamb plate, had LOVE. It tasted as though there was a “secret ingredient” in every bite. Even the way that the waiter served us was with love.

I can’t even get into the dishes we had because then, I’d have to recommend something…and its too hard to chose! Let’s just say that we tried the lamb, cornish hen and steak…and they were the best cuts of meat any of us ever had.

Canvas is open for lunch and dinner and Sunday brunch.

The prices are VERY decent. Apps are between $6 – $12 and mains are between $23 – $32

This place is such a special treat…You really leave with a full belly, a smile and another reservation.

65 Holland Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 729-1991

Bon Apetit!


2010 Jun 17
I finally made it to Canvas Resto-Bar after having it on my wishlist FOREVER. It is located at 65 Holland Avenue, two blocks north of Wellington.

For drinks, I stuck with water as the driver, and my date had a 20 oz Beau's LUG•TREAD lagered ale ($5.50).

They started us with slices of warm baguette and their own chilled brown butter. It softens nicely with the warmth permeating through from the bread.
My starter was the pan-seared scallops ($12). 3 in all and they laid on a foie gras emulsion. The scallops were perfectly seared and tender and sweet.

My date had the soup of the day ($6). The mushroom soup was loosely pureed and a lot of mushrooms were put back in for many meaty scoops of the spoon. It was finished with truffle oil and chives. Who doesn't love truffle oil. The soup was so delicious and the portion size, substantial.

My main was the seafood fettuccini ($23) with a rose sauce. The pasta was homemade. So tender and delicate. The sauce also contained sweet bell pepper and onion. Although I really liked the dish, I felt there was a little something missing to provide that extra depth. I don't know if it was a simple as a bit more salt, but I dare not say since I sure don't need that. Perhaps an herb. The 6 mussels and 3 good size shrimp we plenty for me.

My date had the British Columbia Albacore Tuna ($25) with asparagus, fingerling potatoes, beets, red wine vinaigrette and creme fraiche. He said he liked it but did find the asparagus woody. They were pretty thick.

No room for dessert as usual. Looks to be easy parking on the street.

Although I still prefer Allium or the Wellington Gastropub, Canvas was enjoyable and the neighbourhood is lucky to have them.

We often talk about getting in on the supper clubs going round but at $100 a head, we just can't do it, when we have such a satisfying experience at a place like this for under $100 for the BOTH of us. Maybe we need to start our own club.

If you want to see pictures and read more, you can go to my website at:


2010 May 25
I recently visited Canvas for the first time with friends for my fiancée's birthday, and we all quite enjoyed our meals.

My fiancée and I shared the tomato tartare as an apetizer, and it was quite delicious, but the toasts appeared to be made from Art-is-in Dynamite baguette, so were quite "hole-ey" and it wasn't the easiest to stack a lot of the tartare on them. I had no qualms about eating it directly from my fork, though!

For mains, I had the grilled BC Albacore tuna with fingerling potatoes, asparagus, beans and beets. It was my first time having grilled tuna, but I really enjoy is raw in sushi. They reccomended it medium-rare, but I think next time my preference would be to have it rarer. Everything was seasoned perfectly, and it was a great dish.

My fiancée ordered the tenderloin steak, but they were out, and it was substituted with an equally delicious flatiorn steak which was perfectly cooked, and served with a delicious demi-glace, and super fries and and a scrumptiuos aoili.

Despite living in the neighbourhood, it took quite a while for us to make our first visit, but we will definitely be going back again soon!